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WNBL reviews Capitals-Lynx incident

The league has reviewed the incident that took place in the University of Canberra Capitals (UCC) v Perth Lynx game on Friday 30th November between Kelsey Griffin of the Capitals and Asia Taylor of the Lynx.

The league has completed a full review of all video evidence from the game and have concluded that in this specific incident the contact was incidental and deemed an unfortunate occurrence that can take place within the game of basketball.

Subsequently, the WNBL are issuing the UCC with a fine of $2,500 for inflammatory comments made by UCC Head Coach Paul Gorris and UCC players. These comments are considered to be prejudicial to the interests and reputation of the WNBL, the Perth Lynx WNBL team and their athletes.

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Ref and player reputations were attacked as a result of that "incident", almost entirely by people who didn't even see it. I was there, I didn't see much in it at the time but I kept my mouth shut about it in case there was something I missed, as I didn't have a great view of it from where I was sitting. I certainly had a better view of it than Canberra's coaches & bench though, and a far, far better view of it than "journalist" Caden Helmers.

The incident didn't put "The WNBL on notice" at all, it just put egg on the faces of a lot of people who should know better.
It's beyond time to take a chill pill about the refs.

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What is Helmers supposed to do, not report what Mitchell said? Pretend a player didn't need stitches in her head?

You whine about ref bashing then chime in with some dopey 'so-called journalist' drivel.

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"The blood pouring out of Kelsey Griffin's scalp has put the WNBL on notice as growing discontent about the inconsistency of referees threatens to reach crisis point."

Maybe try and watch the footage before making such ridiculous comments? Not just take one persons biased opinion...

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" WNBL set to have conversations with coaches and players on Monday about Asia Taylor's rogue elbow that busted Griffin open"

"Griffin is the second Capitals star in a matter of weeks to be on the wrong end of foul play"

I think the journalist has done more than just report what happened and what players said. The journo clearly stating a very biased opinion without viewing the incident which clearly shows it was incidental

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Vision here.

Problem is, now the league will use this as a wedge to knock back any criticism of the level of refereeing as whole. Which is a shame since raising the standard is one of the issues that needs to be addressed...but this incident wasn't it.

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Has there been a head count of how many opposition players have been negatively impacted by the physicality of Kelsey's playing style this season?

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From that footage alone, you can't even tell who was supposed to have hit who.

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So clearly Luuuc you saw nothing and are now the Boards expert.

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There's a clearer video on the Lynx website for anyone who wants a look.

And no, anon, I make no claims of being "the expert", and I'm not here sticking up blindly for the refs either. e.g. my tweet that the Spirit were robbed (by a bad call) in that OT game vs Townsville.
But I also acknowledge that the refs have got a tough job, that basketball doesn't happen without them, and that hammering them for mistakes that didn't even occur is only counterproductive to them performing at their best.
I thought that journo made a knob of himself this weekend. (Am I allowed to say that or is it only refs that are ok to bag out?), and I wasn't too impressed with Basket Case - who I have a lot of time for in general - for piling on to the ref bashing too, based on nothing more than a photo that showed some blood.

We expect refs to call only what they see, and not guess what might have happened. I don't see why that shouldn't apply to posters and journalists too.

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At the Rangers V Lightening game Friday, towards end of game huge collision between Jarry and Clydesdale where Jarry clearly ran into ( and right through) Clydesdale( who was in possession of the ball in full dribble mode ) knocking her out, right in front of Adelaide bench and refs.....Clydesdale got an offensive foul for her concussion, it's this type of thing that gives coaches, players and spectators cause to question the refs

Reffing is so inconsistent, and that’s the problem

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"Phillips admitted tensions were boiling over between officials and coaches across the league and said she'd look to bring the parties together to resolve their issues as soon as possible.
"I definitely can feel there is frustration and that would be coming from both sides so I'll be definitely speaking to our CEO Paul Maley this afternoon to see what we could potentially do as a league to settle this situation down a little bit," Phillips said."

Maybe the WNBL need to look into this ASAP. Clearly the coach was out of line for criticising the other day but then the WNBL's boss essentially agrees with him.

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I think part of the problem is the all local ref teams because the league won't fly in refs. I get it's a money thing but it increases the inconsistency between states.

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"but then the WNBL's boss essentially agrees with him."

Say What?
How could you possibly get that from the article?

She defended the refs, and criticised the coach for his abuse.

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