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LeBron toxic?

Brought this subject up before when he was at cavs. Sure he brought a championship there, but at what cost. And controversy surrounds it anyway with conspiracy theories league wanted to get him win over gsw, that's another subject.
What was the cost to Cleveland, lose Kyrie and mortgage future. This season shows it's pretty easy to take team to playoffs in East as opposed to West.
Now in LA it's turned into absolute sideshow, coach undermined and fired before being told by magic who quits via media because too scared to tell Buss. Pelinka is hated throughout league, Jerry West openly laughs how he fleeced them in a trade. The whole Anthony Davis farce orchestrated by Pop alienates team who are told they all will be traded for Davis to satisfy LeBron to get another superstar. Leonard doesn't want to go there and Butler happy in Philadelphia. Kyrie and KD looking to team up in New York. LeBron can't even get guys to join him on Space Jam 2 ffs!!! Clippers look like the stable franchise in Los Angeles. Russell an all star, Randle a solid player and Lopez playing great in Milwaukee. Bright spot for Lakers is Javale having career year.
So what next for Lakers, bring in a yes man as coach for LeBron? Watch while free agents shun him, young players resentful because of him wanting trade. Amazing how probably best player in world has reduced a storied franchise into the ground because of his diva actions. Might as well get Lavar to be new GM.

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Earlier this year

Didn't realise the Lakers were killing it before he rocked up lol

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Earlier this year

Was waiting for this one. Anything that happens in the realm of Lebron is considered his fault these days. Coach, president changes happen all the time without blame put on the players. To put it simply, Magic said if they don't make the playoffs in 3 years he’ll step down. It’s been 3 years, he stepped down.

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Earlier this year

Le Bron injured for a portion of the season, always difficult to get the balance and games style sorted with major changes in the roster, every team has this. And this has been a losing organisation for some time now hanging on to Kobe for so long and making it all about him !! Maybe thats where the issues have laid for some time. And then there is the coach and the other players they have taken on or kept. And the admistration, the community culture, its LA !

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Lebron signed on for 4 years, and year 1 the team had plenty of injuries

Lebron, Ingram, Ball, Rondo all missed at least 1/3rd of the season. Kuzma missed 12 games, Hart missed 15 games, Stephenson 14.

Caldwell Pope played 82 games and no one else played more than 75 (McGee played 75).

Give them another year before passing judgement on the Lebron to LA move.

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Earlier this year

LeBron GOAT in my opinion, I'll even take second behind Jordan to stop the arguments, every side would want him.

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Earlier this year

In fact I'm fairly sure Lakers had a winning record and were in the playoff standings until Lebron went down in late December.

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Earlier this year

The Lakers have to deal with the Lavar Ball sideshow too.

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Earlier this year

Lebron as coach was doing the rounds on the insta world last week. I actually think it's a better than 500:1 chance as advertised on betting sites.

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Earlier this year

I'm not sure that he's toxic, but I imagine the team-builders around him (coaches, etc) are a little deferential, and that LeBron either merely expresses his opinion or fancies it with respect to assembling a team. This combination would give him a lot of influence. His game is supreme, but maybe his team-building is less-so.

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Earlier this year

LBJ is not toxic, but he has traits that people can interpret as toxic.

Overall the man wants to win, that is a good start.

In the last few years however :
- His defensive effort has dropped off during the regular season. Focusing on the offensive end.
- He is prone to being frustrated with team mates openly.
- This year sitting far down the bench is a newer trait though.

Clashes with coaches (Spo), ignoring plays, and demdnign players has always been there and he has been able to win with those traits.

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Earlier this year

All this talk about no one wanting to play with LeBron is comical.

Remember Paul George saying publicly he's open to signing with the Cavs IF LeBron commits???

What about Anthony Davis??
Was honest with the Pelicans and stated he wants L.A. and LeBron and will ultimately get there one way or the other.

Also there are 100s of analyst these days all trying to justify their jobs. Everyone has a scoop and LeBron is click bait. That can be toxic as everything the team does is in the spotlight.

This is just the world we live in where every one has an opinion and can voice it over the internet.
Imagine if Facebook and Instagram were around when MJ was playing??

He would travel to Atlantic City to gamble during playoff series, stay up till 2 the night before a game and play 36 holes of golf before games. He was critical of his team and also physically and verbally abusive during the Chicago days.

Lakers have nearly $50,000,000 to spend this summer. Can’t wait to see who comes to town to team up with King James

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For me, the David Blatt situation at the Cavs revealed LeBron's toxic attitude. He is the best player of his generation, but his attitude is terrible.

Now the Lakers have fired coach Walton and are considering two candidates that have strong links to LeBron. No wonder nobody wants to join him in LA.

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Earlier this year

Despite all of that Jordan won championships, can't remember a bad championship game.
Can't trust LeBron,if Davis comes and doesn't perform, LeBron will throw him under bus. And suddenly Lue is a candidate, only reason he's there is he's a LeBron flunkie.
And Walton found out he was a goner when he heard LeBron, magic and Pelinka had a meeting to fire him.
One of greatest players of all times but toxic. Leaves Cleveland to join superteam, when they start to slip does the big "coming home" because they suddenly have pieces. Karma he struggles in LA, hope he never makes playoffs and kills him from GOAT debates!

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Earlier this year

When an NBA team's season ends the players normally have exit interviews with the coach, LeBron had his exit interview with Magic & Pelinka instead of Walton which sums him up perfectly. He and the Lakers deserve each other.

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