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Last year

Coach of the year nominees announced

Lindsay Gaze Trophy- NBL Coach of the Year

Kevin Braswell
Dean Vickerman
Andrew Gaze
Mike Kelly
Andrej Lemanis
Trevor Gleeson
Joey Wright
Rob Beveridge

LMAO. At least cut it down to four nominees.

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Last year

There's 3 rounds left, but surely if it were decided today it'd be between Gleeson and Wright.

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Last year

2 rounds I mean

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Last year

And Bevo.

Gleeson, Wright, Bevo.

They're the three contenders, pending results over the few games for each team.

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Last year

Not sure many of them have a convincing case this year.

Wright had a bit of upheaval but is middle of the pack and been inconsistent. Gleeson added two major local recruits and has wobbled at times. Gaze kept and got big names, struggled in passages too. Kelly has a woeful record. Braswell second last. Vickerman replaced any losses and did OK. Lemanis has a case - dodged a bad import signing, brought Hodgson along. Bevo might have the best case because I was expecting a dismal record for them.

Last few games might be enough to tip someone over the edge.

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Last year

The Wildcats start was amazing, considering the injuries they had. They had up to 3 players out at once and they kept winning. In a league as tight as the NBL, that was great. Respect where it's due. They stumbled through mid season but have recovered and are top 2. Certainly United haven't had comparable injuries

Nick Kay has consistently lived up to his potential this season. Gleeson gets some credit for that.

So Gleeson is my pick right now.

But the door is open for Wright or Bevo if either of their teams can snatch 4th spot.

Alternatively, if Sydney or United dominate the last few games and finish clear on top, beating Perth and Perth drops to 3rd, then perhaps Vickerman or Gaze will get the nod.

I agree- it's not clear cut. But Gleeson in the lead for mine.

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Last year

And this coming from a self confirmed Wildcats hater and someone who's not a fan of Gleeson at all. But you can't deny they're sitting 16-9 with Cotton, Brandt, Martin, White, Norton all missing multiple game stretches at various times and sometimes all together. That's impressive.

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Last year

Well not *all together but they did have several games with 2 or 3 players out.

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Last year

Very uninspiring choices, but here are my picks with 2 rounds left:

#3 Gleeson - less talent than Syd/Melb but right up there as title contenders.

#2 Lemanis - I expected better results record-wise, but he has done well to navigate so much roster turnover during the season.

#1 Bevo - I thoroughly dislike how Illawarra have played for the majority of the season and don't agree with their recruiting decisions... but they're somehow still in the finals hunt despite the talent deficit (and I assume far stingier budget than all but Cairns).

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Last year

We all know it shouldn't be, but I can see the NBL giving the award to Gaze just for making finals.

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Last year

If Illawarra clinch the 4th spot (unlikely but still), Bevo will be Coach of the Year in my books. Got that squad a lot further than anyone expected lol

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Last year

Cannot disagree with the opinios above, all the reasoning is good.

I just want to add some quedos for Lemanis.

New franchise 3 years ago. 1st year could be called a "Kelly 2018/19 season." That, in spite of being propped up by NBL (LK). Had some budget and a fair bit of (other?)help, I'm sure. Started bottom and maintained that throughout the season.
2nd season, no better. Still retained the wooden one.
In his 3rd season, Brings his team to all-season threat to every team and title contender.

Gleeson, is a strange case for me. Yes! His team suffered several and key injuries and some happened at the same time (up tp 3 out at once).
From memory, their slide started AFTER that. When they were healthy, again.
So they win some tough games WITH key injuries and lose with a full roster. Ok, you have to re-integrate players into rotations etc, but, in reality, they are sill struggling to be the team they were, early this season, and what they have always been. Gleeson has a great record and has shown his calibre. But for me, not this year. Fact is, I thought that he was showing some staleness throughout.

Bevo- tick. Lost his best locals, recruiting questionable but proving ok within budget constraints. Has developed his players well, especially the youngsters, and don't we all love that? However, I honestly don't expect anything less from him.

Vickerman - tick. He is also the riegning champ and we all know about back-to-back campaigns.

Gaze - In charge of Porsche and took it all the way to VW.

Wright - Don't think he achieved what he wanted with his team, this season. I don't mean a championship. Every one wants that.
I mean either his team did not follow his directions or his directions were the wrong ones????
This year, he is contending with Lemanis & Bevo for 4th spot, both on the way up (from past seasons) and Joey has stagnated around middle of table, even reached the GF from there Last season. A repeat (making the GF) this year may change my mind.

Braswell - Rookie. Say no more

Kelly - Rookie. Say no more

Nothing more to say (for now!).

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Last year

Sydney Kings return to the playoffs for first time in ages......has to be Gaze receiving the gaze trophy......

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Last year

I'd vote for Bevo. Bevo always does well with a budget team however has done extremely well this season with the loss of good locals and questionable imports.

However I think the award will go to Gaze, unfortunately

Are all NBL coaches nominated every season? Silly, if that's the case.

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Last year

Bevo for me too. I don't think he'll win it (and I fear Gaze *will*) but he's the most deserved. Give Gaze that squad and we are probably 2-23 right now.

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Last year

Bogut has clearly been the best coach this year...taken Sydney back to the playoffs after 6 seasons.

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Last year

with the way Joey acts how is he even in this topic Adelaide must be something wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahah

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Last year

^Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

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Last year

Kelly. COTY. Hahahaha
Just give him a participation medal please. That is an insult to every other NBL Coach.

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Last year

I would love for Bogut to win Coach of the Year because of what it implies.

Bevo...I don't think a coach with a negative record should win COTY.

Wright.....Nominated NBL Villain, not allowed to win anything but Techs and ejections.

Lemanis, Kelly, Gaze, Braswell...no no no no.

Leaves Gleeson and Vickerman.

They are both equal I think, I would lean towards Vickerman :
- whose team has been more consistent.
- for making Barlow useful.

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Last year

They've lost the plot with these nominations.

MVP nominees list isn't all that much better but at least it doesn't include literally every player.

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Last year

"Just give him a participation medal please.“

That's exactly what they did with 8 nominations from 8 franchises.

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Last year

The probably only had 7 nominations.

But someone from the HR dept said that would be discrimination.

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Last year

Vickerman or Bevo for mine.

Vickerman's done a great job with United at the top of the ladder and championship favourite despite an inferior roster to last season. Bevo has done an outstanding job with a roster that looked like a dog's breakfast and somehow has them in playoff contention.

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Last year

The shortlist is a bit of a joke...

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Last year

If Gaze gets it, I am entering a Monastery and will remain there until he's dead.

Obvious candidate is Lemanis, I'd say he's a shoe-in if Brissy make the finals

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Last year

Hoping for a Gaze win

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Last year


"If Gaze gets it, I am entering a Monastery and will remain there until he's dead."

Let's hope there is no internet access in there more importantly.

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