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NBA Player Dress Code

Have had the chance to get some NBA games in over the Summer break, and noticed some of the pre/during/post game outfits that some players were wearing.

I remember hearing a few years ago, Stern was trying to implement a dress code for players. Was he successful ? If so, has it been altered under the CBA or just not enforced ?

I know we live in a with Social media, where someone with a unique style can generate more instagram followers and then generate more income, but seriously, some of those outfits have to be taking the piss. Dressing up just to get attention.

At half time of a Dallas game, I watched as the players waled down the tunnel into their rooms, and they were two players (I think) who had on slacks and a Dallas polo. And damn it looked so much better and more professional than what a lot of players are sitting in courtside.

I know in NFL, the bio photos of the players are in suits, and when standing on the sidelines, are all decked out in team gear, when not playing. Same with AFL, all players in team polo.

Why isn't this enforced on the NBA players too ? They're essentially representing their team/employer, shouldn't they be dressed professionally to represent them ?

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Exactly that.
Got nothing against it. If you want to be a model, go be a model.
But not representing your club/team/city.

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I'm all for letting people wear what they want, not what you want.

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Allen Iversons clobber basically changed the dress code cos he was percieved to have dressed too much like a gangster. There was a period where guys wore suits but now its like a dress up party. BTW ryan broekhoff generally rocks up to games dressed like jerry seinfeld.

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LOVE the swagger..

in professional sports where conformity is King, it's a welcome change

still think Harden's pre-Christmas tartan shorts and matching jacket were this season's winner so far

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Duke Fan  
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Someone find a photo of what James Hardern wore when the Rockets were at home against the Lakers recently (I'm not tech enough to post it)

It was a shiny/spangly silver suit coat with shiny silver matching shorts. I thought at the time you would have to be a very confident man to rock that outfit. It made Westbrook look conservative

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Stern's dress code was introduced because they didn't like the Hip Hop look, in other words it was too black.

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It was more than hip hop, some players looked like gangstas.

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In other words Hip Hop, guess you didn't watch any film clips back in the day!

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Initially didn't the players who started dressing up ridiculously do so to take the piss out of Stern's policy and to highlight the fact it was about banning perceived gangster wear rather than being more formal? Now with the newer generation of players however it is about fashion. Can't fault Westbrook for example, love it.

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