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This Wednesday, Sixers vs Tigers

Adelaide vs Melbourne this Wednesday at the Dome will decide who is top of the ladder. Both teams are 4-1. Sydney and the Crocs are 4-2 and one will temporarily grab top spot after their game today.

Melbourne will be Adelaide's toughest match-up to date.

The tip-off is a bit earlier, at 7:10 I believe. Should be a great game, so make sure you're there.

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And live on Fox, finally!!! :-)

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does that mean they will put the feed onto the big screen at the game?

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That's the idea, so hopefully it works out OK.

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joshuapending who are u

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twenty four  
Years ago

on the screen, why cant they have someone with a camera which is linked up to the screen at every game. if anyone knows why not could they please expain. but it seems like a bit of a waste if they could be using it every game and just arent.

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Paul Bauer  
Years ago

We have looked into hooking a camera in but what the fans are really after are replays. It would cost a fortune to have a replay van set up outside the Dome for every home game, therefore it would be pointless having a live feed as your already watching the game live. Would love to do it but just too costly I'm afraid.

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Years ago

but what about a normal camera that just did closeups?

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Years ago

at this stage BASA have still got the senior games scheduled for Wednesday night - do you know if they intend to postpone - hope so, because there are a lot of seniors and those involved, including refs who have either got season tickets or go to the games

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Paul, I know it's not your fault, but forget closeup replays and big screens ..... and just get the damn product back on free to air TV!

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Years ago

I have an idea for the Big Screen. How about a camera shot of the score bench screens? Maybe then we won't have to put up with the ongoing frustration of the 'new, refurbished scoreboard' not working till the 3rd quarter! If it was fixed before the season started then I think the money has been wasted. Still at least they had it going before the end of the game. Small mercies!

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Years ago

Over-engineered, but interesting.

The screen of the computer that powers the cube and display above the main entrance is pretty ugly.

The screens of the stats computers would be too complicated to be seen from anywhere but up close.

For stats, the best bet IMO would be a feed from a little PC or laptop that was refreshing (even using Flash for a smooth refresh) an output of the live boxscore. You could parse it on the fly using regular expressions similar to the method I used for the ABL stats so that you were only outputting the key stats in a font large enough to read.

My low-tech idea for replays (and I'm not an AV person so it might not even be possible) is to feed the concourse camera (there for every game) through a consumer hard-drive recorder into the screen. Then use the live replay function on that. Those things are $600 tops. The concourse feed is pretty basic (see Dusty's videos for examples) but better than nothing.

And you could easily add to it with a baseline camera -- a steady volunteer with a handycam might even be passable. I've also suggested positioned handycams or an aerial camera mounted in the rafters too.

I understand that the club are interested in doing it properly, but personally, as a fan, I'd rather have something up there than nothing. I'm not expecting NBA-style replays either way.

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Paul Bauer  
Years ago

I agree with all of you. We wouldn't even be having this discussion if the games were on free to air tv. But that's out of our control. Isaac's idea sounds good in theory, but I don't have the AV background to know whether it would work, or be feasable. Maybe you could talk to Matt (screen) and Glen (sound) for info.

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