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Markelle Fultz future

Time to make some predictions!

What are the chances he;

1. Is still with Philly at the end of the season? over or under 50%?
2. Is still starting for Philly in January? Over or under 40%?
3. Is still in the NBA in 3 years time? Over or under 30%?

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This FTA today is not great:

Bennett hung around for a few years, so who knows. He's contributing with everything but the shot, it seems.

I can't see them continuing with him starting. Unless a sports psych has said it's less pressure than subbing him in later.

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Young Gun  
Last year

I don't think it's a work ethic issue. There are some serious issues with Mental Health. Interesting... I just read in the last hour that Fultz has parted ways with this trainer Drew Hanlon... after putting up 150,000+ shots with him last off season

1. Is still with Philly at the end of the season? over or under 50%? Over
2. Is still starting for Philly in January? Over or under 40%? Under
3. Is still in the NBA in 3 years time? Over or under 30%? Over

I get the sense that he has some value in the NBA... at the moment it just looks like a whole lot less than we anticipated.

Don't know about you, but I've been following the game v the Heat & Fultz is dreadful

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Last year

1. Under
2. Under
3. Over

It must be messing with his head something fierce to have spent most of his life as a shooter and now be incapable of even taking FTs without overthinking it.

The fact that he can sort of contribute despite being historically bad as a shooter is testament to the rest of his tools. He actually doesn't look worse than Bennett, because my recollection is that Bennett looked like he didn't actually know how to play basketball. Fultz looks like he knows how to play, he just can't shoot. Rubio's Utah renaissance should give teams the confidence that Fultz can be a useful backcourt piece next to the right guy. I don't think Butler is that guy, and Simmons/Butler/Fultz is close to an unplayable trio in the modern NBA. So I can't see him staying in Philly or continuing to start, but I like his chances of sticking in the league.

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Last year

Chumps taking some of Simmons minutes also. One of the worst trades in NBA history. Considering they could of taken Tatum at 3 not to mention a lottery pick for this upcoming draft!

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Last year

As a Philly fan, i WANT to see him improve but it isn't going to happen. He has serious mental health issues and that is no disrespect to him, that is just facts. The issue isn't compatible with a long and strong career as a PG. Poor kid.

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Last year

I don't think he'll be going anywhere, purely because they'd be giving him up at a low point and wouldn't get anywhere near the return on a #1 pick that you'd hope for. The starting thing really doesn't matter as much as, will he be getting starter minutes in the playoffs? unlikely.

At the end of the day though, he's only 20 years old. The idea that he won't be in the league in 3 years is a bit rich. He does some things very well, and at worst he'll be a good back up PG. Guys like Carter-Williams have hung around long after people have realised their star (or even starter) potential is gone.

For the record I think he still has near All-Star level potential. Will be interesting to see how he goes.

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Last year

Honestly, I think Fultz should shoot em granny style. Completely different motion and might allow him to get out of his own head.

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Last year

Given I think the only chance of Fultz having a decent NBA career is to get his shot fixed - and the best person to do that is Chip Engelland at San Antonio, I wonder if a Fultz for Patty Mills trade might be interesting for both teams?

Mills, while older, could provide spark and shooting off the bench, while SA bank on being able to fix the jumper.

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Last year

^ I was wondering if they could get away with Fultz for Poeltl on the same reasoning (Engelland). Don't think the Spurs would be keen to give up Patty given their lack of PG depth at the moment and the desire to send Pop out (presumably) with another playoff appearance.

Fultz and Murray could potentially evolve into the best defensive back court in the league. Though on current projections they'd also probably be offensively the worst so that might not be as exciting as it sounds.

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Last year

I watched him play in his college team against Sydney university, the word was he was going to be number one pick, I could not believe it.

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Last year

"Considering they could of taken Tatum at 3"

I think this is an assumption that wouldn't have actually held true. Danny Ainge was always going to select Tatum, despite Ball and Fultz being widely rated as the top two picks, he made the remarkably smart move to trade picks to receive more assets from Philly while still getting their guy. Without the trade, the Lakers were going to choose either Fultz or Ball, with Magic seemingly preferring Ball anyway... which leaves the 76ers with Fultz.

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Last year

You can't just magically say, should've taken Tatum with perfect hindsight.

Portland should have taken Durant.
Boston shouldn't have drafted Len Bias.

See what I'm doing?

There were compelling reasons for Fultz and Ball being 1 and 2, they had stellar college seasons.

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Last year

If I am Elton Brand, id be looking to move Fultz regardless.. not for a PG but for a PF. They are thin in that position with the Saric trade and I dont think slotting Wilson Chandler there is going to be a fix.

Whilst undermanned against the Heat they were running Redick at SF and Chandler at PF for stretches.

Id be seeing what they could get for Fultz, and a PF is the position of need.

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Last year

They need depth so if they can flick him for two league average rotation guys that would be a huge win.

They still are 1 maybe 2 moves away but then again they might need the assets to move Jimmy if they can't workout a buy out with him once he poisons the locker room

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Last year

Markelle had a stellar college career so you can hardly blame Philly for taking him.

You always have to assess how good the decision was at the time and in those circumstances - and to me it was fine. It'd be different if it was a flatout wrong decision at the time which I don't think it was. Hindsight is great.

Markelle's situation is just so weird though - I mean his stats aren't out of this world, but again they're not horrible - 9, 3.5 and 3.

But by now his shooting has to be a big concern - his shoulder should theoretically be healthy so makes you wonder what is up now? Is it mental? Doesn't look like its going to magically get better now.

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