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2017-2018 play offs boring

I know I know, Lebron is playing well but I have found these NBA play offs sterile and boring... Maybe it's the demise of the 7-foot centre like the good old days, but there seems to be too little defence unlike the past etc... It just lacks grunt and atmosphere, and sterile despite these NBA basketballers being supremely fit and skilled..

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Matt you are oh so boring. Yawn!

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I agree. These punks would be slaughtered in prior eras.

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Years ago

I tried my best to cheer for the Rockets today, but they are just an ugly team to watch. No offense to speak of, just iso ball and contested jumpers with no ball movement.

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Years ago

The ISO ball by Harden in the 2nd half was dreadful to watch; I turned it off as soon as they lost the lead.

Games haven't been too close at all which kind of sucks. My theory is that with the increased perimeter game = more 3 pointers = bigger and more noticeable shifts of momentum = bigger runs and higher winning margins.

Once GSW get in that 3rd quarter mood they are simply unstoppable.

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Years ago

May have something to do with the inevitability of gsw winning. Reality is no team will beat them, if they don't win its because they lost it.

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Years ago

Agree. First time in a while I've been a bit disconnected from these playoffs. Having 3 of the 4 teams playing repeatedly at this time (GS, Bos and Cle) over a number of years in a row will do that.

Plus very little defence and desparation. Along with just as many blow out games as there are close ones and these playoffs have a bit of a meh feel, for me anyway.

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Very little defense!!! Do you realize if one of these teams today played an old school team that you speak of when their defense was 5 guys locking down on their man, with all the switching and selective perimeter pressure the old school team would struggle to score 70 and would get obliterated the other way with all the pick and roll action.

You can argue that the modern game with all the analytics has become boring, but you can't say that it's because theres no defense, that's just a lack of understanding of the game.

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Years ago

Not saying i dont appreciate the crazy talent on show - the offence is incredible, but the ease in which the scoring is done makes it look like the defence is secondary. Or at least much less important than it was with the 'old school teams'. Add to that the inevitable dominace of GS and a lack of storylines this year, and the playoffs just dont do it for me as much as in previous years.

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Matt your take on the NBA Playoffs is sterile. 2 game 7's in the Conference finals, please, enjoy it, hasnt happened since '79.

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Years ago

I don't enjoy the NBA much these days. The defense really sucks... not sure if they hold back because it's such a long season.

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Haha, Andrew the troll

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Years ago

2014 was peak NBA. Spurs revenge. The pinnacle of basketball!

2015 was good too, Clippers Spurs and Clippers Rockets were great series

Pierce was super clutch that year. Rose banked a game winner while I ate breakky.

2016 with OKC Warriors and the Finals

But I tend to agree that the last 2 years have been uninspiring in comparison

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Years ago

I was enjoying it until the 4 teams I wanted to see win got bundled out last round, Jazz, 76ers in particular I was really excited for as they seem fresh and exciting and to have them out of it whilst predictable took away stories and the fun... now it's a case of hoping Boston don't win yet another title whilst wanting Baynes to win it. How's that enjoyable?

The only story here feels like if the Rockets win then they snap a decent amount of time without a championship 1995 I think with the greatest basketballer of them all leading the way! Olajuwon would still kill it in today's NBA and show proper defence... and their victory if they do indeed succeed will be an after the fact type story not something that is thrilling us during.

Too predictable, try again next season NBA

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Years ago

The play offs have been an endless 3pt/free throw shooting contest and not much else... Hard defence needs to come back... The NBL in many ways is a more physical league as it allows more rough D...

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Just imagine for a second if Durant never went to the Warriors, say he went to LA, the NBA would have been so much better. That one move of KD joining an already superior team made the league too top heavy.

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Years ago

...and don't get me started on the travelling....SO MUCH TRAVELLING. It's nearly another sport with the extra steps given to someone to let them beat an opponent.

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Years ago

I think the defense is OK in large parts.

The frustrating thing is seeing players switch out on screens 35 feet from the hoop. The offensive player coming off the screen isn't even looking to turn the corner - he basically dribbles side ways, waits for the screen and switch and then sizes up his opponent. There's enough time to go under that screen or get through it without switching.

I mean guards can't even defend perimeter players but now you're expecting a Capela to stay in front of Curry?

I don't know - I can't really get too worked up about a team's defense otherwise though..GSW and to a lesser extent Houston have some freakish offensive players.

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

It's not really pick and roll in the NBA at this stage of the playoffs anymore because if you try anything other than switching against the good teams the numbers say you are doomed.

We should just start calling them pick and switch.

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Years ago

It really is going to be boring if Cavs-Warriors. ZZZzzzZZzz

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Years ago

Its only going to get worse zzzzz

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Two years ago

So, how about this year's? Boring, or better?

More interesting, for me - some close contests. However, I can’t get excited about the GF, and expect a clean sweep or maybe 4-1

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