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Next Aussie Talent Wave

Thought some young guys deserved some discussion -

Makur Maker - Thons cousinif you didn't know. I believe I saw tweeted that he got an offer to UCLA.. big if true. I've been following his name and he seems to be a pretty legit prospect.. big size, looks imo the most natural mover/coordinated of the Makers, and has been straight balling. I'm quite excited by him, doesn't get enough talk.

Matur Maker - The brother of Thon. Iirc he pulled out of 18 draft, was talk of some interest but clearly not enough to secure a pick. Haven't heard much of his time since then, can anyone provide some insight? Saw him listed in a tweet recently as 6'10 w/ 7'3 wingspan, which is bigger than I recall and impressive NBA PF measurements.. impressive if not embellished.

Josh Green - I think we're all up to date with this guy. Stud. Recently returned from injury and playing for IMG, looks as athletic as ever. One of the only one on here that has a real case for 19/20 Boomers.

Koaut Noi - okay, may e this is the ither guy that has a Boomers chance. He had 27 points the other day and backed it up with another good performance. He is an awesome shooter and has an athletic, defensive profile, could be a future Boomers SF I reckon.

Tamuri Wigness- Anyone know of any re ent developments with hin since his latest Aus. play? I'm eagerly awaiting news of his next growth spurt. This kid has a massive ceiling depending on how much his size limits him going forward (can be a player regardless)

We've got Adel performing well in the GLeague. Adel needs to shoot the 3 better but otherwise impressing. Humphries also doing well, a bit archaic for a modern big but I think they're working on his range at least.

Anyone got an update on Cook, Moneke, Landale, etc.? The former 2 in particular are athletic kids who can ball, would love to see how good they get.

And ofc, zome other D1 guys contributing like Gak, Kiir, Vasiljevic, White in particular is getting a lot of exposure for Duke and doing great.

Any other names worth a mention?

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Lual Aquil and Mathiang a couple of names I forgot to put on the end there..

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Last year

Wigness floor is NBL starter I think. Ceiling is really capped at how he develops physically.

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Last year

If the OP is thinking of talent under 25 then should probably add in Harry Froling and William McDowell-White.

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Matur Maker was cut from his Swiss club for failing to attend training. Very little detail about it.

Landale killing it with Partizan in EuroCup and Adriatic League. NBA teams will be watching him closely as he is shooting and making three-pointers.

Lual-Acuil is yet to make an impact in Europe with Hapoel Jerusalem.

Moneke started off well in French 2nd division but seems to have dropped off.

Cook going great guns for s.Oliver Wurzburg in Germany and FIBA Europe Cup (Creek's old team).

Kouat Noi is a genuine talent starring now at TCU after entering the season with an injury.

DJ will be a rock solid NBL player, likely Euro as he holds a dual passport I believe and can play in Europe as a local.

Green is a one & done future NBA-er.

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Last year

Don't forget adel. Could be in the WC team.

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Last year

Olgun Uluc describes Luke Travers as having " an extremely high ceiling".

Anyone seen him play?

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Last year

Dropped out of CoE and now back in WA.
Likely will go the NBL DP path rather than college.
Probably a player that will have similar experience as Rhys Vague in terms of a couple years on end of bench and then see time in 3rd/4th year.
Has body type and potential to go higher but would likely need exposure that you get in College environment

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Last year

Wigness is one that I'm not sold on, hopefully I'm wrong.

He has had a lot of opportunities to showcase himself on global stage (whether this opportunity is warranted or not is a whole different topic)

He seems to be inefficient and relies a lot on his speed against slower opponents.

At the college level there are lots of players with similar speed but 6 inches taller and longer.

His lack of a consistent shot will also be a problem at the senior level.

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Last year

I'm high on Travers too. Kid is a versatile wing...closest comparison right now would be a young Joe Ingles. Super talent that has the tools to be just as good.

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Last year

#445 I disagree on Wigness. I'd characterise his performances as streaky, rather than consistently inefficient. He's had a ton of international opportunities, some of which might have been more about the hype than him genuinely being the best available player. But he's also stepped out in those situations and performed at a high level while often being one of the youngest guys on the floor. His lack of a consistent shot might be a problem at senior level but he's 16 years old. He has looked quick not just in his own age group at Aus Champs, but in the context of Global Academy and playing against guys 3 years older at 20s Nationals this year. I think he's overrated, but I still think he's very impressive.

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Last year

LC Any idea why Travers decided to turn down the COE offer to remain in WA's SBL?

Is he 6'6 or 6'7?

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Last year

C of E is not the bee and end all of basketball, education wise it lacks greatly with what it can offer, socially its also not exactly standout, they have only those few people they are with to associate with. No family support, especially for a kid from WA, couldnt get any further if you tried. They also dont get the opportunity to play/train with or against bigger older bodies, that is always the sticking point on these Cof E kids, similar to college. and at that height hes not ever going to get over looked by not being part of the preselected national teams

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Last year

They also barely play any actual games. I'm not sure how they don't get bored out of their skulls. They used to split up and play in the ACT state league, not sure why tgar stopped?

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