Two years ago

Sydney sign NBA 2nd round pick under Next Stars program

"Marcos Louzada Silva, affectionately known as 'Didi', will join the Kings, right after the Brazilian guard was taken by the New Orleans Pelicans with the 35th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

While players in the Next Stars initiative are supposed to be high school players who have the intention of declaring for the following draft, the NBL seemingly made a change of the rules to facilitate Louzada’s arrival. "A recent change to the guidelines of the program permits players drafted in the immediately prior draft to be contracted by the NBL as a Next Star," the league said in it’s press release.

Previously, draft-and-stash players would be considered regular imports - see: Devon Hall with the Cairns Taipans last season, and Marcus Thornton with the Kings in 2015 - but this new rule change means those athletes can be considered a Next Star, freeing up an import spot for a team."

Seems like the Kings basically got a "free" import! A guy that should be ready to play.

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Two years ago

Marcus Thornton LOL. That guy was extremely bad for the Kings.

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Two years ago

As long as other teams can do the same I'm OK with this.

Note that James Ennis was also a stash.

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Two years ago

"Note that James Ennis was also a stash."

And Deandre daniels, i also think Jordan McRae was too?

Potentially some very good next stars could be joining the league with the stash option.

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Two years ago

The Kings' NBA contacts coming into play.

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Two years ago

This rule is going to be pretty big for the Wildcats now, i could definitely see them signing a next star with this as an option.

They'll probably go with a usual import with a little more experience for their starting center, but i could definitely see them using this for their back up center or someone who could be a spark off the bench at the SG/SF position

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Two years ago

I like the idea. Mutually beneficial to all parties

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Two years ago

Didi is a really good 3/D player. Pretty ready to contribute 2. Polished defender and 3 ball appears to be good (albeit on small volume).

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Thunder Jam  
Two years ago

Guess the rule was changed this week?

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Two years ago

I'm guessing the rule was changed when Sydney inquired with the league office about whether the rule could be changed.

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Two years ago

so who starts for the kings

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Two years ago

So more concessions to help the Kings. FMD

Can we just give them a championship and get it over with.

This is just a fucking joke.

It's bad enough that some team won't even have a Next Star, now Sydney get an actual NBA player.

As others have already pointed out, Ennis was a draftee, and even as an import he was too good for this league.
Daniels, for all his detractors was still an ok import. As a freebie Next Star he would have been fricking sensational.

I'm curious as to how this rule change actually works.
Is it only players good enough to actually get drafted. So somebody (like say Bowen) who misses out but is good enough for a 2-way, would not be eligible???

This is the one thing I don't like about Kestleman's reign. He's done great things for the league, but there is no transparency and too many "rules" being invented on the fly.

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Two years ago

My main question would be when teams were informed of the rule change.

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Two years ago

There was an article written last year where basically in the interview for the piece LK openly admitted he wanted to see a big market like Sydney win the title.

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Two years ago

Illawarra landing LaMelo, on top of what is likely to be 3 imports, seems to disprove the whole 'big market' bias.

I'm not 100% sure why Didi was chosen to go to Sydney, but there's certainly time for him there, and I'd imagine being a draft pick, his team would've had the bottom line about where they wanted him to go - (maybe playing under Will Weaver/with Ware and/or Bogut appealed to them, just hypothesizing).

Every other team is generally 2 deep at SG.. Brisbane technically have Sobey at the PG spot but he'd slide over and play SG minutes, no doubt.

The only team that's a blank slate at SG is Cairns.. who knows why that wasn't his destination. Maybe Cairns weren't interested (doubtful, but you never know), maybe they've got an import 2 lined up or as a priority which means Didi would be relegated to backup mins.

At least in Sydney, Didi clearly wins out the backup minutes at SG, and hopefully with Gazey no longer coaching, Lisch slides over and runs some minutes at the point (I don't think anyone will be too up in arms if Bruce's minutes are minimized), meaning more minutes for Didi.

I saw Dean Vickerman concur with the Perth Bandits account in insinuating that Sydney are essentially getting a freebie import unfairly. It's a tough one. My first thought is United shouldn't be the first team crying poor, they've got big money imports and a generally stacked team, and they're as welcome to a Next Star as anyone else.

Is it completely fair? Perhaps not.. but a lot of things aren't. The fact that Cairns don't have the budget a Sydney or Melbourne do, or that Brisbane finally landed a top tier import (Patterson) and decided it wasn't financially viable to retain him isn't 'fair', but they have to make do. Swings and roundabouts.

Now obviously every team is entitled to a Next Star. In that sense it is fair. Obviously every Next Star isn't going to be of the same caliber, but that's never something you're going to be able to fix. Even ignoring the fact that Didi is an actual draftee and not a fresh out of HS kid, the other N.S's are not equal.. is it unfair that NZ get a top 5 pick talent through the initiative whilst SEM get a guy ranked 40? Unfortunately, the reality of Next Stars is there's a degree of luck in terms of positional opportunity and what caliber of prospect could be elected to fit your roster. But hey, teams, knowing this avenue exists, have the choice not to lock in signings early and instead build around a Next Star if that's how they want to play it - as NZ did in building around Hampton.

It's not perfect, but it can't be. Look at the massive amounts of exposure the league has gained through this program, and the talent that it has brought in to the league. I'm infinitely more excited to watch the NBL this season due to these acquisitions.

And plus, as soon as the draft eligibility rules change, it'll be an even playing field again in the sense that every possible N.S. will be an NBA draft+stash.

For now, at least there is a 1 player cap per team and the teams without a Next Star still have the opportunity to pick one up. So long as there's enough viable prospects out there, it would be great to see one per team (an unrealistic hope in my estimation but I think there could still be 1 or 2 to follow).

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Two years ago

An actual decent post from an Anon, a couple really... Were teams informed of this rule change? If so, have at it and it can only help widen the talent pool for teams to choose from AND boost the run rate for the NBL with their Next Stars program, which they need to get out now before any changes come in over there... Put aside any "Oh Kings, FFS!" bias, they're tweaking something that had a shelf life and a much smaller and shallower talent pool, and working with NBA teams to boost their talent as well as their relationship with the NBA and their worldwide profile...

All teams are welcome to do this, and I hope they're working their arses off over in Summer League instead of just going for a junket...

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Two years ago

Proof Perthworld or you just trolling like always.

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Two years ago

"Were teams informed of this rule change?"

And more importantly when?

The fact that the first we hear of it is when Sydney announces their new signing, tends to stink rather badly.

It also goes against the (previous) specific intent of the program, which was to convince prospective "one and dones" to turn pro a year early and develop in our league instead of wasting a year of college.

The ability to recruit drafted but unrostered players, as regular imports, has always been there and has been done before. So in effect all that has happened is that a player the Kings could (would) have recruited anyway, is now given to them as a freebie extra.

Coming off last year, when they were the only ones given a Next Star, it really starts to stink up the place.

And where do you draw the line?
It's all very well to say that its ok because he was 2nd round, but is that the rule?
I'm always confused by the NBA shenanigans, so what happens if due to some bizarre salary ca scenario a team decides to stash a better player?

Obviously we'll have to wait and see, but what happens if only 4 or 5 teams can get a next star. The advantage given to Sydney will look even worse.

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Two years ago

Serious question for those that follow the NBL / NBA Summer Junkette.
Has any player ever been signed from this tournament to the NBL?
Big Joe going, Seriously? Lanard? FFs. Gaze. Oh dear.

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Two years ago

"Big Joe going, Seriously? Lanard? FFs. Gaze. Oh dear."

You mean this year?

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Two years ago

Fix is on! Hand them the title now

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Perthworld troll.  
Two years ago

They stacked now fuckers.

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Two years ago

Be interesting to see how it all pans out.
If all teams end up with a reasonable prospect as a Next Star, then no complaints.

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Two years ago

It was confirmed on Twitter that the idea to change the rule was proposed by the Kings.

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Two years ago

The thing with the high school one and done is isn't the G-League changing the rules somewhat and the NBA will eventually, so it's smarter to re-position yourself as early as possible, isn't it? Just take it away from the Kings bias... I know that's hard and the timing IS suspicious, but think long term and league-wise...

Will you be complaining if the Wildcats now come away from Summer League with someone that the league is paying for? No... Does the timing stink and look suspicious? Yes, but it's not stopping any other team doing it, and if anything, opens the door for teams like Cairns to get a really good prospect for free, and the Wildcats the freedom to crack open their wallets for that quality big man they need and take a bit more of a risk on someone else...

As for "Coming off last year, when they were the only ones given a Next Star, it really starts to stink up the place." it's not like the Kings got special treatment, there just wasn't the available stock, and Bowen chose the Kings... The player gets to choose based on interest from teams and by all accounts, there wasn't much elsewhere for him...

Have you been complaining that it was NZ that got the highest touted player or that the Hawks got the Ball hype machine? No...

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Big Sexy  
Two years ago

Does that mean Deshon Taylor can be a next star?

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Two years ago

Does that mean Deshon Taylor can be a next star?

And here is the kicker and where the lack of detail from the NBL will just make the whole thing seem really suss...

Is there an age limit? (or only count players that leave college early?)

What disqualifies a player from being a Next Star? First professional gig? (so Didi shouldn't qualify)

Draft and stash only? (which would help the NBL maintain a relationship with NBA teams and the league itself)

The NBL has NEVER been good at transparency and LK hasn't improved things, probably made them worse... The sooner more teams utilise this, the better it will be...

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Two years ago

I think it's a good idea, but the timing of it after some teams rosters are full is pretty ridiculous. It should've just been announced that this is how the rule will look for next season.

In saying that they really gave my Wildcats an opportunity to pass on a local C and now pick up 2 import C's from Summer League if they wanted too.

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Two years ago

So the Next Stars program was originally developed specifically for draft eligible guys choosing to go pro rather than play college ball. And they were going to be paid $100k.
So how has it fared? 5 guys so far.
- One guy that was forced to sit out a year
- One guy that has already played pro so was ineligible for college ball
- One draft and stash player
- 2 guys who legitimately chose to go pro after their college careers (the initial target group), though one of these is rumoured to be getting paid much more than the quoted $100k.

Added to this, 2 of the 5 players have signed with one team, while a deliberate lack of transparency about eligibility and how players are assigned to teams and the whole thing reeks.

Having a guy who's a high draft pick and could easily pick up a pro gig himself added as a 4th import? At what point is this no longer the NBL and just the G-League down under?

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Two years ago

4th point should read *after their high school careers*

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Two years ago

Adelaide did this without any program. Everyone bagged them for it, using up their import spot for an opportunity for a young kid who although is playing first 5 on a NBA roster, doesn't do anymore for the club.

I am happy these other teams are picking up free players. They are just not title ready yet, which we learnt with Ferguson come finals time. We suffered the lesson the year after when our import was injured come finals.

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Two years ago

1) So are NBA teams going to push for a 'stash' player to go to the NBL and play in an actually organised league that isn't just every man for himself as the G-League is?

2) Wouldn't the G-League not like this if it becomes commonplace?

3) Is Didi Silva more likely to be given this opportunity because stashing him in Brazil is pointless and he can't play as a local in Europe?

4) Did the Pelicans push for this?

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Two years ago

Pelicans don't have a D league team, it’s strange to send him to Sydney and not keep him Brazil though I believe it’s so he can learn English which would make good sense.

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Two years ago

The Brazilian community of Sydney (Bondi) will support this guy at games.

The massive Indian community didn't exactly flock to see Amritpal Singh when he was here.

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