Club of the Captians
Two years ago

Pre-Season - 36ers @ Wildcats, Fri 7 Sep

Stream = No, unconfirmed, unlikely.
Weather = 90% chance of rain, with a high of 19

Tale of the tape

Wildcats - Sixers
1 Returning imports 1
1 Former League MVPS 0
4 Players missing due to National duties 3
0 Pre-season PR nightmares 1
0 Players who claim to be two hard to guard 1
1 Players that are actually hard to guard 0
1 Greg's for Hire 0
0 Ken Coles 1

What could have been a great pre-season hit out will see two undermanned teams battle their first of two games for the weekend.

Just like last year, the pre-season rosters for these teams playing in this first pre-season game will look mighty different to their rosters at the end of the year.

I'm a perthian, so that's what my comments will be about.

For Perth this may be their first chance to see the R.I.C.O in action, yet with less than 7 days worth of training under his belt, he may not play. That said, they are missing four key players (Brandt, Wagstaff, Norton and OMG is that Nick Kay!?). I expect the Wildcats roster to be filled with players from their training squad, including Sunday Dech, Anthony Golden, Jonathon Morse, Lachy Cummings etc.

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Two years ago

Steindl to light it up...then do nothing all season. :(

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Two years ago

Where is it? And who are we likely to have suiting up for it?

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Club of the Captians  
Two years ago

Game held at Bendat Basketball Centre, Perth WA (AKA where the wildcats train)

Available contracted players for Perth


Missing contracted players (Boomers)

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

Pre-season games are a lot of fun. Don't expect the stars to spend too much time on court, but heaps of opportunity for the development players and fringe players to show coaches why they should get more court time

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Two years ago

DJ and Sobey missing for Adelaide.
Just a practice match but good to give young guys a run.

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Club of the Captians  
Two years ago

Gleeson confirmed this game will be "interesting".

Also confirmed that Terrico will play, and they'll be trying him out in different positions.

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Club of the Captians  
Two years ago

hurrs the lank:

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Two years ago

If DJ & Sobey aren't available I would imagine Drmic won't be either.

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Two years ago

Forgot about Drmic can't believe he is in Boomers team.

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Two years ago

Wildcats will probably share the minutes like this

Martin / Cummings
*Cotton / Steindl/ White
*White / Hire / Steindl
Vague / Hire / White
Jervis / Vague

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Two years ago

Would this game be streamed?

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another anon  
Two years ago

White ruled out with a minor knee complaint.

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Club of the Captians  
Two years ago

Sunday Dech
Dewy Michaels Son
Lachy Cummings

All confirmed as DPs, all will most likely play.

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Two years ago

Monday Deng didn't get a gig?

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Two years ago

Wildcats now.... looking very light on in the big man department.

Martin / Cummings
*Cotton / Steindl/ Michaels
Hire / Steindl / Dench
Vague / Hire /
Jervis / Vague

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Two years ago

Live stream?

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Two years ago

Assume Dech is too old for a DP, so is that why he is a training player?

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Two years ago

Perth typically don't stream preseason games.

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Two years ago

Looks like the game will be streamed live on the Wildcats Facebook Page[0]=68.ARBMpSwvbG4rGXoNGlRGYrq-QsHlBzafrPaQ5gVZqBjhsY2F3FSP8sq9OcVb2L4tr5aDyOPc4QeTuHa2nPEKqd_74t57ALHSZzI1FZjhnLqN4DiBoQqFvayyORlYa7Qq5rk2v4TsaPmd4vssa9MQdC3N1fy72zxy3yvy7RykoSk0c4V12rKX&__tn__=-R

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Two years ago


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Two years ago

This is who the Wildcats will be suiting up tonight:

Martin / **Cummings / **Isaiah Lee
*Cotton / Steindl/ Bryan **Michaels
Hire / **Sunday Dench / **Wani Swaka Lo Buluk
Vague / **Kyle Bowen
Jervis / **Jonathan Morse

**Joining them to top-up the roster are development players Lochlan Cummings and Bryan Michaels, training player Sunday Dech, SBL import Jonathan Morse plus AIS players Wani Swaka Lo Buluk, Kyle Bowen and Isaiah Lee.

I take it Cummings, Dench and Morse are the only ones to see any significant minutes from the fill ins

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Two years ago

Is there a broadcast or livescores available?

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Two years ago

Looks like Sixers got thumped by 30 odd!

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Two years ago

Wildcats won by 39.

Everyone got a fair bit of court time, including all the young kids.

Wiley impressed for Adelaide, but that was about all.

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Two years ago

Replay here

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Two years ago

We got the game down to 6 in the 3rd and then pulled the troops out and let the young ones play.

Wiley was great. He looks like he will be able to replace Creek well

McVeigh and Froling were solid.

Deleon and Moore were good.

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Two years ago

Brunson I disagree.

You got it to 6 then got outplayed again, both teams had youngsters regularly. Wiley looked great when he was comfortable but put up a few forced shots and lost rhythm, but damn he will be exciting. Froling and McVeigh played like young guys with lot's of potential.

Deleon though... he spent more time pointing and shouting than anything else, he is not a great defender (he is not long which doesn’t help) and he can’t shoot, he may be the thing that holds you back most.

Perth looked really dynamic at times on the offensive end. Some really polished plays like a double screen on the weak side so the ball could move front he post to the open 3pt shooter, a skip pass where hire screened to allow Cotton all the space in the world. They were missing 4 boomers (yes fringe i know but still in an NBL context) and what looks to be a very good import. Also Cotton may be even better than he was last year!!!

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Two years ago

De Leon with 1 point in 19 minutes... ouch. Wiley was their only effective player with 19 points

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Two years ago

box score available via image @

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Two years ago

"De Leon with 1 point in 19 minutes... ouch."

His role is meant to be setting up the offense and passing. He shot 4 times in the game but had 4 assist and 2 turnovers. He looked good bring it up and moving the ball

Jamaal Robateau looked very comfortable out there scoring 6 in 6 minutes.

I always find it Bizarre Wright going with two small guards at the same time (Doyle, Larkins, Deleon). It never works as we then struggle in defense

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Two years ago

Adelaide looked pretty horrible. As per previous discussions Doyle is really bad.
Moore was serviceable. Wiley looks like he will be an exciting pickup. Can shoot and take it to the rack.
May be a bit of an emotional player who is a bit up and down... just a feeling I had sitting right behind the 36ers bench.
DeLeon was really really bad at both ends. For Adelaides sake I hope it was just an off night and not an Ebe ground hog day.

For the Wildcats it was great to see Steindl full of confidence hitting threes and taking it to the rack.
Tom Jervis looked in great form. He looks like he has improved his mini hook shot and his defence in the paint was brilliant.
Vague relished the extra minutes and was rewarded.

I was impressed with Sunday Dench. He has filled out and improved since I saw him last. Rebounded and hustled really well.
I'm not normally a big fan of the Sudanese players but Sunday Dench is different. I like him.

Young Bowen looks like one to watch as he gets older... great rebounder and once he got a bit of confidence got some shots inside.

Morse was a banger inside.

All in all Perth looked the more polished team which surprised me considering how much they played their SBL and 18 year old fill ins.

Bryce Cotton took it easy most of the game to give the others some experience. He took over the game in bursts if Adelaide got too close.

Looking forward to the game on Sunday

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Two years ago

Crazy to see that both Wildcats DPs barely got a run in a 30 pt blowout. Played the training guys more minutes.

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Two years ago

No one rates Doyley but I find it even more bizarre Joey would have Larkins anywhere near an NBL team. Must be nice having a famous surname.

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Two years ago

Never too sure of the point of such games.
I suppose its nice to have a look at some of the DPs, in a pseudo competitive environment.

Damo seemed to be out of touch, didn't hit a basket IIRC.
Nice signs from Steindl. Not great competition, but hopefully a sign he's getting his eye in.
Vague looked good (against weak competition) so hopefully positive signs he will come on this season.

Hire just looked very ordinary against weak competition.
Might me time to start a pool on when he will "retire".

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Two years ago

I'll take November, he will play against NBA teams and a couple of games to start the season and then he gets sent out to pasture... in that scenario, would the Wildcats replace with Dech or go for the import they will eventually need

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Two years ago

^ the scores don't matter Dazz I agree there but its still good for teams to get a hitout against other teams regardless of who suits up.
Steindl has no problem starring in pre season he just needs to step up in regular season.

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