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NBA Season Discussion

With the NBA nearly a quarter of the way through the season (and we've had some games to make some assessments), what are some discussion points.

I'll start of with a few:

- The overall hype around the league this year seems really diminished for some reason (Lebron is doing Lebron things but his play seems to have been forgotten amongst Lakers own gelling issues IDK?)

- Exum is (right now) not cut out for the league (and is out of his depth) and the Jazz could be regretting that new contract;

- Losing Ariza was a huge loss for the Rockets.

- Giannis is my current MVP (though admittedly it is early) - his numbers are ridicolous and the Bucks are 2nd place in the East.

- Doncic ROY - he is going to be a stud in this league if not already (and at just 19 the amount of time/years he has to refine/develop both his skills and his body are insane);

- Phoenix should just tank for Zion - absolutely no merit in winning a few extra games;

- Toronto to feature in the NBA Finals - they've had a very good regular season team for a few years now, but this team looks like they can get them deeper into the post-season (plus no Lebron)

- How long does the Lonzo experiment last? (shooting has improved but overall PER has dropped to just 11. Playing 27 minutes a game)

- Thunder (even though they are 2nd in the West) are a terribly frustrating team to watch and still have that inconsistency in their game (they could be dominant). Still in a damn good spot.

- GSW's losses mean absolutely nothing at this stage of the season (when they don't have Curry/Green/Cousins in the lineup). Still heavy favourites for the title.

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Knowing that the GSW are a lock to win the title makes it a little less interesting this season. Don't be fooled by a few losses, GSW will sweep easy when it comes to business time. We can only hope that Durant opts out next season to aim for a legitimate title.

No real story lines this season. LBJ doesn’t have much to prove and isn’t really a shot at the title this season.

As for the aussies:

Exum still looking like a raw talent. Just needs some polish to his game. Still playing like a rookie out of his depth but there’s no denying the talent is there.

Simmons hasn’t made the progression this year. Mind you, last season was fantastic. He just seems content with maintaining where he’s at. Not seeking to be overly aggressive and happy to defer to his team mates.

Ingles has been quality. End of story there.

Patty still doing his thing.

Delly seems to be fading away from playing time. Thon not getting too much investment either.

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Here is another.

Absolutely ZERO defense is getting played in this league.

The league has turned into a sham. Each game has barely more intensity than an all star game.

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The losses from Golden state may mean that you get an extra cent on your odds of them winning the title, it means nothing else.

Oh and there has been some injuries as there always is.

Agree with the sentiments about the lack of intensity, I said that last season and couldn't believe that it's dropped even more!

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Exum not cut out for the League? That's very, very harsh. Is he worth the money he's being paid? Probably not. But for an organisation like Utah you've got to pay players to keep them. Exum just needs to get some games under his belt but he certainly has NBA attributes and has been a contributor this year. The Jazz have just been poor and inconsistent and not lived up to the bit of hype at all.

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Exum has NBA attributes but certainly still looks like a kid who is out of his depth at NBA level however after signing that deal the Jazz are forced to play him so he can hopefully make the leap to serviceable NBA player...a jumper would certainly help him alot!

At this stage Exum isn't really a movable contract and certainly one of the worse contracts last off season.

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Acknowledge your point about $ and smaller markets. Good point.

He has shown some glimpses now and then. But at some point you have to evaluate him on the basis that he is not a rookie or a second-year player. He is in his 4th proper season (I do acknowledge his injury - would have been his 5th season if not).

7.1ppg, 2.3apg and 1.9rpg on 38% FG and 27% 3-point.

He is 272 in PER.

I think he has to improve those numbers this year substantially otherwise I fear that he is going lineal with his career.

He is a great defender though. I rate that aspect of his game.

I do sometimes wonder about Utah's player development - Favors has stayed lineal, Burks is regressing really quickly, Neto hasn't kicked on as liked, Crowder hasn't been as good as his Boston days (but on the flipside, Ingles and Gobert have come along nicely so probably other factors at play).

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Surely Boston's mediocrity needs to get a few mentions in a season discussion?

I like Curry and Klay so hopefully KD gets out of there and lets them go back to what they were doing.

I wonder about Mills' future with the Spurs.

Utah's 8-11 would have them a result out of the 8 in the East, but it's good for second-worst in the West.

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Yes - Spurs also uncharacteristically dropping games that they have won in the past. A 9-10 record for them is virtually unheard of for them maybe in the last 20 years!

Boston have the pieces but can't seem to furnish a product (yet).

Its going to be really interesting to see what happens to Hayward - can he get back to where he was? Unfortunately, he is looking a lot slower than his pre-injury self. Also the ankle appears to be given him ongoing soreness problems. Sad story.

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ROY - Doncic then daylight for mind at this stage with Jackson from Memphis the next best.

They all talked themselves out of Doncic but once he gets the body into NBA shape this guy could be All-Star level for a long time.

Also teams taking centres in the top 10 with the way the NBa is going must take a long hard look at themselves!

Even a guys with Embid level talent aren't making a difference in the modern NBA come play off time as hey get played off the floor.

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ROY you got Jackson in second? man Trae Young is balling and Ayton putting up some good numbers too.

The regular season has been boring thus far, but still some interesting storylines.

What is going to happen in Washington with Wall/Beal being open for trades.
Butler fitting in to the Sixers / Fultz wants out
Vucevic contract year and putting up some good numbers for Orlando
Will Hayward return to form? Boston not looking great
Where will Melo end up?

MVP for me is Giannis or Embiid, Curry was killing it too until he went down with an injury.

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Trae Young seem way over hyped so far.
Looks ok for a rookie PG, but he is a long way off from being a positive impact player.

38%FG 24%3pt. Is pretty bad, 32% and 19% in last 5 games.
He is a good offense coordinator but needs to be a much better shooter or select better shots.

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Giannis or Embiid for MVP. it will likely be a battle for who stays healthy.

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Giannis I think will get the edge due to how well the Bucks are playing... their offence has completely changed now they have a proper coach (instead of Kidd).

You are correct with Trae Young, hope the kid can improve on his percentages. Ayton though, dude averaging a double double... though not much of a contributor on the defensive end so that will hurt his chances.

I have also been impressed with Bagley out of Sacramento, hopefully they give him more court time as he has been producing quite well of late.

Where you think Beal/Wall will end up? I am not sure how much trade value Wall will have with that contract.

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Fultz, Butler & Co. at the 76ers.

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Trae Young's rookie season reminds me of MCW's rookie season (but with less impressive numbers).

But you get the sense of the same themes - high usage on a bad team with poor offensive efficiency.

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KD is overrated IMO. A great scorer but nothing more than that; has only had success in unbelievably talented teams; but cannot lead a team the way that Lebron can. This GSW team still has Durant, Thompson, Iguodala and some great bench players and they are still struggling to win games. Durant can't lead them.

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MACDUB, Durant is definitely more than a scorer, guy is a shot blocker also.

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How bad has Wiggins being this year? Sheesh.

I remember when he was talked up as the next big superstar but my he is regressing fast

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Durant's pretty good at choking too

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