Two years ago

Sobey opens up on his reason for leaving the Sixers.

Nathan Sobey admits to butting heads with coach Joey Wright but says their relationship remains strong and has nothing to do with his decision to leave the Adelaide 36ers and sign with Brisbane.

Speaking for the first time since he signed a three-year deal with the Bullets as a free agent and decided to leave Adelaide where he was vice-captain, Sobey says he needed a fresh start and new challenges to improve his game.

The 28-year-old shooting guard is currently playing in France but says he has organised to catch up with Wright and his 36ers teammates when he gets back and before leaving for Brisbane.

"Joey and I both have very strong and competitive personalities which leads to sometimes butting heads but it's because we’re both passionate about what we do," Sobey said.

“We never held grudges though, it has never been taken personally. We have planned a catch up once I get back from France and before we leave to Brisbane.

“And of course it’s extremely hard to say goodbye to my teammates, they have become like brothers to me.

“I’ve had conversations with them and they all knew that there was a possibility that I would be leaving.

”It's not easy leaving a club, a team and a coach you’ve been with for four years but we did need a new start and new challenges.

“I get to learn and grow from a new place, new coaching staff and a new team, and sometimes you get too comfortable in a situation and the best way to grow and improve is to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a new environment.”

Sobey — Adelaide’s reigning two-time defensive player of the year — says the major factor behind his decision to leave is to develop himself as a point guard.

“I decided to go play for the Bullets for a few reasons, but the main one being opportunity and game development,” he said.

“I’ve been coached by (Andrej) Lemanis and CJ (Bruton) while playing for the Boomers and I’ll get the chance to play under Sam McKinnon, and I believe they can help me develop my game especially at the point guard position.

“I believe I needed a fresh start and new challenges. At Brisbane I’ll be able to develop my half-court game as well as my game at the point.”

He hopes to get another opportunity in the NBA summer league this season and says he has been inspired by watching friend and former teammate Mitch Creek play at NBA level this year.

“I’m not too sure what will happen with summer league, right now I’m just focused on winning with my team here in France.

“What Creeky has accomplished this year is amazing. He took a chance and he’s been able to prove himself.

“I think all of his old teammates and all his fans back in Australia are following him on his journey in the US to see if he lands a contract — we’re all rooting for him and I couldn’t be happier for the guy.”


Hopefully this shuts down all the talk about Wright being the reason Sobey left.

Sobey and Wright are still close which is great, building further cred that Wright is a player's coach.

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Two years ago

Going to learn to be a point guard under Bruton and McKinnon. Moving to develop his game? I thought Joey was the best developer of talent in this country? What a BS fluff piece. Doesn't put anything to rest.

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Two years ago

Seems some truth to it. Sobey was awesome playing up tempo basketball at the 36ers, but when the game slows down he did struggle occasionally.
Maybe he does want to work on his half court game and in joeys system it's run and gun. Last year Sobey kept us in a lot of games but I can remember twice he lost us games in the last 90 seconds with his decision making. C.J. Bruton was always poised under pressure so will help Sobeys game.

Also Sobey has a better shot of being an Olympian playing under Lamanis which would’ve helped his desicion.

I say good luck to him

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Two years ago

Anon, it puts it to bed because there is no more to it. Get over it and move on. You must be bored if this is still something you're thinking about.

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Two years ago

Sobey has moved on there is no story here tbh.

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Jack Toft  
Two years ago

As a Sixers fan, we thank you for your service, we wish you the best of luck at your new team, but we wish that you throw bricks when you play Adelaide. May we feast on the Hungry Jacks cheeseburgers you provide.

(nothing personal, just business)

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Two years ago

"Sobey — Adelaide's reigning two-time defensive player of the year — says the major factor behind his decision to leave is to develop himself as a point guard."

He will learn from the best playing behind Cadee...

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Two years ago

Wow didn't realise he was 28 and turning 29 before next season. I thought he was like 26-27

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Two years ago

By the time he is 36-37 he should be a gun at PG.

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Two years ago

However truthful it may or may not be, at least he's had the class to come out and act like a professional. Instead of resorting to a twitter war like some.

Like a lot of such moves, we'll never now the true story 100%. At a rough guess, I'd say it was a combination of more money and Boomer aspirations, but who knows.

I do find the stated reason, development as a PG, to be a little thin. He's certainly not going to see any more time at the point, and possibly less if Lemanis insists on giving Spudee quality minutes.

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Two years ago

I think the split is as amicable as can be and all parties were classy about it.

As above, we wish him all the best.

I hope Sixer fans don't boo him on his return.

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Two years ago

From that article, I interpret that Sobey is coming to Brisbane on the agreement from Lemanis that working on his point skills will be a priority.

In which case, he obviously will play plenty of point in-season, so what happens to Cadee? He is suited to being a spark from the bench, but could see Lemanis running this pair as the starting backcourt and both sharing handling duties evenly :/

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Two years ago

Did Brendon Teys move to Brisbane? Saw him at the gym today.

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Two years ago

From Brisbane.

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Two years ago

No such luck- we are stuck with Teys for the next two years - that was the big announcement at the "member's day “ when we were handed our binoculars so we could see from our new seats at the AEC !

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Two years ago

How little you know about your own team.
110% Joey is the reason he left.
Have a dig around about training incidents....................

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Two years ago


That might be so, but sport these days is all about the spin. All AFL teams employ a journo as media manager. As do more senior polices. I know one of them, and he has years of experience in tv, print, radio and on-line/ new media. I'd doubt that any NBL team could afford him though. This might be one area in which a partnership with AFL/ NRL teams might help. Imagine Nic Nat being shown in a pre-season Cross-Trading workout with Perth, or Greenwood with Adelaide. Even if it was just a charade for a 5 second video grab for the media.

Sobey spun a positive story to explain his departure. Why would the team or coach offer any alternative narrative?

To Adelaide fans/ residents: Just accept it as a classy explanation for the sake of your team.

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Two years ago

Pollies, but probs police too.

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