Wendy Byrd
Two years ago

Could Cairns make the playoffs next year?

If they bring back their stars, could they make the playoffs next year? They've got some serious weapons and if they play with more cohesiveness and discipline they could be very dangerous

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Two years ago

No W Byrd.

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Two years ago

Definitely not. I mean just look at their 2019/20 roster and compare it to all the other teams' 2019/20 rosters and tell me how it is better than 5 of them. It isn't. Even Ray Charles can see that. So obvious. Silly question.

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Two years ago

MAYBE 19 20
Loughton retires
Hall leaves

Trimble signs
Get a better 3 import
Charles matthews draftee Michigan 14 PTS 5 REBS
Jordan murphy senior 6 6 240 14 pts 12 reps

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

No Manu, no chance

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Two years ago

haha yeah no one is buying this wendy BS

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Parables of Phil Smyth  
Two years ago

With same roster? No

Next year will be totally different roster though so who knows. Obviously all their efforts should go into resigning Trimble and build around him. No doubt the clubs with unlimited salary cap will circle though and will cost them a lot more then it did this season. Sydney could do with an upgrade on randle lol

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

As much as they want to brand themselves as a 'rebuilding' team, they are all old. The only young/youngish guys are Trimble, Newbill, Hall and Kuany. Two of those guys are imports.

Jurlina, Krslovic don't seem ready to really grasp an NBL job, so I don't know where their talent will come from unless they buy it. Wigness is the only local. We'll need to rely heavily on the college scene to find a potential Aussie or two whom we can build around. McCarron was a prime candidate

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Food for thought  
Two years ago

Keep the core, add a few impact pieces, and yes they can.

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Two years ago

Newbill and Hall ain't been that good even if they could keep them. As said old squad, might have to spend a few bucks and get couple of young blokes looking for opportunities. Froling should’ve been the first.
As to answer the question probably not.

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Two years ago

If fans keep swallowing the koolaid of Larry's broken promises, and Jezza's gross incompetence, then no, no chance. I would not be surprised if they fold.
Every time we ask the question, "how will the league look with 9 teams?" They solve it by getting rid of one.
Under the terms outlined, big spending teams like Sydney were to be taxed, and the money handed over to the poor clubs. Either the tax is not being paid, or Jezza is blowing it all on Coke * Hookers, because its clear that teams like Cairns and Hawks still don't have a pot to piss in.
Doesn't matter whether you think that's right or wrong, whether it should change or whether pissant regional teams should be left to fend for themselves. Point is that without the money, they can never compete with the bigboys. And its not like the days when you had only one or two teams spending big. Sydney Melbourne and Perth all have massive payrolls, Brisbane and Adelaide are still comfortably outspending the minnows, so its an uphill battle.

The problem with Tremble, is the same Cairns always have. Their imports are here on suck & see contracts. Using this season as a springboard onto bigger & better. Next season he's either going to be in Europe, on a 2-way in the NBA, or playing for a team that can afford to pay him like Adelaide or NZ. Cairns hope is not to resign him, but to find another one.

I too am surprised they haven't tried to develop young returnees. This idea of building a team form cast-offs just isn't good enough.

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Two years ago

Let's not forget the fact that Cairns have had several overtime games and 6 losses by 8 or less points. If they win those 3 overtime games (Perth, Sydney and Melbourne) plus 2 of the 6 close losses that is 5 more wins and instead of 3-16, they’re 8-11 and knocking on the playoffs door.

The team definitely needs adjustments and changes but are not as bad as what a lot of people have said!

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Two years ago

Of course they can, Jawai is looking younger and fitter than he has for years and he seems to love Coach Kelly so he is a great starting piece and you can build around the team from there.

The issue is how many will be playing for the Bullets next season?

Overall it's still really hard to win in Cairns and with no Townsville in the league, it's by far the most humid trip in the NBL and if you can win say 10 home games and a couple vs wooden spoon team and sneak a few more then 15 wins has them in the conversation

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Two years ago

Let's not forget the fact that Cairns have had several overtime games and 6 losses by 8 or less points.
We used to say this in Adelaide during the Marty Clarke era.

They have a few good pieces, but they are too far from being a strong roster and you wouldn't favour a remote/community team turning it around that quickly. One import is strong, the other two are inconsistent. Jawai is contributing well and Loe has looked good, but after that there's Loughton, Walker (rotation player I guess), Young (had enough chances and isn't quite there), etc. If they had one of McCarron or Gliddon, yes, but otherwise I don't know where they'll get players from. Maybe hope Adelaide explodes and pick the carcass?

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago


All names we had but now have not. Would Norton and Kay have been likely to come here? I think so.

Hope our ability to recruit from college wasn't lost with Fearne. Are thefe any legitimate college kids we can sign next season?

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Two years ago

You need more than legitimate college kids, it's a mans league, look at the college kids that came this season, other than Froling and Naar ( who has had one good game despite what Heal says, though will probably be gun and get more money as soon as contract finishes ) . Froling should have been top priority, any better college guys go to Europe on decent coin.
Every team is a chance of playoffs but unless Cairns jag a few better players and get Trimble back, better imports than the other two they are no chance.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Yeah but we need college kids to become men in the league so our team can have some semblance of direction in the future

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Two years ago

But they leave for better $$$$$$

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Manu Fieldel  
Two years ago

Not saying it isn't a somewhat futile scenario, but the best chance of Cairns having players stick around long term is to have them start their careers there and develop there

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Two years ago

Nobody's saying you can build team of college kids, just use them as cheap options on your bench.
Teams like Cairns can offer these kids more minutes which is what they need.

But the other problem they face in terms of next year, is SEM. Between them and the powerhouse clubs, any decent talent will be well and truly hoovered.

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Thunder Jam  
Two years ago

How long is a piece of string Wendy?

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Two years ago

It always annoys me that a team which places bottom has so much negative social media from so many opinionated and subjective fans, essentially!

Only one team can actually win the competition, no one needs to start throwing the bath out with the bath water here, Cairns is a unique place that deserves an NBL team.

As long as the fans support it and sponsors stay on board, the NBL should never allow such a team to fold and people should ignore that rhetoric.

Can they improve and be more competitive next year, of course, it's every team's plan to do so, things happen and plans don't always come off but I for one want the NBL to consolidate and grow, with the Taipans not without them...

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