Wendy Byrd
Last year

Do the broadcasters need to calm down?

Just had a thought that maybe the casual fan doesn't like the over enthusiastic style that seems to be common amongst the broadcast teams. I understand that generally speaking, showing enthusiasm and passion is a good thing, but when we are constantly reminded what an amazing and incredible league this is, maybe it has the used car salesman feel or gives off a scent of an inferior product.

I keep being reminded how many overtime periods we've seen and "see incredible" seems to be every second sentence spoken.

I don't mind commentators getting excited when it's warranted, but the non stop sales pitch might wear on the casual fan. In the NBA or AFL they're not afraid to say "this if an average game".

Or how unbelievable Chris Goulding is at he goes through another sub 40% shooting night.

Your thoughts?

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Last year

simple answer

Direction from the league!!

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Last year

Does the league need to direct the commentators to calm down then?

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Last year

I like how today they described the terrible low scoring first half as (something along the lines of) "two heavy weights just testing each other out over the first couple of rounds" lmao

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Last year

today was bloody awful.

Wortho - MUTE

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Last year

Obviously the me MGs are excitement machines. Commentators get to drive them, and are still excited when they arrive at work.

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Last year

I've had no problems with it all year, if ther is a commentator I don’t like, just hit mute button, some people just like to whine. :(

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Last year

The broadcasters are fine as are the COMMENTATORS.

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Last year

"You'd be fun at parties"

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Last year

During ILL-NZB just now again Heal pretends that he's jealous of Tragardh having an MG. Earlier today during CNS-BNE Tragardh kept going on about his new car. Argh.

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Last year

Shane Heal is CLEARLY the agent for Weeks Webster and Froling - my god he bangs on about those guys on his call

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Last year

Smart agent eh.

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Last year

Probably Naar s agent as well. Cadee also.

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Last year

Only froling and weeks. Webster sacked him a few seasons back.

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Last year

First World problems, want a monotonous drone throughout? Better to have commentary you don't like than no games broadcast like just recently.

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Last year

People that say to just mute it if you dont like it are kind of missing the point. Nobody should have to mute it in order to enjoy the game and that type of suggestion is a cop out.

The commentators have beem quite poor this year and the overall broadcast needs an improvement. I agree that there is too much unnecessary hype over things that dont deserve it, but its important to not be boring either. Has to be a better balance.

I find watching NBL games to be quite difficult when comparing it to any other sport largely because the commentators are not great. Too much forced hype, cringy cliches, old dad jokes, lack of actual analysis, boring banter and going on and on about cheeseburgers are just some of the things you can guarantee in every game.

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Last year

going on and on about cheeseburgers

Tragardh kept going on about his new car

Probably part of the sponsorship deal that there have to be multiple mentions on each broadcast. Chemist Warehouse is also mentioned frequently.

Coincidence? I think not...

Commentary doesn't bother me. I'm quite sure that there are viewers of other sports who can't stand the commentators there either. Personal taste, and what you do about it is up to you, whether you turn it off or tune it out.

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Last year


you say the commentary has been poor but while I don't agree with all they say I like it. So if you don’t like it use the mute button or watch other sports where the commentary is normally absolute rubbish with more biases than the basketball.

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Cats for life  
Last year

Just appreciate that we have every game live to watch! You can see you're team play every game! Don't care who commentators are really.

Can't like them all even in other code's but would rather listen to shit and watch my team play than not having nothing at

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Last year

I mute - I can't stand verbal diarrhoea from turkeys who feel they need to make the ordinary sound extraordinary.

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Last year

Thats the whole point though. You shouldnt have to mute. Maybe improve the coverage? I know you cant please everyone but for me the commentating has been awful on a consistent basis.

For those that like the commentary - what do you like about it? Interested to hear.

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Last year

Firstly I don't have any issue with product placement in my entertainment so talking about MG or Hungry Jack's or even First Ever doesn't worry me... if it keeps all the teams in the league then it's worth it.

As for the commentators themselves...

Dwayne Russell = too biased and over the top
Nathan Strempel = too reserved and I don't like his voice enough.
Hugh Greenwood = still isn't comfortable enough in this role as you don't hear him much.
Simon Kerle = needs to find his identity more as he goes missing in games (maybe I want the bad boy of the NBL in full force)
Allison Arriotti (I think is her name) = although she has a real 'Mum' vibe to her she does well but is a little too biased about 'her Brisbane'.
Liam Santamaria = tries so hard to be unbiased and the man for every team but his love of United really shines through when Dwayne Russell is also going off about his love of United... needs third man on commentary to play the 'heel' like in wrestling and speak about the opposition.
Wortho = I love his banter with Trigger and I love how he has gone into the crowd and interviewed fans and he seems really comfortable in his role.

Overall I love that we have 3 man commentary booths as you hear different voices throughout the commentary and if they all add something different then it's fun to listen to but I don't want to watch United leading by double figures and all the commentators getting hard over Goulding just catching the ball... will be fascinating to see how they react to Phoenix games.

I'd also like if we had a sideline commentator at every game like channel 10 had with Melissa Marsh for several games and if it's Fox reporters or ex WNBL players then great... I feel it misses something when we have an injury or what other coaches have said during time outs.

Surely it's time Matt McQuade was given a few games as I thought he had done great in pre-season games

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Last year

Hoopie - I'm with you. I mute the commentary as it is distracting and does little to improve my perception of how the contest is evolving.

Many people would have listened to the commentary of Heal & some general hack in the infamous Aust Vs Phil basketbrawl game. Heal was too busy recounting the grand 'ol days of bball in the 90s to pay attention to the rising tensions in that game. His sidekick was too busy reading cue cards. A couple of minutes before the blow up I mentioned to my daughter that the situation was dangerous, muted the commentary and just watched.

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