Two years ago

Westbrook REQUESTS Trade

According to Woj, RW has officially requested a trade from the Thunder! Where will he end up?

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Two years ago

I think Orlando/NYK/Miami are possible. But it's also possible that one of these Western conference teams competing for top spot could pull the trigger and hope it puts them on top (which I doubt personally).

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Two years ago


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Two years ago

It would be the most NY thing to trade for him.

Can definitely see it happening.

They've lucked out on top FA's for a while now; they'll be desperate to get an AS (and I can't imagine NY fans would be upset with it, despite his problematic style - would probably fit with the NY "energy").

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Two years ago

With his best buddy in Houston

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Two years ago

OKC needs to get rid of the real problem.

Coach Donovan ! Sack him and keep Westbrook.

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Two years ago

A three way trade could work with OKC, Houston and the Clippers.

Clippers Get:
Chris Paul (plus add-ons),

Houston Get:
Russell Westbrook,

OKC Get:
Draft Picks and add-ons (via Clippers).

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Two years ago

Anyone but my Orlando Magic... we dont need a stat padding ball hogging overrated Russell Westbrick.

Thinking Miami will be the landing place.

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Two years ago

Curtley, unless OKC want draft picks in 2028 and 2030, I'm not sure the Clippers have anything they could send them.

I think Macdub is right and NY is a possibility just out of desperation, but if Dolan didn't want to offer KD the max, what will he think of Westbrook's contract?

Where else would be interested? Westbrook has shown that by himself or with one all-star running mate, you might be a playoff team but not a real contender. He needs an actual superstar to play next to. Miami a possibility to swap Dragic? But Butler and Westbrook would not be a good combo. Atlanta have a lot of assets but not sure they would give up their build around Trae Young to get Westbrook in.

Minnesota seems like a real chance? If they were prepared to give up some assets to swap Wiggins for Westbrook, that makes OKC bad enough to score some high picks for a few years and in combination with the Clippers picks and Miami's picks, they'd be drafting half the first round. Odds of landing good players in that situation should be pretty high. They might be able to rehab Wiggins' value a bit, too, then re-sign and trade him once their young guys are ready to go.

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Two years ago

I would think Minnesota, New York or Miami.

Houston seems a reach as I can't see anybody taking on Paul's boat anchor of a deal. You basically need to find a third team to take him (while giving up picks) to then be able to provide picks to OKC as well.

New York could package Knox and Barrett if they're desperate or just...the Knicks.

Minnesota would make the most sense. Just not sure if they have enough assets to get it done.

Miami an outside shot, just because it would be great to see Jimmy and Russ at each other's throats by game 3

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Two years ago

Not a Westbrook fan, just shows that despite an MVP and averaging a triple double a couple of times he's not viewed that valuable commodity that others are.

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Two years ago

San Antonio :)

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Two years ago

Dopey post by Curtley. There are rules around trades, you can't just trade whatever you want.

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Two years ago

This one has pat riley written ll over it - miami!!

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Two years ago

If he goes to either the magic or heat he doesn't pay income tax so big incentive with his albatross of a contract, however Miami has shown to be fine with repeatedly paying luxury tax if it means contending for a title, although not saying this would bring them closer to that goal.

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