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Highest paid athletes in 2017

Highest paid athletes in 2017, was released the other day and Floyd Mayweather topped the list a whopping 300 odd million bucks...

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The basketballers:

LeBron #6
Curry #8
Durant #11
Westbrook #13
Harden #14
Lillard #24
Irving #29
Antetokounmpo #30
Griffin #30
Davis #34
Anthony #38
DeRozan #39
Paul #41
Millsap #42
Wade #42
K Thompson #44
Hayward #46
Lowry #48
Conley #50
Horford #51
George #57
Howard #58
Holiday #60
Love #60
Bosh #65
McCollum #67
Porter Jr #69
Beal #74
Drummond #74
H Barnes #76
Whiteside #77
Parsons #82
M Gasol #84
DA Jordan #84
Adams #86
Redick #86
wall #92
Aldridge #95
B Lopez #95
Batum #100

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

A more interesting list would be a list of active athletes net worth

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Years ago

Does it say something about our society, that the highest paid person in the world is paid to inflict brain-damage on other people by beating them in the head?

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SO does that make Irving the Highest paid "Australian"?

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They had something in the paper a few months ago about the top Aussie athletes and didn't include Kyrie. Off the top of my head the Australian top 10 was basically made up of the golfers (Jason Day and Adam Scott), plus all our NBA guys and Dan Riccardo. Shane Watson was a surprise appearance in around 10th, made a few $mil playing in T20 leagues around the world.

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Years ago

Athletes are so overpaid, and the overall entertainment industry in general. Meanwhile people who actually contribute essential services have to grind for a mediocre piece of the pie. What a world.

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Years ago

Totally agree, however it sometimes is a reflection of the $$ the athlete generates for a team/company/sport etc. Using the likeness and talents of someone like Lebron James will make companies, teams and CEO's billions of dollars and the athletes are just getting their deserved piece of the pie. Steph curry was on a $4 mil a year contract with Under Armour and was predicted to be worth $14 billion to the company!

How governments distribute their $$ is the real reason "essential services" people have to 'grind' for their income. Until we as a society equally respect these people it will not change. It is not the athletes we have to look at in these instances.

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Years ago

I meant essential services in to most day to day jobs where you actually tangibly help other people, so not just government but private also. I think an instant improvement would be to tax less by reducing government wastage but that won't happen.

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Years ago

What I meant by essential services is most*

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Athletes are overpaid, yet here you are on a basketball forum and I bet you have watched some form of sport this past week. Therefore you are contributing to the demand that results in them being paid the money they receive. Otherwise don't watch it and watch the cash go down, but that isn't going to happen.

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Years ago

Yes it's entertainment but they are overpaid. I don't value it as much as others.

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So stop buying tickets. Stop buying merchandise and sneakers. Stop tuning in to games on tv. As long as you keep doing that, you're a part of generating billions of dollars for sport. And as long as sport is generating billions of dollars, it is actually very fair that a % of that goes to the athletes. I totally agree - as I'm sure everyone does - that teachers, nurses etc should be paid a hell of a lot more (which in turn would also attract more/better qualified people to those professions), but comparing that directly to athletes and entertainers earning 'too much' is silly. Or if you do really feel strongly about it, unplug Foxtel, unsubscribe from League Pass, toss the Nikes in the bin, stop going to NBL or AFL games, donate that money going forward.

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Years ago

I don't pay for any of what you listed above. Unlike the sheep who do inflating everything.

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Years ago

The highest paid athletes in Australia are AFL, and the reason is the same NBA athletes are shooting up the chart, and the Reason Mayweather got paid $250M for one fight, Broadcast rights.

I'm pretty sure the fight would have been on pay per view, and whilst I don't know the numbers, it must have been worth billions.

Yes, its a truly sad (and rather sick) reflection of our society, but if people didn't watch, there wouldn't be the money.

It will be interesting to see how things develop in Australia as the boomers start to die off, and more and more of the viewing audience moves to streaming and on-demand services. In theory the math shouldn't change, except that I suspect headliner sports like AFL are overvalued.
At the moment, the networks bid up the price based on what they can sell the advertising for.
If we move more to individuals paying to watch, I think the revenue may drop.

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Years ago

Of course they will go down (by a lot), with tastes in sport becoming more globalised due to ease of access.

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Years ago

How often do you post on the nurses and cleaners forums?

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Years ago

Yes but the forum doesn't equate to revenue to the league.

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