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2019 FIBA World Cup qualification - Second Round

Onto the second round of 2019 FIBA World Cup qualfication we go.

Australia are in Group F with Iran, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Japan and Qatar.

Note we do not play Philippines or Japan again. So Australia will play three home and away games vs. Iran, Kazakhstan and Qatar.

Facing Iran could be interesting, the others are too weak.

Schedule is as follows:

13 September 2018 Qatar-Australia
17 September 2018 Australia-Kazakhstan

30 November 2018 Australia-Iran
3 December 2018 Australia-Qatar

21 February 2019 Kazakhstan-Australia
24 February 2019 Iran-Australia

Table as it stands after the first round results which carry over:

Group F

1 Australia 5-1
2 Iran 5-1
3 Philippines 4-2
4 Kazakhstan 3-3
5 Japan 2-4
6 Qatar 2-4

Group E is the other group with New Zealand, Lebanon, Jordan, South Korea, China and Syria.

Final qualification:

"If China (host nation) makes it to the top 4 teams in either group, then both fourth-placed teams will qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup."

Otherwise the Top three teams from Group E & F qualify for the 2019 World Cup and the two fourth-placed team playoff for the last spot.

The combined Asia-Oceania zone have a total of eight spots.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I can't see us beating Iran twice without Kickert


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Years ago

Hold your horses fiba ban is looming. Hahaha.

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Years ago

... for Philippines.

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Years ago

How great is this whole qualification thing. Sure some of the games aren't exactly high quality battles.

But to have so many competitive international games in what is like a standalone international window is fantastic for the game (and for growing the game).

International basketball had been put into the wilderness prior to the qualification set up - with teams playing very little if at all between WC's and Olympics - which makes it hard to get into the scene.

94 games from Thursday to Tuesday - really good for international basketball.

Presumably, as well, it can work financially for national teams as crowds/FIBA can off-set the accommodation and travel costs?

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Years ago

Agreed, I think it is great for international basketball to have all these meaningful games. Sure, a lot of the better teams don't have their best players, but it gives teams a chance to play that next group and develop systems when things actually matter.

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Years ago

Hopefully Philippines will be chucked out after this latest fiasco

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Years ago

We will have an NBL lineup for the Nov-Dec and February windows but will be interesting to see who will play in September.
Regardless of recent incident Kickert should not be in the team.
Wonder if the Bucks would allow Maker to play assuming he isn't suspended.

The match against Japan shows you can't just put anyone out there.
Would like to see Bogut play again

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Years ago

100& agree Macdub.

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Years ago

FIBA won't suspend Kickert for long unless BA allow them to.

Just like FIFA the FIBA organisation are generally very weak on this sort of stuff and bad behavior generally as long as BA put pressure on them he might get a one match ban.

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Years ago

Why not Gilas if they in our group in 2nd round

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Years ago

Learn to read.

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Fran Drescher  
Years ago

Is Ater Majok Lebanon's best player?

Also theoretically Turkey and Israel should be in Asia IMO.

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Years ago

Turkey and Israel compete in Europe in the majority of sports. That won't be changing any time soon.

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Years ago

Are we running the same squad? Are Thon and Delly playing these games as well (in theory, who knows if that Phillipines thing changes anything).

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Years ago

Why do we not play the Phillipines again they are in our group in the 2nd round of qualifiers? No one has been able to explain this nor was the thread starter..

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Years ago

Scott willbekin playing for turkey...

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Years ago

Already played them Matty.

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Years ago

LOL @ Matt. Results carry over... you don't play teams you've played previously... again. Pretty obvious.

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Years ago

Yes well then Fiba need to sort out this group stuff as it's confusing this carry over points stuff to teams you’ve already played and putting them in the same pool in the next stage. A bit convuluted but it will have to do..

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Years ago

They've merged group B and D (as well as A and C) and eliminated the 4th from each group, at the end of the qualifiers everyone has played everyone in the merged group twice and the 4th team from the pre-merged group twice as well. It's more of a part 2 rather than a round 2.

Top 3 from these merged groups qualify automatically and the best 4th of the 2 merged groups qualifies as well.

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Years ago

cheers annoymous for that, That makes sense, thank you .

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Years ago

We go to 12 rounds, yeah?

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