Two years ago

Ben Simmons likely out of for World Cup

Every interview I hear or article I read, suggests Ben Simmons isn't likely to play at the World Cup. He is likely to play at the 2020 Olympics though.

So let's assume he doesn't play at the WC.

Who would you take next year?

For me I'm going with:




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Two years ago

100% confirmed.
Wont play worlds.

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Two years ago

Ben Allen?

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

I'd rather Lisch as end of bench depth than Goulding, Delly and Exum are the only PGs if you count Patty as a SG which is how he's ideally used for us. Both injury prone plus Goulding doesn't play a lick of defense.

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Two years ago

So he can miss open layups? No thanks Melbourne Boy

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

We won't need him to score, the 11th & 12th players should just be injury cover, Lisch defends well and can play backup pg if injury strikes.

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Two years ago

Call me crazy... but I'd take Barlow as a 12th man. He's been amazing this year, and does everything well should you have an injury or foul trouble.

PG spot is covered with Delly, Exum, Mills, Ingles.

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Two years ago

I'd rather 10 players ahead of goulding including mccaron

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Two years ago

Goulding this season is shooting the 7th worst percentage in the whole league

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Two years ago

Maker didn't do that well in his few Asian games and is struggling in the nba, not certain why so many sold on him, Exum like wise.

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Two years ago

OP is Dwayne Russell

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NBL Fan  
Two years ago

We want a hard-nosed team for the worlds, no room for floppers like Goulding.

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Big Ads  
Two years ago

Hello, elephant in the room:

J. Cadee

A totally like for like swap for Ben Simmons ;-)

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Two years ago

"Maker didn't do that well in his few Asian games and is struggling in the nba, not certain why so many sold on him, Exum like wise."

That's right. Why would we select players for our National team who are struggling to get big minutes in the NBA while we have plenty of players who dominate underage and social leagues!! No Brainer really isn't it?

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Two years ago

Simmons would be a loss no doubt but the Boomers have plenty of guys who have been there before.
I would pick

Dellavedova Exum
Mills. McCarron
Ingles Broekhoff Creek.
Motum. Maker Bolden
Baynes Bogut.

Adel and Landale just miss out.
Probably last world cup for Ingles, Mills, Bogut and Baynes.

Simmons and Green should be there for 2023 if available.

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twenty four  
Two years ago

God no to Lisch. Bloke was out of his depth in Rio, and he isn't getting better with age.

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Two years ago

NBA doesn't always mean better players. It's an opportunity league for a lot of players.

The last 3-4 spots (for any team, not just Boomers) will come down to who can best play the roles that the coaching staff needs to fill around the skills of the other 8-9 players. Don't have to be the better player, just better at what is needed.

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Two years ago

Better players in the NBL than Bolden

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Two years ago

I don't think I'd play Bogut and Baynes together very much - makes us too slow. Depending on how healthy Baynes is at the end of this season, I would start him. He's probably a better positional defender now than Bogut and has shown he can shoot the three a bit too. But hopefully with the less demanding NBL schedule, we can expect plenty of good minutes from Bogut too!

I'd probably start one of Motum, Kickert or even DJ at the 4. All guys who can stretch the floor and have enough size to defend opposing 4's. Really depends on who is in the best form at the time, but most likely Motum.

Ingles is probably our best player with Simmons out, so put the ball in his hands and let him create. Mills should also start for his shooting and experience.

Not sure if I'd go for Delly, or put Broekhoff out there for his shooting. It really depends on how well Delly is shooting it at the time. Exum is even a possibility, depending on how much he has progressed by the end of the season. He's not been consistent for Utah, but he has had some good games and his ability to attack the basket is something we otherwise lack from the starters. (Ingles can a bit, but there's less space in the key in the international game for him to get his shot up).

Creek should be in there because he also brings some athleticism we are otherwise lacking on the wings and has some good leadership qualities.

I think Bolden, Maker and even Hodgson are all guys who you want to see compete in camp with guys like Kickert and DJ for the backup big men spots. Maybe Bairstow too, depending on his form by the end of the season.

I agree with the above comment about Barlow. He has really played extremely well this season and would be a handy utility in the 11th or 12th spot.

Goulding is having a poor season so far, so I'd want to see him compete with guys like Gliddon, McCarron and Sobey for the 4th guard spot. Needs to be a guy who can fill it up from deep and make big shots when it matters. Gliddon and McCarron are probably ahead of Sobey right now, but I like the speed Sobey brings, which can be handy against some opponents.

All in all, if Simmons is out, I think there are a lot of spots that should be up for grabs in the Worlds team. I'd probably only lock in Baynes, Bogut, Ingles, Mills, Delly and Broekhoff.

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Two years ago

I think there might be a few surprises and a few of the nbl guys are not with out a chance, think it will be more obvious after February qualifying is over. I'm actually looking forward to see how Moller goes this weekend, a real long shot but he a super athlete and long tall defender, that can score when required. Gliddon is also a chance with his defence and outside shooting threat. Barlow also if he keeps going as he has started the season, another player that can play a wing or the four.

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Two years ago

Why isn't Simmons playing?

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Two years ago

Pathetic if he isn't.

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Two years ago

So Simmons a Melbourne boy, his first, and the biggest games ever played in Australia, and he's not playing??

I just don't get it at all.

What is with the guys?

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Two years ago

Agreed. Surely he'd want to play in his home city in front of 60k against team USA.

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Two years ago

It will be interesting to see if Simmons still wants to play in the Melbourne games, and if so, if BA will let him. I think they'd hate to on principle, but might have to. Plenty of people think that because the Worlds are in China the big brands will force their biggest stars to go, but I think it's far more likely that they won't given it would be back-to-back summers and they generally don't care for the Worlds anyway. That means these Melbourne games might still feature an All-Star lineup that's a wet dream for Australian basketball fans, but if it's Kemba-not-Curry, Demar-not-Durant, Lowry-not-Lebron etc, principle might have to step aside for PR and Simmons might be a necessary 'headliner'.

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Cody Byrne  
Two years ago

surely the largest motivators in him sitting out the WC (like it was a surprise anyway) is that he will be due for a new contract in the next nba offseason. It's also no secret that the FIBA world cup isn't held to the same esteem as the olympics are. Ben will sign his first max contract and play for the boomers in the olympics.

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