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Ben Simmons Improvement

Following up on my recent post 'Ben Simmons major flaw is not his jump shot', where i criticised Ben for not having a right hand dribble drive game that made him too predictable going left and limited his options for scoring /creating that were hurting him and his team at the time.

This post came after a shocking game against Toronto where he had 11 turnovers and also a couple of other sub par games before that to start the season. He was clearly lacking in confidence as well as fundamental skill.

But im happy to report that Ben has been slowly starting to turn the corner.

With Ben Simmons improved play of late I would like to point out some of the changes that I have noticed in his play that have once again have started making him a an effective player and difference maker in the league and for his team.

The only one who could do anything about this was Ben. How vulnerable and open minded was he going to be to accept these shortcomings and try to do something about it. He tried and failed but credit to him he has looked to have learnt from these failures he went though in the opening part up new season. He has realised he needs to minimise his weaknesses whilst continuing to play to and add to his strengths. He has started to keep the game simple again, not try to bite off too much and most importantly start to have fun again. And himself and team are now benefiting.

He is showing more patience, picking his spots better and has been a lot cleaner with his skills (and mind) of late.

Along with refining his stock standard left sided game and accompanying moves i have also noticed he is slowly starting to do add (ever so slightly) some right sided drives and accompanying moves to his game of late. For example its the first time i have ever seen him do a left to right crossover (as opposed to a right to left crossover) drive and also a right spin move (spin over right shoulder). Maybe his part of brain and muscle memory is now starting to learn these new opposite side skills.

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Food for thought  
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Well that's what happens when the Kardashian trash leaves your life - your start to improve.

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Kardashian Kurse

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The ball has been going through Embiid a lot more this season too, and now adding Jimmy Buckets to the roster it is gonna be interesting how the 3 of them co-exist.

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twenty four  
Years ago

I'm not surprised. Ben is a known fan of this site, so he probably saw the earlier thread about him and took the critiques on board.

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Well I for one am honoured Phil Jackson could stop by and jot down his thoughts for us all.

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Don't think he follows this site anymore since Cecil Exum getting dunked on by gaze

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has Ben improved?

Only way to really tell will come play off time when teams just don't guard him like boston last year and see how he reacts and counters it.

Embiid is a blackhole who can't guard the onball and he'll get exposed again come play offs and talk of defensive player of the year becuase of a few blocks that make hihglight reels rather than watching games where the better teams pretty much play him over and over thru onballs shows his glaring weakness.

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