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NBL teams told to stop swearing

The league is unhappy about cussing in time outs according to Matt Logue on Twitter.

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Last year

Looking at you, Lemanis

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Last year

I find the First Ever ads more offensive than anything a player could say on court...

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Last year

How about just don't put the mic in there.

Or do what the NBA do and play a selected section of a Coach's feedback after the fact, after checking it for value as well as language.

NBL are to blame for this one.

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Another Anon  
Last year

I wish they would clamp down on the way coaches talk to the refs instead. It's an awful look for the game and there are multiple culprits.

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Last year

I think the NBL should calm the fuck down on this one.
Colourful language happens. Any parent who is unable to explain this to their child should mute their tv during timeouts and then take a Parenting 101 refresher course after the game.

Another Anon I agree. The constant whining is a worse look for the coaches than the occasional F bomb.

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Last year

I wonder if there've been any complaints to ACMA. The children's viewing timeslot may mean Channel 9 has asked NBL to sort it out.

I figure if part of the price for FTA TV coverage is some season ticket holders having to change their behaviour to go to morning games, then another part can be some coaches exercising a little self discipline to avoid swearing for 10 minutes per game.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Why the fuck doesn't NBL poll their fans and conduct surveys to gauge what the fans actually want to see?

Jesus H Christ on a cross.

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Last year

Censorship is up the creek in this day and age. I can't listen to the radio in the car with the kids because these shock jocks want to have R Rated content during the hours kids are going to and coming from school.

I think the broadcaster wins this battle....if you want TV rights, you do as you are told.

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Last year


What does the NBL expect when you have grown professional athletes competing.

AFL guys swear as well

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Last year

Broadcast a select bit of the timeout. I'd rather not hear a live timeout anyway.

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Last year

More of the cheerleaders please less of Gaze looking like he is going to explode.

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Last year

Or just stay out of the huddles. Usually not much value.

More a 'look at mee' arm flex by the broadcaster than adding anything to the 'product'. They have the power, so they'll use it, whether or not it is useful or good for the game or the viewer.

As for the coaches on the sideline - totally agree. Officials need to not engage with them - some actually seem to go across and initiate interactions - & tech 'em for stepping on the court/outside of their designated 'boxes' as a means of gaining control of the situation.

The court-side coach tantrums/manipulation [which is really what they are attempting to achieve] really needs to be eliminated.

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Last year

This sucks so much. While we're at it, lets eliminate hard fouls, players with tattoos, and anything else that might stop family friendly entertainment.

Fuck off NBL. Give us basketball. The timeout coverage was so good because it was (AFAIK) the only league in the world that offers that access. It was fantastic!

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Last year

Don't they have a three second delay anymore so they can hit the bleep button when someone swears

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Last year

"This sucks so much. While we're at it, lets eliminate hard fouls, players with tattoos, and anything else that might stop family friendly entertainment.

Fuck off NBL. Give us basketball. The timeout coverage was so good because it was (AFAIK) the only league in the world that offers that access. It was fantastic!"

They haven't eliminated timeout coverage.

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Last year

Remove broadcasting the time outs i think. Doesn't have much value unless you really want to hear what play is being drawn up and i doubt there'd be too many people that care about that anymore. Want no swearing? Dont put the camera and mic in a situation where swearing and tempers are likely.

Go to a replay, show the cheerleaders, go to a stats graphic, or just go to a commercial.

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Last year

The only time it's any good is the last couple of minutes of a close game, and that's also the only time they're not allowed in. It's mostly pointless otherwise.

But yeah, simple logic should apply. Don't go into a Joey Wright timeout when the Sixers are on a bad run. Don't stay there after the first four times he says "fuck", like the fifth is a total shock.

My favourite one was the 2014 grand final, where they were shocked and appalled at Joey Wright's language while Adelaide were getting belted, apologising and explaining that it was the nature of live TV...then went to commercial while playing an uncensored version of "Aerosol Can".

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Last year

Fuck off

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Last year

^ :) ^

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Last year

THanks fucking goodness Lindsay Fucking Gaze isn't coaching fucking now. Drew is a foul mouthed person IRL. How he never drops the F bomb when on TV or radio is amazing to me. Timeouts is a no brainer, No Sound for Fuck Sake.

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Last year

Maybe during timeouts would be a good time for the commentators to talk all the shit.
Instead of crapping on during play.

That said there have been a few entertaining timeouts, so yeah maybe review for quality, and play a snippet as they retake the court.

Then again, what I find entertaining, probably isn't a good look for the league.
Like Gaze's timeouts with the players (and Vickerman) looking at him like he was a complete idiot. Or MU timeouts with that guy with the googles randomly clapping & screaming all the way through Demopolis' talk, or Joey screaming "just go with your gut."

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Last year

I expect the league to issue a comprehensive list of banned words.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

NBL-approved pronouns

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Last year

For those young fans that the NBL thinks they are protecting, they are not going to understand anything being said in the timeout. May as well just show previous highlights or the arena entertainment instead if they are so concerned about appealling to young fans and simple-minded adults.

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Last year

It's all about control

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Last year

I agree with the above. Being able to listen to timeouts doesn't really add much anyway - I mean it's always pretty generic stuff anyway.

The NBA sounds is actually interesting because the exchanges that they record are generally funny ones or lighthearted interactions or are genuinely interesting ones.

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Last year

Pass the ball here, right
You screen there, right
You cut there, right
You shoot, right
Let's fucking do this

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Last year


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Big Ads  
Last year

Words one might expect to be uttered by Joey Wright during the 36er time outs on Saturday

"I'm not sure"
"We'll do our best"

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Last year

"They haven't eliminated timeout coverage."

After watching this week's games, they significantly reduced the coverage from timeouts. Many times the timeout was shown on screen visually but with no audio, with commentators doing their best impression of a clueless idiot.

To those who don't value the insight from watching how a coach addresses their players during games, you don't know what you're missing. It gave us a chance to assess different styles, see how coaches motivate, and (while they didn't show the whiteboard) hear tactics. Other teams would not get anything out of it they wouldn't get from watching film for the scout, but it it was so valuable because it allowed us to see who can coach and who's struggling.

I've used past tense because this weekend the production crew were clearly told to cut way back on timeout content broadcast. That really sucks.

Fire Leoeleiger. He has no clue.

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