Last year

Am I the only one who thinks that Sydney will Crash & Burn?

In their first season under the new system and new ownership, Sydney Had Maric, Khazzouh, Newley, and Lisch. Plus a decent local bench with players like Caddee and Garlepp, and then a bevy of imports.

Comments such as "Sydney then Daylight" and "send the trophy to the engravers now" flew thick and fast.

And for a while, those comments looked justified.

Then it steadily became apparent that:
Maric was past it, Khazza wan't going to play, Newley should have stayed in Spain, Lisch couldn't handle the Gaze workload, and Gaze himself knew less about coaching than the average towel-boy.

Specifically, Gaze's inability to adapt to change was laid bare, and that was with Vickerman by his side.

Whilst having Bradke by his side might come in handy trolling in the Cross, I'm not sure he was the best replacement for Vickerman.
Lisch and Newley are another year older, Kickert should be retired, and Bogut really is going to damage his legacy.

All I can see is another disgraceful repeat.

They should dominate early, but Gumby is up against Wright, Gleeson, Vickerman, Lemanis, and Beveridge. He won't just be out-coached, he's going to be dacked.

The only question is whether this accumulation of stars can overcome the lack of a coach. And early on, I think they can.
But every team is vulnerable when their stars get injured, and these lot should be in the geriatric ward.

IMO their saving grace is Randle. He is a genuine MVP, and seems accustomed to carrying teams on his back. Can he do it?

Before the Pie & Sauce, I recall reading that Randle credited Wright with making basketball enjoyable again.
So how long will it be before he slips his missus a Four & Twenty and asks her to splat Gaze?

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Last year

It looks like this roster will struggle to fail however the rest of the league should never give up as long as Gaze is still the coach!

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Last year

We are all thinking they will. #violetcrumbles

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Last year

Am I the only one who thinks that Sydney will Crash & Burn?

1 word: history

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Dome Rat  
Last year

Money down that one of Randle or Bogut doesn't last 6 games. The locker room will be a circus

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Last year

The big question mark is Bogut's health and form.

He's barely played since Rio, and turns 34 in a few months.

Will this be the same Bogut who helped the Warriors win a title? Or a washed up version who's shuffling up and down the court and constantly in foul trouble?

The locker room, personality issues. Gaze's coaching, the age of the whole squad are issues. But Bogut individually is the big one. If he's healthy and brings it, those other question marks won't matter as much. Randle is replaceable- but a good Aussie group is vital, and Bogut is the cornerstone.

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Last year

Essentially if Bogut's at the top of his game, I expect everything else to mostly fall into place, and they should be right in the title mix.

If Bogut struggles then there's a huge chance the whole thing implodes.

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Last year

If Bogut doesn't show the hunger and drive in his debut nbl season by
dominating the middle and leading the kings by scoring 20+ pts & 10+ rebs
then he, gaze, jvg should be SACKED!!

All the hype of him joining the kings will mean nothing if they don't

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Last year

Bogut is a winner in the change room as much as on the court, he will help Gaze and when he speaks all will listen, even Randle. He won't have to score 20 for them to win, just setting screens for Randle, Lisch, Newley will be enough for those two get the job done.

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Last year

They will crash and burn hard IMO.

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Last year

You are definitely not the only one. I'm optimistic because it will be a full season of Randle, but I'm not expecting big things from Bogut on the court, just hopefully good health and less than 4 fouls in the first half most nights.

But it could all just as easily blow up again and have us battling it out for 7th spot if history is any indication.

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Last year

Good nicknames for probably Bogut and Lisch, Crash and Burn. Over or under they miss 10 games combined?

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Last year

Sounds like a niche betting market on Bogut and Lisch.

Draw a line at 10 games missed combined.

Punters bet on over or under the line.

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Last year

They will finish 5th if lucky.

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Last year

I do think everything depends on their health. Hopefully the short season with rest days allows Bogut to play this through. BTW, anyone know if NBL teams fly business class? Probably a downgrade in comfort for him.

I think they have a really great play making roster this year.

IMO, Lisch is only good when their are other legitimate scoring options for him to pass to, but he has that if all players remain available. When Lisch was the only scoring option in Perth, guards could play him close and challenge his shot, and interior defenders could commit and stop him scoring on his drives. He lacks the size and athleticism to be a great isolation player. He went from MVP to ineffective. The defensive attention required for the Sydney roster should allow him to be an effective scorer and playmaker.

Randle is also best when opposition defenders can't just focus on him. IIRC, when Adelaide had injury issues, opposition guards were able to trap him and fore turnovers. Anyway, generally he is going to get his regardless, and he has been a great facilitator at times, with the right personnel around him.

Bogut is also a great playmaker, and will demand attention in this league. I will be very interested to see if he gets respect from NBL refs, who IMO have a terrible record of officiating physical bigs. I'm not sure if Bogut will be challenging many shots at this stage, but our refs have fouled out so many rim protectors, it remains a concern. Hopefully, his achievements will provide him sufficient benefit of the doubt. He is also very physical off the ball, and commits some cheap violations with holding, moving picks etc.

I also think Bogut is probably the best fit for leadership to keep the previously fragile team honest and competitive. I think Randle tried to drive his team, but at times seemed to whinge in frustration.

Not sure if they have the best catch and shoot options. Hope it works out.

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Last year

Bogut needs to come out and absolutely smash it.
I'm sure if he can bring the same level of intensity he did in his championship days, he should dominate at NBL level. But can he do that?

And the ref question is legitimate. Bigs need to really work for their fouls in the NBL, and the refs are tough on anyone they perceive as throwing his weight around.

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Last year

The big question is how did United let Bogut get away?
He was always going to join United and something clearly got him into a Kings jersey.
Gaze will have less influence over his players now that Bogut is there.
Once on the floor it be the Bogie show. Gaze dont like it? Tough mate. Either way your last season.

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Last year

Bogut is going to be closer to 12-8 than 20-10 IMO. Which is fine - he's the best at the rim defender in the league by a large margin if healthy, which is really all the Kings should need with the other guys they have. If Gaze is smart he'll also use Bogut a lot out of the high post to initiate offense rather than force feeding him in the low post, which has never been his game... which probably means Gaze will not use him a lot out of the high post and instead force feed him in the low post.

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Last year

"Bogut is going to be closer to 12-8 than 20-10 IMO. Which is fine"

But is it?
Is that enough

Problem is that even if he's basically set for life, and playing for the league minimum, people are going to assume that Sydney are paying him $1M.
If he doesn't smash it, there's going to be a lynch-mob.

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