Double Clutch
Years ago

Poor 2-1 start to the season

Just looking at the Cairns v Sixers stats and am amazed that we have a 2-1 record so early on.

Some points to consider:

  • Wille Farley is shooting 35% from the floor and 27% behind the arc to start the season.
  • Paul Rees has only 1 rebound over 3 games and is shooting 38% (his worst season thus far he shot at 48% from the floor).
  • Brad Hill after having a terrible FG% to start the season only registered 3 minutes on the weekend scoring 5 points on 2 of 3 shooting. Is he injured?
  • Mark Nash is shooting at 35% and 14% behind the three point line.
  • Oscar is shooting the ball at 28% and 20% (after leading the league at 48% last season).

Drawing on the above statistics you would think Adelaide is 0-3 instead on 2-1. Adelaide seemed to be using a new kind of motion offence against the Tigers in the pre-season (with ball movement stopping as soon as it reached Farley) and clearly whatever they are running isn't giving the guys great looks is the percentages are anything to judge by. Must be good D winning the Sixers matches.

The only players having a good season by their standards are:
  • Dusty with 23ppg and 13rpg at 56%.
  • Jacob with 14ppg, 9rpg and 2apg at 54%, (his best season previous being 41%).

So it looks like the Sixers have a lot of improvement left in them.

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Years ago

Bad game from Oscar: 0/6 from the field and 3 turnovers. The rest is as you listed, only a couple of players have really had a decent start.

Matt McQuade has his Round 4 predictions online, tipping the Sixers by 5 points against the Kings.

If there's one club the Adelaide 36ers never fail to get up for, especially on their home floor, it's the Sydney Kings.
IMO, if Adelaide don't get huge games from Maher and Farley, I think we're going to struggle.

I think Hill's looked confident, but just hasn't hit his shots. Would the lack of assists against Cairns mean that either they weren't operating very well as a team, or players were just missing open shots?

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Years ago

Yeah, it seems strange to being feeling negativly about your team when it is 2-1 but I just don't like what I have seen so far this season. Farley, Forman & Hill have been nothing short of a major disapointment so far. Rees looks done. Dusty is probably the only player playing really well. I know, I is early days. But so far I'm hardly impressed.

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no worries  
Years ago

Just come off the toughest road trip with a split, beaten Cairns in Cairns for the first time since 02
(with Maher and Farley down on form)
Who cares about individual stats, the result is what counts, a great sign for a team that should continue to improve. Jasmine by the way - how much have you seen, I imagine the same as most of us 1 game

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Years ago

Lrts not get too ngative - we are afterall 2-1 after a hard trip up North. Lets focus on the positives and the biggest IMO so far has to be Jacob. i have been very wary of all the hype around him in past seasons but this year (so far) he apears to have brought the confidence gained in NZ and the Boomers to the 6ers. If he keeps it up and the other players lift to be playing at the level we know they all can the season will have a lot more ups than downs.
Lets hope it all starts clicking this week and we can send boy Gorj and the Kings home with tails between their legs

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Years ago

No Worries...I've seen one game, however as you say that is as much as most of everyone else, which makes my point of view just as valid as the next fan. I'm also clearly not the only one with some concerns, but thanks for singling my out none the less.

What I've seen is :

1 game live which was hardly impressive outside a few nice runs and it was a peformance that most nights in the NBL would end up with a loss. And I've seen the stats and read the reports of 2 other games, and neither made me feel any better about the team (or worse for that matter) than I did leaving the Dome 2 weeks ago.

It's not the end of the world, 2-1 when you are not playing anywhere near your potential could be spun as a good thing. But at this early stage, despite the record, the Sixers are not playing well.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

I think that's the point. We are finding ways to win playing poorly. But to be fair, with the league starting earlier this year and Under 21 tournaments, Boomer tours, etc most teams didn't get much pre-season in and some of the early play hasn't been slick.

Either one of two things occur:

  • 1. Adelaide clicks and improves as the season continues to have a great year again in the top four.
  • 2)The team is unbalenced, Cooper gets injured and Rees is uneffective. The Sixers struggle to make the finals with many players form never lifting.

      Really having Nash unbalences the team. As much as I like the guy the future at the small forward spot is Holmes/Forman and having Nash there is affecting Oscar's devlopment.

      I'm guessing Nash was on $35,000 or so. Really cheap. Rees maybe on $30,000. I would have rather seen the club have two players on the $20,000 minimum and use the extra cash to spend $40,000 to $45,000 on a young centre who can develop. See if anyone is coming out the AIS/college. If they can't afford that maybe even give Bungey a work-out for the spot. Some SEABL youngsters. As long as they don't get burned defensively and can grab more than one rebound over three games while setting picks and cutting to space they would be fine.

      As it looks now, Rees may slowly lose more and more minutes in the rotation as the season goes on and Adelaide play a lot of small ball without Cooper on the court. Rees is still effective in getting to space, keeping guys off the offensive boards and setting picks and I love what he has done for Adelaide but I would rather see the club develop youth right now.

      Still it is a good team, and hopefully they start to gel quickly. I will watch with interest.

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The truth  
Years ago

Have to agree with you there double Clutch ... Signing Paul Rees was a mistake , he has been a great player in the past .. but this was a chance for the sixers to develop a young player in a postition where in the past we have struggled Center...

Nash deserves his spot his performance in SEABL was out standing it gonna take a while for him to find his feet at the highest level again ... Giving Minutes was always going to be a problem for Phil... Brad Hill unless he was injured 5 mins for a kid with that much talent is a prime Example

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Years ago

The 3 minutes for Hill is alarming, but Cairns was going big for much of the game.

Considering we can't make a shot (that's why the assists are down) 2-1 is pretty good.

Rees is history. Breheny might as well be backing up Cooper.

I thought Nash looked pretty good in the first game, and I don't ever say anything good about him. He should not be taking minutes away from Oscar though.

All that said, once Farley and Maher get going, and they will, the offence will start to look much better. It hasn't been as fluent as it was last year.

Still, I never thought we'd get close to Cairns up there and we won anyway.

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Years ago

Look for Reesy's minutes to drop after the next few games.

Hill is not injured, but I think that SJ may have been concerned about Darnell exploiting his inexperience and kept him out of the game for a bit.

Jacob's performance so far is the early success of the team -- great shooting percentage compared to last year.

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