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NBL - Who should retire after this season?

Seems to me that there are a few players who should have been good enough to keep playing but under-performed (Abercrombie, Cedric?), some who should have been ready to retire but are still too good to (Andersen, Barlow?), and a few who just won't get there no matter how long (Smith-Milner, Hire?)

Forgetting about the imports, who do you think should move over to let some younger talent get their chance?

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Years ago

Majok Majok

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Years ago

Can't judge Majok on a season he’s been given no chances in. Needs to change environment.

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Taipan Ray  
Years ago

Alex Loughton, Nathan Jaiwai, Lucas Walker, and get rid of CEO Mark Beecroft.

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Years ago

Brendan Teys?

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Years ago

Vukona is 36 but still has another year to go on contract.
Loughton to retire.
Andersen is good enough to play on despite his age.
Barlow is good enough to play on.
Wagstaff, Jervis and Hire all could and should retire.

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Jesse Wagstaff says Hi

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Years ago

Coenraad good enough to play a few more years I think, especially with how he plays. No idea what his contract status is but I think he's the kind of player the new team should look at to fill out their roster.

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Years ago

Vaughn Mayberry

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Years ago

Loughton you'd expect will retire.

Walker is an interesting one.

Andersen and Barlow deserve new contracts and I think they'll get them.

Vukona has a year left.

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Years ago

Shane heal from Commentary

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Years ago

I second Heal from commemtary.

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Years ago

I'll third that

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Years ago

Damo, 2 seasons ago at least.

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Years ago

David Wear, Cedric Jackson, Kevin White and Jordiar Jett should retire from professional basketball.

Retirees from the NBL Loughton, Kenney, Walker, Mitch Young

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Years ago


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Years ago

Shawn Kemp

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Years ago

With at least eight places on the new team and probably five to ten retirees and sackings, their will be a few more spots available, hopefully one or two dp get promoted.

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Years ago

Majok Majok might be a good fit for Sixers. I know we prefer a faster running style but sometimes when things aren't going well or against certain match up's he could be a good option.

Vaughn Mayberry and Michael Aylen should retire

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Years ago

Joey wright
Bj johnson

Tony Parker
Pau gasol

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Years ago

Lucas Walker

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Years ago

Keyboard warriors who know nothing but salt and arm-chair critique.
Stick to tidying your room or basement for your mummies....

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Years ago

Andrew Gaze

Then you have bunch of guys who should retire, but who knows:

Adam Doyle
Brendan Teys
Adam Gibson
Mika Vukona
Jarrod Kenny
Lucas Walker
Alex Loughton
Kevin White
Tim Coenraad
Cedric Jackson
David Andersen
Josh Boone
Jordan Nagatai
Majok Majok
Armani Moore
Greg Hire
Tom Jervis
Jesse Wagstaff
Ray Turner

But obviously we'd never shed that many players in a single season, and with a new team entering its going to be even harder. What we could do is see significant movement.

I think Cairns really screwed up this season, going for so many veterans at the expense of youth.

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Years ago

Troy Georgiou

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

Cairns Taipans

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Years ago

Alex Loughton just announced his retirement.

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Years ago

So many hero's making faceless calls. None with any rational. It’s good to see such a wonderful supportive basketball community. No wonder we continue to eat our own.

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

I meant Cairns Taipans the whole club should retire! 10 team comp in 2 years, loose Cairns, add Phoenix, Hobart and Wellington.

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Years ago

Why would you replace a small market team like Cairns with a small market team from Hobart? And do not say Tasmania because the divide between north and south is ridiculous.

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Melbourne Boy  
Years ago

The owners have a plan and are prepared to spend money, and I'd say the potential fanbase of the Southern Huskies is at minimum double that of Cairns.

Hobart also has a bigger population even when you don't include any support from the north, which even though there is a divide they wouldn't be totally ignored up there with groundwork amongst fans.

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Years ago

Australia does not have many big markets to choose from.

Newcastle, Canberra, Gold Coast have already failed and don't seem to have much interest to rejoin.
Perth/WA & Adel/SA with large basketball communities/markets, aren't voicing kick-it-to-me promos for 2nd teams.

Where else?

NZ, yes, definately. Sydney, yes, but not for a few more years. We're already getting Phoenix. Then what?

Just about has to be a small market team, doesn't it?

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Years ago

Hopefully equalisation money goes to the smaller markets, Sydney and Melbourne, even Perth have spent lots coin over the last few seasons which should keep all sides viable. A stable ten, eleven team competition would be fantastic.
Phoniex will be spending big dollars as well.

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

Hobart can't get 3000 to an AFL game Yarra Boy.
Will be 1800 at best for the furry dogs after the first few games!

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Years ago

Drmic should stick to SEABL

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Years ago

Wasn't any good at seabl, premier league is where it’s at.

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