Two years ago

Sydney kings

Do the kings start with and bench

Ware Lisch Bruce
Louzada Silva Kuany kuany
Newley or Moller
Uthoff Kickert
Bogut Hunter

I think Bogut still needs help at the Center postion

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Two years ago

If Bogut gets hurt what happens? Nnanna Egwu cheap import

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Two years ago

I'd start Lisch early in the season as you should always allow your captain to lead from the front

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Two years ago

Starting Lisch off the bench already negates this OP...

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Two years ago

who is uthoff?

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Two years ago

UTHUFF is a import 3 4 that the kings are looking at

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Two years ago

he's Dean Uthoff's 18th cousin

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Two years ago

I expect Silva will be the starting 3 man with Newley first off the bench.

Right now for me it's:


Unless the Kings plan to run with just 1* import, I guess the 4 spot is the obvious place for one. I agree that someone like Egwu mentioned above would be a nice budget pickup depending on how ready Hunter is, or hell, Ray Turner. I was a big fan last season and I think you could do much worse re: a spot minutes guy who can potentially play a bigger role if needed.

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Two years ago

Silva is more two guard, don't see him starting.

Ware Bruce
Lisch Silva Kauny
Import Newley
Moller Newley
Bogut Kickett Hunter.

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Two years ago

Santa only said he thinks they're looking at Uthoff doesn't mean they actually are

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Two years ago

In their interview yesterday, the King GM (?) said they see him as a 3/2. He's a bit small for that but sounds like they'll play him across both wing spots

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Two years ago

The import will be a 4-3 type and will start at the 4. Didi backs up Lisch and the 3. Moller will play more minutes at the 4 and they'll use Kickert primarily as a stretch 5 off the bench. Hunter, Kuany and Bruce won't play that much. The only question is if they get a third import, which would have to be a 3-2 and push Newley to the bench. If they go that way, the lineup (depth based) would look like:


If they go with 2 imports and use 11 players (or sign a cheap youngster and play him as the 12th man) it would look like:

Ware/Bruce/cheap local
Lisch/Didi/Bruce/cheap local

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Two years ago

do you trust Jordan hunter or 37 year old kickert to replace Bogut when injured or on the bench

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Two years ago

Not certain Moller is returning home to get Melbourne type minutes, I actually could see him playing through the 3-4&5, certainly defensively. I take interest in a lot leagues but have not followed the South American leagues so will be interesting to see how Didi goes, there is some tough cover threes and twos out there.

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Two years ago

Didi is obviously a freebie, so it comes down to who are their capped 5:
If all those guys fit within the cap, then they have space to sign two more decent imports.
If not, then they're looking for at least one more bargain player, either some local kid, or a Turner type import.

Whilst we have all drawn the comparison to Ennis as a stashed player, he was still an exception, plus the league has improved.

I don't know, maybe the Kings have pulled a fast one with Didi, but maybe they're just expecting him to be a impact player off the bench.

For those suggesting that Moller starts, I'd say that the Kings have not built a start-studded lineup, only to rely on Moller to start.

But the other thing to remember with Sydney is that they have a lot of ageing legs. Bogut, Kickert, Newley, and Lisch. I'd expect them to play less minutes as the season progresses, whilst the young guns find their feet and play more.
So yeah, they may commence the season with Newley and Lisch starting, but finish with Moller and Didi.

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Two years ago

@perthworld - he plays defence like a blind 99 year old with incontinence problems though...

So everyone getting all confusing between the line ups and depth charts... without concentrating too much on who is starting and who isn't, currently it's:

Ware* | Bruce
Lisch | Kuany
Newley | Didi^
Kickert | Moller
Bogues | Hunter

So technically two more players left... I doubt they'll go with three imports at this point, I think they'll go with one more and see how the pre-season goes...

Couple of thoughts... such as they are with limited coffee...

No way Moller is ready to start OR defend at the 5... I like the kid, but he's seriously lacking the muscle to even defend the bigger 4s...

I like the idea of Newls coming off the bench... he did well that part of the season he did that and if he buys in, still has that extra oomph to really give that second unit some teeth... It all depends on the opposition and how Didi goes pre-season...

CEO Pongrass said they're looking for a 4/3, changing from the 3/4 from a previous interview, I'm guessing before they locked Didi up, pending Summer League, but I still think the back up bigs are our biggest weakness, unless Hunter is a giant diamond in the rough... retaining Kicks I think was a giant mistake instead of going after someone like Boone who can compliment Bogues but also not let the team down when they have to rest the big man and someone like Kicks needs to be brought on... Weak as piss and half as enthusiastic...

I think, with Newls, Moller and Didi, they have that area covered, they really need some proper rebounding and defensive bigs help...

Hard to tell how many minutes Bruce and Kuany will get, as new coach, could be different story than Gaze and his "play the starters to death" strategy... The best thing from that last interview with the CEO was that they're looking to get the team starting pre-season training in July, instead of weeks later like previous seasons... This can only be a good thing, and a huge indicator that the new coach and management aren't mucking about, which will be a nice change...

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Two years ago

There starting early because the new coach is heading off with the boomers. Watched a lot nznbl this season, Huskies were very selfish team but the only one that stepped up to guard Pledger was Moller, he surely isn't a five man but in patchers can defend that spot I think is the jist of the other anon.

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Two years ago

Perthworld - 36 going on 37. His 36th birthday was in May.

WookieE's points still stand, and make his specific age somewhat irrelevant.

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