Two months ago

Who loses to Melbourne in the GF?

Its sad that's what we're reduced to, but we really need to start looking at this like the Americas cup (before A2), where the realy winner was whomever won the Challenger series, before the NYYC cheated them out of a fair crack at the Auld Mug.

I almost hope my team doesn't make it, because watching them lose to a bunch of cheats would be too frustrating.

I actually thought that after the embarrassment of last year, LK might pull his head in, be satisfied with his flag, and try to restore some credibility to the league. But no, seems his ass is still hurting from watching Perth go back to back.

How do they expect anyone overseas to ever take our league seriously? "Well yes we have a Professional League, but its owned by one guy who also owns one of the teams and he makes up the rules as he goes along to ensure his team wins."

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Two months ago

To be fair - doesn't he own 2 of the teams?

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Jack Toft  
Two months ago

I think you'll find LK's share of United is down to 25%

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Two months ago

PLease provide that info. I know about the media owner but that's all.

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Two months ago

If United finishes on top and Brisbane ends up 4th, there'll be some very nervous United fans

Much the same for Sydney fans if Sydney finishes on top and Adelaide sneaks into 4th

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Two months ago

What an absurd thread. You scream 'i'm a butthurt fan'

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Two months ago

Regardless of how you look at it, he makes a valid point.

Even if he owns 1% of united along w the league,
It is wrong.

Larry and league preach professionalism tho...yeah ok

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Two months ago

"Butthurt", what a ridiculous phrase, you sound like a moron.

Right up there with other often used phrases on this site, like "Beast mode" and "Lemonass".

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Melbourne Boy  
Two months ago

LK would be hoping for United vs Brisbane 1 vs 4, I can't imagine the negativity if his two teams were playing off in the GF in the league he owns!

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Two months ago

As long as Aelaie are elmiinated I don't give a shit who wins. They are a pathetic role model for our youth

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Two months ago

^^ And your poor spelling is almost as pathetic.

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Two months ago

Now he's got United their first title it might be Sydney that get looked after next I reckon. He'll want Melbourne and Sydney markets to be as popular as possible.

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Two months ago

The salty tears are unbelievable. Some no ideas writing on here.

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Two months ago

United are definitely beatable, but they are also easily the strongest team. I was pretty pissed off with the initial conflict of interest when it all began, now it just seems the norm ad no-one seems to question the legitimacy of that side of things.

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Two months ago

It's a bit funny that the thread is about fear of Melbourne when there's another team that has three imports, a Next Stars import, a naturalised Lisch, Newley and frickin' Andrew Bogut. And it's presumed they can't coach themselves past the shortcomings of Gaze to make the finals series anything but a foregone conclusion.

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Two months ago

What a pathetic thread, considering Melbourne are equal on wins with 2 other teams.

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Two months ago

Considering how close the league is this year, I don't understand where OP's views are coming from. We already know Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are in the finals but whoever makes the 4th spot could make the GF still.

"^^ And your poor spelling is almost as pathetic."
I think that one went straight over your head. There's no "D" in "Aelaie" hehe

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Two months ago

"It's a bit funny that the thread is about fear of Melbourne when there's another team that has three imports, a Next Stars import, a naturalised Lisch, Newley and frickin' Andrew Bogut."

You forgot Boomers Kicket, and champion Adnam, and MVP Wilson.

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Two months ago

Anon, yeah, Kickert too. And I expected Wilson to be a 8-10ppg player, but Adnam has done very well to extinguish his opportunities.

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Two months ago

OP should wait and see if Melbourne make the GF final first before declaring them certain champs, they needed all five games and a lot of luck to get over Adelaide last season. They're hardly a dominant side only a cigarette paper separating them Perth & Sydney.

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Two months ago

And they had a better team last season too.

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Two months ago

United has been very clutch this season

Lots of close games and they've won most of them.

4 overtime games and the only one they lost was due to a dodgy call. They've also had some incredibly close wins in regulation games where they've won by a single possession. Yes, they've lost some close ones too but they've won most.

If they'd won 2 out of 4 overtime games instead of 3 out of 4, and lost one other tight regulation game, they'd be 14-10 instead of 16-8 and most people would be tipping a Sydney vs Perth grand final.

Based on the entire season to date, there's almost nothing separating Sydney, Perth and United, and the closeness of many of the games between those three teams illustrate this point.

In other words, this thread is a bit presumptuous. About as smart as the threads two weeks ago claiming that Perth was a certainty to miss the playoffs.

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Two months ago

Very succinct lv..

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Two months ago

And I think it's near impossible to pick a winner this season.

United and Perth have proven coaches, with Vickerman and Gleeson winning the last 5 championships between them.

United and Perth also have proven groups who have demonstrated they can win together under pressure. 4 of United's main 6 rotation players are reigning champions. (And one of the others is a guy who has won 4 tournament championships in a row and has an accomplished resume from some of the world's elite comps). Meanwhile Perth has plenty of players who have won championship/s in Perth under Gleeson- Cotton, Martin, Brandt, Jervis, Wagstaff, Hire.

Ordinarily I'd say this makes United and Perth slight favorites.

Except, the other of the Big 3 has probably the greatest NBL lineup ever assembled on paper.

So, take your pick. This playoffs will be epic. And I wouldn't even count out the Bullets, either. They're my pick to sneak into 4th. And they've beaten United 3 times in a row, and hold a 2-2 record against Perth with one of the losses being a buzzer beater special by Cotton.

Adelaide I could see pulling off an unlikely semi final upset (esp against Sydney) but I don't rate their chances of winning a best of 5. D is too suspect and their weaknesses would be exposed in a lengthy series.

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Two months ago

FWIW, here are the records in games played this season against each other, for the current top 4:


Melbourne 6 3 +45
Perth 5 4 +21
Sydney 3 7 -52
Adelaide 5 5 +9

Sydney and Adelaide are both 2-4 against the top two teams.

Of course, swap Adelaide for Brisbane and Sydney go to 6-4 and +3. They really don't want to meet either Adelaide or Melbourne in a finals series.

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Two months ago

I'm not convinced about United's supremacy over the Kings. United dominated the first meeting.

Match up 2 was very tight and Casper won it on the buzzer.

Match up 3 Sydney led for most of the game but United got them late, winning by 5.

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Two months ago

I should add, although United dominated the first meeting they still only won by 7.

So United is 3-0 but with an average winning margin of 4 points. Hardly convincing.

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Two months ago

"Lots of close games and they've won most of them"

Yeah, funny that.

Have people really forgotten last year already? Hard to recall another recent event where a team has been so blatantly robbed as Adelaide.

They learnt from previous years and made sure Melbourne got top spot.

As for Sydney, yes I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to engineer a Melbourne v Sydney GF, I just don't know how blatantly they'll cheat to achieve it.

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Two months ago

#541 lmao

Surely you can't believe a word you wrote there. Melbourne got top spot last season with two rounds left to play.
Adelaide should not have choked the year before against Illawarra and they would’ve had a title.
So very bitter.

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