Two years ago

Will Perth playoff streak end?

Serious question after the "doom and gloom" of todays beating from Utah are Perth good enough for playoffs.
Are there 4 better teams than Perth?

Note I don't take preseason seriously after Perth thumped Adelaide twice and Adelaide then dominated the Blitz.

Hopefully Perth make necessary personnel changes during season as this current team doesn't look quite good enough.

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Two years ago

Short answer is no. But it might be more of a struggle. At least until they dump White, who doesn't look up to it, get another Prather type and a big 4-5 third import. Provided Damo holds up though, impossible to see them missing.

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Two years ago

The answer is no with the 4/6 chance they'll have of making the playoffs. You can lock Brisbane and Cairns in to the bottom two spots right now.

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Two years ago

Damn people love to over react. They lost, albeit by a bit, to a really good NBA team. They were missing two starters. The perth offence was never going to be good against an NBA team either. Yes there are some defensive issues which are real.

Few imports are guns from the get go, even Kennedy who's had success everywhere he's been has been average for Melbourne so far. Just give these guys some time to adjust to their teams and the league. Also, we all know Perth can buy a third import if they need.

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Two years ago

^ Finally someone with a brain. Agreed.

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Two years ago

I think yes, and it has nothing to do with the meaningless NBA stuff.
I just think they've been slipping for a while now and papering over the cracks and they have reached their tipping point now while enough other teams are improving. Also Damo is the heart of the team and he is almost out of beats. Flatline could occur at any time.

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Two years ago

1. The Aussie core of the team are already in decline and are just a couple of key injuries away from leaving gaping holes in the team's capabilities. unless the new guys take a massive step up this year I'm not convinced they've got what it takes if and when a few key pieces go down.

2. Also not yet convinced that Norton/Kay/Steindl are going to turn out quite as well as some people think. Likewise Brandt. Good but not great.

3. Locking in Cotton was smart but reeked of desperation. They know they need to provide some continuity. Building a team around one player until a better Aussie core can be reestablished makes sense but is a lot for one player to shoulder.

4. Perth have also done well through shrewd business practice at a time when most of their competitors were a basket case. It's no coincidence that the team that has matched them over the last decade has been the other consistently well-run financially stable club in the league with a strong culture and solid consistent core. With LK coming on to the scene with a bunch of cashed up investors they're no longer the best resourced or most attractive destination in the league, and this has hurt their ability to recruit.

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Two years ago

#706083 is such a good summary. Nailed it. Not so big in our small pond anymore.

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Two years ago

Damo certainly is a key. Almost past it.

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Two years ago

It'll be a very competitive comp but I don't see any reason to think Perth would miss top 4.

They have a deep Aussie group. No stars but good depth.

Elite stud in Cotton.

Cashed up club who will replace White if he's not the right fit. And will bring in a 3rd import if injuries strike the locals.

Gleeson at the helm too.

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Two years ago

Perth will be fine.
Their lack of athleticism was exposed by an athletic NBA team, that won't be the case in the NBL and their defense will grind out victories.

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Two years ago

Doubt the Wildcats are "cashed up", they also run the Lynx and that costs money as well.
Those who write off their players based on yesterday's performance seem to forget that they won't have to play Utah in the NBL :)
Norton did a reasonable job against NBA guards, he will be ok against NBL guards.
Kay was outplayed, once again, he will play against NBL 4's, he has an indie/out game, he will be more than good.
Brandt is not a star, apart from Cotton nobody is, but he does his job, the Wildcats is built on everyone doing their job, he fits right in.
Their strength will be in the bigs, Brandt, Jervis, Kay, not too many NBL clubs have that front line.
Steindl improved, even against Utah he had a decent game, he got signed to come off the bench and provide offense, he will do that and i reckon consistently.
Vague, so far is a nice surprise: he has confidence, he's got a nice shot also a good size for his position, another piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly this team.
White is a question mark, but no questions about his abilities, the question is on how he will fit it.
Both Hire and Wagstaff are known commodities, both will do exactly what's required of them, rebounding, defense, scoring it's just a bonus.
How anyone can say that Perth will miss the playoffs is beyond me

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Two years ago

Perth recruited Norton and Kay. Their Aussie core is in good hands. Locking in the league MVP for three years reeked of desperation? Sure because he is in his prime, some of the comments here.... Perth will be competitive again this year, with some injuries early on they could have a slow start but if that team starts playing on together, they have some very good pieces.

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Two years ago

Realistically they need White to score or create scores. They have good role-playing pieces as always, but will rely on Cotton and White to draw defences and make plays.

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Two years ago

No the streak won't end. Hope this helps.

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Two years ago

No way 4 teams in NBL are better than Perth.

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Two years ago

Spot on Paul.

And they'll pull the trigger on White if he isn't good enough.

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Two years ago

It's great to see an overall more competitive league. And as a general rule it would be arrogant to always claim that we're going to make the finals. But I would have to say that confidence is high. They are easily a better team than most, and they have a winning coach.

Plus they have an import slot up their sleeve and lets not forget what happened last time the streak looked in danger.
White is obviously the big question mark. Have to wait and see if he's another Prather or another JJ.

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Two years ago

Sos, meant to say a better team than many/some, rather than "most".
ie: there are enough teams likely to finish lower, to give them a decent shot at making the finals.

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Two years ago

Will the Perth playoff streak end?
- unless your Nostradamus no-one can answer that unless its just a prediction or a personal desire. Will re-word this to the following 2 questions:

1. Can Perth miss the playoffs?
Answer is yes, of course.

2. Can Perth make the playoffs?
Answer also is yes, of course.

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Two years ago

Has White had a decent game yet? In each of the box scores I've checked, he's seemed a bit unremarkable, but that's obviously going just by stats.

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Two years ago

White has been patchy so far.
I think Perth could make a change but perhaps they're waiting until after NBA training camp cuts..

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Two years ago

Every year we here the same thing.

Something about Perth, they will likely make it the more you wish against it.

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Two years ago

That 'something' about Perth is arrogance. From both the clubs and its fans.

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Two years ago

When you make the finals for 30+ years and have won 4 titles in the past 8 seasons, you are probably entitled to a little bit of arrogance.

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Two years ago

It's never nice to be arrogant.

Perth supporters should never be arrogant, they can however have an expectation that their team will be competitive every year.

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Two years ago

In a season where Perth doesn't look like a clearly top team, a bad start to the season could easily be the difference between making or missing the playoffs. So yeah, someone recruited to be a star would be replaced if he doesn't perform, but doing so still might not be enough.

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Two years ago

Will the streak end?


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Two years ago

White has been unremarkable to date. Which is a concern. Perth certainly look to their two imports as major offensive contributors.

Hence my earlier comment. Prather was slow to get going in his first season. Can only hope for something similar.

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Captain Jack  
Two years ago

Perth have added

Norton, Kay, White, Jervis


Kenny, Walker, Tokoto, Cooke

I'd say just about all of those moves are upgrades

I personally consider Perth and Melbourne playoff locks for next season

Dont read too much into the pre season people..

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Two years ago

Yes the streak can end, but I highly doubt it next season. As Captain Jack points out, they have upgraded on at least 3 of the 4 changes with only White vs Tokoto not known.

I am looking with glass half full glasses and thinking White will be Prather type albeit a better 3 point shooter but less speedy with driving to the hoop, although his highlights show he is capable.

As with any team, any number of serious injuries can derail a season, but the Cats have an import spot up their sleeve to assist in managing that risk

Personally I think the Cats will be top 4 for sure. May be a little sluggish off the line but will be consistent enough throughout season.

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Two years ago

I doubt it.

Everyone seems to forget their massive slide starting in January after leading the ladder. Two losses to the Kings in one week and in blowouts! On the form of the second half of the season they finished 5th which isn't a playoff spot. They gone.

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Two years ago

The loss to a magnificent Utah team that will stretch the Warriors means ZERO. Cats will WALK into the playoffs yet again thanks to the excellent basketball culture that has built up here.

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Two years ago

Gleeson's voice will CRACK and his moobs will WOBBLE precariously as his tight shirt chafes his NIPS.

Just checking but nope, randomly capitalising words in posts doesn't actually make them any more coherent or believable.

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Two years ago

LMAO at Gleeson's wobbling moobs

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Two years ago

CT is quality.

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Two years ago

Mock got mocked.

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Camel 31  
Two years ago

wonder how players react to a 60 point loss...
why i played 3000 games .....it i had lost a game by 60 points at about half way thru my career ....i would have thought about not playing anymore at about 1500 games...

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