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email sent to SBA domestic clubs comittee

Ok so

an email was recently sent to committee members at all Sandringham Basketball Association domestic Clubs. We're talking pres, vice pres, age group co ordinators, even down to uniform managers. WIDELY circulated.

This gent is not at all happy with the board and it's recently welcomed CEO, questioning
1. the ongoing legal action against SBA and it's implications (both financial and professional.
2. The apparent 10 step process of appointing the CEO.
3. Also mentioned was a good deal of signatures gathered to remove the board, as well as the loss of players from the Sabres programme.

The email went into a great amount of detail, and asked several legitimate questions of the SBA, most pressing os which is how they would pay out this Supreme Court suit should they lose?!

I'll get the popcorn ready........

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If they lose, no doubt they'll pay down their debts the same way that Knox did. Restructure, refocus and move on.

Posts like yours are inflammatory in the worst way. Sure, go get your popcorn ready. And maybe next time consider being a part of the solution instead of an idiot keyboard warrior.

You either care about the club, in which case, do something to help them. Or you don't care about the club, in which case, quit posting about them.

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Years ago

Answers to everything brought up in that email are in the public domain. If you don't know how to find out and are genuinely interested you could always ring the CEO, a Board member or club president and ask them, I'm sure they will tell you.

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Details on Supreme Court suit?

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I thought a former sponsor was suing them?
Between Know, frankston and Sandringham there seems to be a lot of mismanagement.

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Boring balluntall...

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Years ago

They will be insured. No cost to them even if they lose. A nothing story. Move on.

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Ah I see someone else has the email.....
Of course they are insured. Still, losing the case will be impactful in more areas than just financial.

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Ah, so you already know the answer to the questions you post. So why post it, BJ?

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the insurance is but 1 part of the email.

Another question was, why did it take a 10 step fluff process to appoint current CEO, only the current board would know the answers to that.
But then again, the current board could have avoided the court case and didn't so hey.......

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Interesting read balluntall,

This was posted a couple of weeks back the post doesnt exist anymore (i wonder why?). I read all the responses and not many seemed to support the email i would of thought hundreds would of considering the protesting the email claims.

"This gent is not at all happy with the board and it's recently welcomed CEO"
You cannot make everyone -
And you are tell me that instead of voicing their opinion in a professional and mature manner they cowardly hid behind a email and SPAMMED everyone. That behaviour tells me that this person doesn't deserve a voice. What a world we would live in if we raised our children to act as immature as this.

Point 1
How could the board avoid the court case?
Have you asked the question "why would anyone want to take a junior sporting organisation to court?"
"What have they got to achieve?"
Point 2
What business is it to you on how they appointed the CEO?
How was the last CEO appointed? Did THAT board used an Recruitment Agency?
Has their been an up roar from the Domestic Clubs? If not then the Board has made a decision supported by the stakeholders.
Point 3
Where are these 800 signatures? where is theses names? does it even exist or is this another immature bullying tactic. I don't think you should be commenting of information you do not have facts about.

I am sure the association would have some sort of insurance, and i would imagine if this is ongoing then they would have the coverage required which means that they wouldn't have to pay anything extra than insurance excess if they lose.

I think you have nothing better to do than produce recycled news that no majority seems to agree with.
It makes me think you have an agenda in all of this.

Be an adult and confront the people you feel are causing the problem.


Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

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