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The NBL foreign players thread

Seems like a good topic for discussion with the three imports rule in place.
We also allow next star import players, Chinese DPs, African born but Aussie raised players eg Majok Deng, Naturalised players and of course our Kiwi brothers.

With expansion comes more opportunity, but are we happy with the amount of Aussies in the league or do we need to crackdown on foreign players??


For the record I'm happy with the multi cultural league at present.

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What's there to discuss? Good players play, as long as they're eligible.

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African born? They're just Aussies mate.

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It's a good mix of players and nationalities
The next stars is great to get new young fans in Australia and overseas. People in the USA are trying to find out how to watch the NBL now with didi we have the same thing in Brazil and possibly China with Li.
My 23 y/o son and some of his friends who are into the nba are for the first time going to watch the NBL this year and even planing to go to some games in Brisbane.
It’s all because of melo and RJ.

Keep up the good work NBL

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I'd like to see if there's a way for each team to recruit one Asian player (mostly Chinese) as a marquee player even if they aren't quite good enough to be an import. The fact the CBA runs at the same time as the NBL is a problem though, unless the NBL/CBA allow for 10 game contracts or buys the players outright.

India, Iran, Japan, Phillipines, Korea also have at least 1-2 players who could make an NBL roster.

The audience this would generate would be huuuuge.

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Naturalised players and foreign born Aussies are Aussies. No issue with them at all. Kiwis are local in this league too. All others should be restricted to the standard 2 import places.

This is an Aussie/Kiwi league. That, and the fact that its accessible due to distance are literally the only advantages it has over much better quality leagues, which are fully accessible to watch online these days.

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Who could forget Drake U'u.
Aussie because of his mother but didn't grow up in Australia lol.

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" All others should be restricted to the standard 2 import places."

Well, 3 import places, plus Next Stars. I wouldn't wish to lower the amount of imports in the league. That's a surefire way to lower the overall standard and fill up on all sorts of Graeme Danns, Ben Allens and Brendan Teyses

As for the CHinese kid who signed, I'm cool with it if they legitimately thought this kid had potential and if he earned it over other kids. Is this is some sort of attempt at the Asian market, it is sure to flounder and flop as badly as all other attempts have. The best Chinese players play CBA and the ones who don't play CBA are not good enough for the NBL. And Chinese people DO NOT CARE about the NBL as has been shown by the fact that after numerous NBL Select teams, no noticeable headway has been made in the market.

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They'd care if they made more $$

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Wwith the Kings backed relaxing of the Next Stars rule and the possibility of 4x Americans on a roster, whilst considering the likes of Terry playing for NZ as a DP there's the chance that there could be 5 restricted players on the court at once.

Does NBL have to consider a rule that allows only 3 x restricted players on the court at any one time? It seems a bit amateur but what does the alternative do for Australian ball and long standing Australian NBL players?

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It would be a bad look to lower the standards now in the NBL
It's on the rise and Australian players have to step it up and make a career out of it and hopefully make it to the nba
For young fans the NBL needs imports and next stars. The NBL teams need $$$$$$ to survive. My 23 y/o son is going to buy for the first time ever a NBL ball hawks jersey
He has 20 nba jerseys. If something like imports and next stars can get his and his friends attention I’m all for it it’s all about the $$$$$$$

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Keep the rules the way they are, You have to have something to aspire to as a kid. If we only allow 2 imports/foreign players per roster we give a false sense of hope for kids coming through that they are upto the grade, when they should be banging down the door of clubs showing they deserve to be there on merit and not just making up a local player quota.

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The benchmark that came to mind for me was the Australian content requirement for television - 55% between 6pm and midnight. That treats NZ content as local, same as NBL.

55% of an 11 player roster would be 6 players. So that would leave up to 5 players from overseas. That tallies with the current NBL rules.

This sort of content rule is relevant, I think, because NBL, and professional sport generally, are now more aligned with the entertainment and media industry, rather than an extension of community sports.

Does anyone know if there are rules governing staging of other live entertainment in Australia, which might require employment of local actors and performers? They might be better benchmarks to compare with.

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Yeah you're right. We wouldn't want the Australian league to give kids an opportunity to play professional sport. We should just eliminate import restrictions all together. If they're good enough they're good enough right?

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Last year


Actors' Equity

"A vicious brouhaha is brewing in the Australian entertainment industry after a series of local producers cast international performers in lead roles in a series of Australian musicals.

The uneasy feeling began when Disney announced their casting for their upcoming Australian production of Aladdin with Broadway performer Michael James Scott cast as The Genie."
That would be the equivalent of an import being the star player, as Cotton is.

The actual laws re this are at:
But it’s from 2000.

Copy n paste, not inside knowledge.

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Last year

Hey Cram can you please share with us the successful melbourne tigers junior pathway

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Last year

Not sure why there are so many Perthworld's but I'm sure none of them are significant contributors to the forum.

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