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United probably spent $6m on roster: Bogut

Bogut estimating some large dollars spent by United and playing the underdog card for the Kings.

""Melbourne United has probably spent 5 or 6 million dollars on their roster," Bogut said"

“We're no-where near the capacity of being able to spend what they spend, so we’re excited to be the underdogs and beating that bully up down there. They’ve really made some great investments down there.

“Vince (Crivelli) has obviously invested in some good stocks and got some cash back to spend, so they’re obviously the clear frontrunners. We’ve got work to do.”

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Last year

He is trolling how stupid are you?

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Last year

Hes always trolling

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Last year

You don't bring United imports in for peanuts, they spent a fortune last year and Perth still got them. He might be trolling but there is truth behind the troll.

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Last year

Lol at Perthworld. Perth have no chance. United have vastly improved thsir roster and Perth have lost players...

Long > Boone
Trimble > Ware

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Last year

Trimble isn't better than Ware

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Last year

Perth still the favourites IMO. As I've said in other threads, I'm not entirely sold on Trimble and Long - lots of highlights, not a lot of defense (or wins) last season. Don't know what United spent on the two of them and I think the $6mil spouted by Bogut is an exaggeration, but it's a risky investment and probably an overpay. Could work beautiful, but there's definitely a chance it will be a disaster.

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Last year

Perf. Sydney don't have an answer for Kay and whilst I like Barlow, he's not getting younger.

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Last year

Bogut is 100% trolling

United couldn't match Sydney's offer for Casper, who is indeed better than Trimble.

Moller also followed Casper to Sydney. So remind me, who are the big spenders here?

Kennedy would've been a better fit for this team than Casey Prather. Long is an upgrade on Boone, but United are staying with the same strategy as past years- strong imports, but won't be as deep in the 10 and 11 spots as some other teams.

Perth were $6 last year and it was obviously a great bet, I just can't bring myself to outlay money towards the dark side.

This year $5.50, same same, when will people learn?

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Last year

Even if Bogut is exaggerating United's spend by 100%, that means the cap should go up by more than $150,000 next year (11% increase), just from United's overspend. That would be the lift in average team salary if 3 other teams only spend to the salary floor this season.

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What about when they bring in Taco 'Belly' Fall as a Next Star. They'll probably have a bigger budget for players that the whole salary of the USA E team that gets sent out here. I'm hoping so many players get cut that James Ennis and Torrey Craig get a Guernsey.

In other Melbourne United Money news, Goulding cut off his hair and raised $15K for a charity. That's not a lot of money for a charity and Goulding has lost his Byron Bay Barista look. Now more of an American History X look.

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Last year

There was a lot more to Casper leaving Sydney than just money, he probably got a pay rise but still not more than Melbourne paying Trimble. Prather has been cheap. Vickerman hardly ever goes past 7/8 players so if there bench isn't as deep probably not a concern.
I see United head trainer is now working for SEM.

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Last year

"Moller also followed Casper to Sydney. So remind me, who are the big spenders here? "
Moller should have never not been a Kings player. JVG stuffed that one up for sure.
He's a Sydney local and loves to be able to play in the purple again.

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Last year

Maybe we should just have a permanent thread titled: "What shit has Bogut said Today" and just update it?

Mind You, he could probably support an entire website.

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Last year

Do you realize that you post on a forum almost daily?

Or as you say "talking shit"?

Whats the difference?

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Last year

Boone > long

Why = defence + brains

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Last year

Boone is BROKE

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Last year

At the end of the day it feels like Melbourne and Sydney have both spent a lot of money, and a lot more than their competitors.

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Last year

Good. Sydney might win one based on spending way over the salary cap and no 3 peat Goorj there.
Shows you how desperate they are. Of course they have tried that previously but at least Gaze isn't there. FFS.

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Last year

I don't know, people talk a lot of shit when it comes to salaries.

If MU weren't prepared to pay more than $X to keep Ware, then why would they have paid even more to get Trimble?
Long is very good, but not so great that they needed to throw the kitchen sink at him.
Prather has been injury prone, and I don't even know where he's been playing (if at all) I doubt he commands the salary he did last time.

And of course the irony is that Bogut himself must be on a pretty penny, Ware they have spent big to lure him across, and historically they would have paid a lot to get Lisch and Newley.

I don't know which team is paying more, cos that's it, we don't know, but its pretty hypocritical of Bogut to be pointing the finger.

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Last year

I'm just catching up, but I see that Hutchy bit back at Bogut's $6M remark

"How's the irony in this?
We made an offer to our best player Casper Ware, which would have made him the highest earning point guard in the league, and we were dwarfed by their offer.
And they paid him what many would say is an irresponsible number to go and play in the scheme of being a small business. And they’ve got cash to burn, the Sydney Kings, fuelled by him (Bogut) and their owners, and good luck to them. We don’t remotely pay the money that they do for our roster. He’s being cheeky."

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Last year

And you believe what hutchie says, lol, I heard that playing for Melbourne was a privilege and you don't get paid.

Back to reality though that Kennedy got 800g which got noses out joint has nothing to do with it. Melbourne buy premierships and it might not be six million but none of their imports are cheap, and yes Casper probably got a nice raise from the kings and Bogut is on top coin but the rest there side is on modest money. Goulding would not be a budget signing on top of there imports.

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