Last year

Knicks trade Porzingis to Dallas!

My head hurts from this trade. Why would the Knicks do this? Unless Durant has agreed behind the scenes to sign there as FA, but New Orleans would probably have taken this for Davis. Only thing is if they're completely tanking for Zion, but they're already in box seat with the Unicorn.
Quite possibly the dumbest trade ever.
Can see riots in New York over this.


Knicks receive:
Dennis Smith Jr.
Wes Matthews
DeAndre Jordan
Draft pick.

Mavericks receive:
Kristaps Porzingis
Courtney Lee
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Trey Burke

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Last year

Knicks going balls deep on this one.

This trade is all about the Knicks clearing cap space and having two max slots for next season.

They currently have the worst record in the league and big players in the Zion sweepstakes.

If they can pull of KD and Kyrie in FA and add Zion then the trade was worth it. If they don't, then they'll continue to suck for god only knows how long.

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Last year

If kp told them he wanted out, then they got max vaule and cleared cap space and kept their chances at a top pick. Not that bad really.

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Last year

Mavs fans must be laughing. What a rebuild. Doncic and kristaps. Build around them with quality role players and they're playing finals every year.

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Last year

You can't evaluate this trade until the summer when you see what they do with that cap space

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Last year

We can evaluate it from mavs viewpoint, and also that New York are taking a risk that they do land the fish they are after.

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Last year

KP will want to the max extension which is a huge risk with his injury history so perhaps NY rather gamble on free agents than KP's knees!

I like this trade for NY as it gives them flexibility but they need to hit on the FA's and it keeps them in the AD conversations if the land the number 1 pick!

Dallas can't get FA's so this is a smart play and you pair two guys who's games will compliment each other and are friends together with Dirk as mentor so if KP is healthy they are suddenly a very good team for the next 8 years out west!

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Last year

Does NY ever land the huge fish? :/

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Last year

The trade in isolation isn't terrible by the Knicks considering KP's well-documented discontent with management and an uncertain future heading into RFA. The problem is twofold from my perspective:

1. Apart from making a run at Kyrie Irving, how are the Knicks going to utilize this cap space? Probably by overpaying mid-level players.

2. KP was one of the few good draft/signings over the past decade, and they even managed to fuck this up. They might get Zion, but history suggests they'll make a mess of this rebuild too.

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Last year

Obviously Durant has given them assurances he's coming otherwise they would be mad to trade Porzingis. KP becomes redundant with Durant there and now they don't need to give KP a max contract and by clearing out Hardaway's ridiculous salary too they can sign a second big name.

Kyrie Irving has been saying lately how he regrets the way he acted towards LeBron in Cleveland and now understands how hard it is to lead a team. He could make the short trip to NY let Durant be the leader and he gets to soak up all adulation and sponsorship money being successful in NY would bring.

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Last year

I am a Duke fan and can understand the hype around Zion, he will be really good. The problem is, I think Ben Simmons is a better comparison than Lebron right now. Zion is taking more jumpers than Simmons ever did in college but they're completely uncontested because teams are happy with any outcome that keeps him out of the paint. He's really just taking them to try and convince NBA people that he can, rather than because they're good shots.

I don't think this trade hurts the Knicks, because all indications are that KP wasn't going to stay in New York and Hardaway's value is replaceable. But they need so much to go right from here for this to be the start of anything. They need to land the #1 pick (harder than it used to be via tanking), have Zion produce at the level of an All-NBA player inside of 3 years, and pick up 2 more All Stars in free agency.

It's a major coup for Dallas, who with Texas' favourable income tax situation, Dirk and Doncic, stand a great chance of getting KP to sign long-term for less than the max. He and Doncic immediately become one of the most dangerous pick and roll combos in the league. They also get rid of DeAndre Jordan who is terrible. It's a sell low on Smith Jr, but if they don't have confidence that he was going to be able to rehabilitate his value, who cares?

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Last year

Does Zion go number 1?

He can't shoot it well from 3 and isn't a great passer so what is he in the modern NBA? Not sure he is a lock despite the hype and amazing dunks!

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Last year

I think its a good trade for Knicks. If I was in charge I'd have looked to move Porzingis as well. With his body shape, he is highly likely to have repeat knee injuries.

They are 100% going for free agents. I suspect they know they have Durant locked in.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Knicks were destined for more years mediocrity with a questionable Porzingis and not a huge amount of money to spend in free agency. This was their only way out of the mire. Now they can control their own destiny with a fresh start

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Last year

I imagine a few teams will enquire about Deandre Jordan. I'd think the Knicks would be happy to move him as long as they get back expiring contracts plus an asset (pick).

Clippers might be an option. They've got a few expiring deals (Gortat, Boban, Milos) who could be packaged with a pick to get DJ. It would be interesting to see him end up back in LAC after finally going to Dallas

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Last year

I wish I had a dollar for every high profile FA that has been linked to the Knicks over the past decade. I think the only one to actually sign was Amare?

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Last year

Amare was stuffed by the time he got to NY unfortunately.
Will be interesting to see if they could get Durant and Irving plus high draft pick.

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Last year

Rescuing the Knicks could be the "redemption story" for KDs reputation the same way going back to Cleveland was for LeBron. There's really nothing left for KD to do in GSW beside add to titles, where he'll always end up one behind Steph anyways. Getting some success in NYC would be massive.

KD, Zion, Kyrie, Smith would be a good base to build around.

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Last year

lol @ everyone thinking they are going to get Zion & the #1 pick!

Knicks fortunes suggest someone else gets the #1 pick no matter what they do and if anyone is smart they draft Morant instead anyway.

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Last year

Knicks assembling point guards, ntikilina, mudiay and now Smith. Might get a 2nd rounder if lucky for previous 2. Rumour is Jordan may be bought out along with Matthews.
If the Knicks think they have Kd in the bag, wouldn't AD have been a target, not sure of salary cap logistics with getting Durant. Huge gamble to get rid of the 1st true young star for Knicks in god knows how long for not much more than salary cap room, even though meeting recently pointed to Porzingis asking for trade. Although even though they could miss Zion there's a couple other stars in draft.
Huge win for Mavs getting rid of Smith who didn't fit in future for all NBA talent. Best trade since Nowitzki for Tractor Traylor.

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Last year

Anon above I was right Durant is almost certainly locked in.

There is zero chance they did this without getting a back-channel nod from one of the elite free agents — almost certainly Kevin Durant — that he plans to sign with them.

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Last year

Some folks giving the Knicks far too much credit. They've done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt that there is some grand strategy in play here outside of swinging for the fences and hoping for the best.

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Last year

I hate the Knicks and generally speaking they've always been pretty incompetent but they're not silly enough to trade Porzingis on the chance they might land a big FA.

The Durant to NY in 2019 talk started last offseason before he even re-signed to the 1+1 year deal with the Warriors. As the journo above alluded to this trade confirms it's all but a done deal.

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Last year

We'll see, I guess. Still don't see it happening. Durant is dreaming if he thinks he'll find redemption with that train wreck of a franchise, IMO. Fully expected to see the Knicks left at the altar again, most likely after botching another lottery selection as well.

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Last year

"Does NY ever land the huge fish? :/"

Yes. Yes they do Greggo. His name was Eddy Curry!

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Last year

Who runs the point for the mavs?

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Last year

Guess they are happy with Brunson and Barea.

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Last year

Great deal for Dallas, which didn't have to give up anything for KP really.

The Knicks basically lose KP for Dennis Smith Jr, whom they could have drafted instead of Ntilikina two years ago anyway! On face value, it's not much for a talent like KP, but perhaps with concerns over his knee injury there wasn't much interest from other teams? If that's the case and KP did tell management he wants out, then I can understand why the Knicks decided to clear salary for a shot at next Summer's FA class, which is absolutely loaded if Leonard, Durant and Kyrie all opt out. Lets not forget that Cousins, Kemba, Butler and Thompson could also become available!

Anything could happen, but I don't think Durant signs with the Knicks unless he knows another big free agent has committed too. Even if the Knicks got Durant and Kyrie, they would still have their work cut out finding a good enough supporting cast to contend for a title.

As for Kyrie, I still think he resigns with Boston this Summer unless the Celtics flame out in the playoffs. He's on record as saying he wants to lead his own team to a title and he also very publicly told fans he wants to sign in Boston. Yes he's hit a few bumps in the road this season, but would he really give up on being the #1 guy that easily? It would be an embarrassing backflip if he decided to give up now and go back to being a sidekick for LeBron or KD! Especially when there is no guarantee the Knicks or Lakers would be any better than the Celtics!

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Captain Jack  
Last year

The buzz is that this trade is a signal the the Knicks are getting KD and Kyrie,

Kyrie has also back tracked on his ím staying statement too

Its only buzz, but probably shouldnt be completely ignored, and often works out to be true or close to it (ie LeBron to lakers buzz for 18months before it actually happened) unless we really beleive clubs and players actually wait until July 1st to work out who they are signing with

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Captain Jack  
Last year

From Dallas point of view great trade if they can get KP fit and firing

Doncic and KP is a great duo to build your club around

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