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Last year

Crevelli threatens legal action vs Bogut!

It seems Vince has not taken boguts comments too kindly!

It has a paywall but comments were pretty much Bogut saying he wouldnt believe too much of what Crevelli has to say regarding United's claim of an historic offer turned down by Casper Ware.

Crevelli has since said legal action is possible.

Am I missing something? Legal action?
Or is this PR smoke after losing their best player?

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Last year

Can someone actually get the whole article up, but I'd believe Bogut at this stage, not all happy it seems at seasons end in the United camp.

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Last year

A high stakes feud has erupted between two of the NBL's biggest clubs after Andrew Bogut cast doubt over the legitimacy of Melbourne United’s offer to new Sydney Kings star Casper Ware.

Ware, who led United to its first NBL championship, rejected what Melbourne officials claimed to be the "biggest offer" in franchise history to sign a multi-year deal with the glamour Kings.




Casper Ware started last season as Andrew Bogut’s rival. He’s now his teammate. Picture: Getty Images
But the outspoken Kings marquee Bogut, who Melbourne missed on last year after its negotiations fell through with the NBA champion, questioned the validity of United chief Vince Crivelli’s claim.

“They claim that they offered him (Ware) their biggest deal in the history of their club, which I wouldn’t really believe, coming from their CEO, but we just felt that he was on the table,” Bogut told the Herald Sun from the US.

“We were shocked at it, to be honest, that he was still available, that he wasn’t wrapped up immediately when free agency opened or even had conversations and, from what we heard, he hadn’t.”

Ware and Bogut went head-to-head in last season’s playoffs. Picture: AAP

United boss Vince Crivelli has taken umbrage at Bogut’s comments. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis
Crivelli was contacted about Bogut’s allegations but the blindsided United boss did not wish to comment publicly.

The Herald Sun was told Crivelli intends to take up the matter privately with Bogut and could explore legal options.

Less than a year ago, talks with Bogut to join the then-reigning champions Melbourne broke down after the club’s terms included the prospect of controlling his intellectual property.

Melbourne-born Golden State Warrior Bogut went on to sign a two-year deal with the Kings, which included a lucrative stake in the franchise.

Bogut is spending the NBL off-season trying to win another NBA title with the Golden State Warriors. Picture: AP
Bogut’s Kings were beaten by United in the playoffs but, after swiping Ware and Craig Moller last week, the NBL’s most valuable player has stoked the cross-border rivalry.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell (5) shoots under Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut during the second half of Game 2 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Oakland, Calif., Monday, April 15, 2019. (Kyle Terada/Pool Photo via AP)
Bogut pledges to return for Kings
Bogut pledges to return for Kings
Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid passes the ball around Brooklyn Nets guard Treveon Graham (21) during the second half of Game 4 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series, Saturday, April 20, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
Philly comes out on top after wild brawl
Philly comes out on top after wild brawl
“Whether you’re playing basketball or ping pong, Melbourne and Sydney hate each other, this (Ware’s move) adds more fuel to the fire,” Bogut said.

“We thought he’d laugh at getting a call from us, especially with the rivalry, but he was great to deal with, I had a chat with him personally when it all was about to get wrapped up.

“We didn’t think we had a chance (to get Ware), we thought Melbourne would wrap that up straight away and now their loss is our gain.”

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Last year

If you're prepared to waste money on legal means just because someone said something you didn’t like, you’ve got more money than sense.

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Last year

Little bit precious south of the Murray?

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Last year

Bogut didn't need to make that comment. Its not like United's statement was made in a negative way nor in anyway against Ware.

Why dies Bogut see the need to stir up trouble?

Nonetheless its not worth legal action.

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Last year

Maybe they can replace that sign in their stadium with the message "Go hard or go to your lawyer"

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Last year

They say the truth always hurts, I'd say Bogut is putting pressure on United. There is second team in Melbourne and they are losing players.

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Last year

Maybe Bogut wants to be known as the biggest offer in franchise history for Melbourne and didn't like Casper attracting more coin that if he went to Melbourne.

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Last year

How this guy ended up as ceo of a NBL club after what he did to numerous Junior clubs is astonishing!

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Last year

The blokes a joker, in a time where good management is needed to drive the league forward he seems to have been handed the keys to the castle of the leagues glamour franchise and keeps dropping the ball

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Last year

I hope this threat of legal action is just an embarrassing stunt for media attention to fuel the rivalry. Either way, it seems pathetic and desperate.

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Last year

Smoke and fire? Sandy days reoccurring?

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Last year

So Bogut is a loudmouth twat, what else is new.
Presumably he rejected the Melbourne offer because it included a "no dickhead comments" clause.

As I said at the time, such claims of "biggest offer in history" are open to interpretation. Its pointless hyperbole.
But as usual, there was no need for Bogut to open his big mouth and make trouble. Ware left for more money, simples.

Crevelli has said that he would address the matter privately with Bogut. Maybe Bogut could learn something from that. Any talk of legal action is a beat up IMHO.

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Last year

So Bogut is a loudmouth twat, what else is new.
Pot, kettle, etc.

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Last year

If you ever want to read something behind a paywall, copy and paste the link into this site:

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Last year

OMG we gonna silence the best voice in the comp now?

Crevelli u a tool.

He has an opinion & it's good for Oz basketball.

Sick of the puusies running around these days...

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Last year

Wonder what he would do if there was a Yo Mama joke involved!

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Last year

Vince will have the last laugh once he sees this thread
and you ALL receive letters from his high powered Lawyer!!


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Last year

One day his world is going to come crashing down from shooing his mouth off and trying to be smarter than everyone else. Only a matter of time.

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Last year

What can he actually take legal action for though...?

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Last year

He's the poster boy for the quality of LK's appointments around the league. *cringe*

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Last year

"I hope this threat of legal action is just an embarrassing stunt for media attention"

what threat? The article is a beat-up, pure and simple.

Anyone who reads "was told Crivelli intends to take up the matter privately with Bogut and could explore legal options" and interprets that as threatening a law suit surely would also interpret "the outspoken Kings marquee Bogut" as calling Bogut a bigmouth.

I can imagine a phone conversation something like this:

Herald Sun: "Hi Vince. Hey, Bogut reckons you made this up about Casper's offer being the biggest ever. Whadda ya say to that?"

Crivelli: "He what?"

Herald Sun: "He said he didn't believe it because it was you who said it, Vince."

Crivelli: "Hmm, I think I'd better have a chat with him before I shoot my mouth off in public. Make sure he said what you're saying he did."

Herald Sun: "So when he confirms it will you get the lawyers onto him?"

Crivelli: "Lawyers? I suppose I could ask them whether I should ask him for a retraction, if he did make me out as a liar."

Herald Sun: "Thanks, Vince! That's just what we needed." Covers phone and yells "Stop the presses - I gotta scoop!"

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Last year

Slow thread day.
Any free agent news or something else remotely interesting?

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Last year

Welcome to the forum Vince Crevelli (PeterJohn)

Thanks for the back story of how you went on record that you could consider legal options.

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Last year

PeterJohn, how would you interpret "could explore legal options"? The story does seem so ridiculous that a beat-up would be the best scenario. Journos have a record of running with any conflict that comes from Bogut's straight-talking style.

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