Two years ago

Should Perth be the favourites now?

It's been apparent for a while that 3 teams were going to be in contention. Perth have certainly got the easier of the SF series. Brisbane will give them a run, but with a GF berth on the line I think the Cats will do it, and probably in 2 games.

It will be interesting to see how a 5 game series unfolds, alternating between Perth and Melbourne/Sydney. The HAHAH is really going to screw with the teams.

Normally at this part of the season, we start talking about Perth's ageing legs, but its really only Martin we need to worry about. Whereas you'd think it will be tougher on the others.

Gotta be honest, I still feel that on balance Melbourne are the better team, but the fact is that Perth did what they needed to do to secure top spot, and that gives them a massive advantage. They've also finished stronger.

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Two years ago

Perth are favorites cos they have home court advantage. And the foul stats show that home court advantage means more in Perth than it does anywhere else. So does Perth's WL record over there

In the two most recent finals series involving teams I follow, every single game went to the home teams

Dragons d Tigers 3-2 2009
United d 36ers 3-2 2018

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Two years ago

In fact, I'll call this now and let's revisit this in 3 weeks

Game 5, Perth wins 86-83 vs United

Perth 11 fouls
United 19 fouls

Cotton 2 trips to the foul line after incidental, very minor contact by the defender as Cotton jumps forward, before flinging himself backwards after a jump shot

A couple of contentious block/charge calls going Perth's way late

Gleeson to ride the refs like it's the Omeo rodeo and spend half the game on the court

That will be par for the course.

United or Sydney could well win but Perth became favorites the moment Ware's shot rimmed out and United lost to Cairns

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Two years ago

"United lost to Cairns"

Sorry about that :)

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Two years ago

Who cares anymore ?

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Two years ago

I think Sydney are still the team to beat but Perth will be extremely tough to beat throughout the playoffs, even on the road.

Sydney 3-1 Perth is my guess

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Two years ago

LV, you are a whiny little bitch.

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

Until there is a "mystery virus" that affects them

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Two years ago

Sydney can't win a five game series against Perth, to much travel for the old guys. It’s Perth to lose and they don’t lose many.

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Two years ago

Perth are no guarantee to even get past Brisbane
I really believe that this is anyone's title

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Two years ago

Brisbane is a better chance than their $12 odds.

They're 2-2 vs Perth and one of those was a Cotton buzzer beater.

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Two years ago

LV - nice write up, sorry but your predictions lose credibility when you fail to mention bubbles flopping so many times during a 5 game series he has to retire due to buttocks bruising and wtf face fatigue.

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Two years ago

Melbournes form has been average lately i cant see them getting past sydney. And i agree with above posters that brisbane wont be easy beats either. I question whether they can hit their perimeter shots under the finals pressure and in perth. The advantage perth have is HCA which is massive but a series win is no certainty

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Two years ago

Don't Brisbane own the biggest win at RAC Arena by an away team?

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Two years ago

Perth to beat Sydney 3-1 in the GF

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Two years ago

"Brisbane is a better chance than their $12 odds. "

Might as well be $500, still a waste of money.
(Unless Perth get more injuries)

Perth beating Brisbane is the one result I would put money on.

I would love to see a Perth v Sydney GF.
Watch the Real MVP and DPOTY in action.

Watch LK try to keep a straight face whilst presenting Bogut with the Finals MVP award, after Angus has owned his arse for 4 games straight, and after the Kings have been rolled like a fat kid down a hill.

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Two years ago

Brisbane will not lie down.

And if Trash Cadee and Gliddon fire together with Patterson, it's going to be tough for the Wildcats.

Perth are already playing very well but have injuries, I think Brisbane has a couple of notches to go.

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Two years ago

Hahaha beefy isn't going to own Bogut for 4 games straight! He's played well against him the last two meetings yes but hes been insipid the rest of the season

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Two years ago

Lv, prather sobey headbut. No hc for united??? Why don't yoi ask why players haven't scouted cotton well enough to know he always moves forward on his three, his shooting motion is consistent as it comes, don't go under the shooter. Yeah sure he has had a couple he probably shouldn't have gotten but chris "somebody shot me" goulding has had more and carrys om waaaaaaay more. He has to be the onky guy that flopped and got called for the offensive foul. But i assume you think that call was wrong too???

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Two years ago

"if Trash Cadee and Gliddon fire together"

It won't matter anyway, because we'll know the apocalypse is coming.

Brisbane have faded badly. Won what was it, 2 of their last 7?
(And one of those was a gimme against NZ)

But yes, for Perth it depends on injuries. I believe White's wrist is "ok" and was simply rested against MU, but if they lose him or any of their starters, they'll be in trouble.

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Two years ago

Perth's to lose

Was Melbournes before they couldn't beat Cairns at home.

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Two years ago

"They're 2-2 vs Perth and one of those was a Cotton buzzer beater. "

Was that the game where Perth were missing White and Martin, and then Brandt went down early in the first half?

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Two years ago

yes perth should win from here

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Two years ago

Perth can lose to Brisbane if they don't defend the 3pt shot properly, they waxed us for our first loss, Te Rangi even hit something like 5 treys in that game. Can't let Bullets catch fire from outside, I'm sure we will lock it down though.

Can't see any scenario bar the refs of United losing to Kings.

United are the one team in the league IMO that doesn't need home court advantage to win a 5 game series so as a Cats fan I don't feel like we're outright favourites.

Cats 2-0 Bullets
United 2-1 Kings
Cats 3-2 United

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Two years ago

Norton could be a surprise inclusion subject to a fitness test. Will be good to give Damo a bit of a break, but hope we still roll Damo max minutes.

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