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Best Young Players in the Premier League (SA)

After a impressive game from Michael Harris this weekend, was wondering who everyone thinks are some other up and coming young guns in the league that will be pushing for DP spots in the future or moving to Europe to play lower league pros?

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Going off the top 30 scorers in PL who are reasonably young and not imports you get:

Brandon Brine
Alex Mudronja
Tom Kubank
Lual Diing
BJ Johnson
Sam Daly

Some young talent like Jimma Dau, Rathjen, Desantis and Devon McGee will be interesting to see where they end up.

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Could be wrong, but I thought Brine is in his late 20s.

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Sam Johns probably also in that category.

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Patrick Thomas
Nick Marshall
Chol Luk

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Brine and Johns not what I would consider "young" anymore

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As far as young players goes (U/23) that have produced this year IMO (excluding Harris):

Nik DeSantis (20 years old):
Averaged 12.5 points 3 rebounds 2 assists on a very poor put together Sturt team. First year playing, started every game, should of played more minutes regardless. A little inconsistent at times but most likely from having to play off the ball all season/terrible rotations from the coach at the time. Kids a sniper, shot the piss out of the ball from 3 (51% - lead the league), is very good at getting to the ring and is a very underrated passer/dribbler when given the chance to handle. I believe he would have had a bigger year if given more opportunity, definitely their best player this season. Hopefully Rigoni plays him a lot more this year.

Brad Rathjen (21 years old):
Mount Gambier native. Very solid season, averaged 13 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists on a stacked Pioneers team. Shot well from the field and made some big plays in the Final. Unsure where he will play next year as Pioneers signed a 1 year deal with BSA. Hard to have a bad year when you are playing with multiple ex NBL players/G league players, similar to Harris (stats inflated a little bit). Very good at getting to the rim, great body shape, is strong, can jump and can shoot a little bit. Hopefully he continues to play instead of switching between football, would like to see how far he goes if he chooses to do so.

Chol Luk (20 years old):
Played with the Pioneers last year in the SEABL, however didn't see much court time. First season playing, finished the year averaging 12.5,3 and 1. Above average shooter, needs to work on his body and his weight. Roller coaster season for Centrals most likely didn't help him, however he had flashes of brilliance. Shot 42% and 36% respectively from the field. Heard he might be somewhat immature, however if he continues to work on his game this off season I expect big things next year.

Jimma Dau (19/20 years old):
Unsure how old Jimma is as he repeated Year 12? Had a better season last year that saw him win the Under 21 medal, had a few big games this year, averaged 13.5 3 and 2. Shot very well from the field (54%), but his 3PT needs work. Played some games off the bench this year which was strange, could maybe have seen him challenge for the medal again this year, regardless has a lot of upside as he is a legit 6'7 and is long, could be a very good 2 way player.

Devon McGee (22 years old?)
3rd year player. Very solid big, averaged 13.5, 7.5 and 1.5. Great defensive player, scores all his buckets inside. Needs to work on his FT, is a liability there at times. Mavericks were the worst team this year despite having two imports, could of potentially had a bigger year. I think he is the only guy on this list who hasn't gone to the USA to play, props to him. Relies on other people to make plays for him however, would like to see a better offensive game to be developed this off season.

Alex Mudronja is very good, signed with the 36ers this offseason after a year with Saint Marys.
BJ is with the 36ers as a training player/DP.
Brandon Brine is 27 years old. Dude has a wife. Why was he mentioned???
Sam Johns is 24, was a DP for 36ers for a long time, unsure if he is pursuing basketball as a career anymore.
Sam Daly is 24, was a DP for Sydney Kings last year.
Nick Marshall is decent but believe he is all athleticism and haven't seen much of him to comment.

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John's is the same age as Kubank and Sam Daly so if they’re on the list I have him ahead of them. He just seems older because he never left.

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Daly 25
Johns 25
Kubank 24

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Years ago

Johns didn't care this year.

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If they are 25 this year they are no longer eligible for a DP. Unfortunately too many are promised the world, but once their usefulness as a DP is done they are shown the door.

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Unsure how young you are talking? But the current U20 State teams are all 17 - 18 years old and I believe all are on PL rosters? May need a couple of years to mature.

Christian Artacho - Forestville
Sebastian Bald - Eastern
Anyang Garang - Centrals
Riley Harrap - North
Jarryd Hoppo - South
Fabian Johnson - West
Hayden Meakes - Sturt
Riley Meldrum - Woodville
Mark Mudronja - Sturt
Jaskson Walsh - Centrals
Elissa Brett - Sturt
Jasmin Fejo - West
Zali Grosser - Southern
Hannah Hank - Forestville
Eliza Joynes - North
Ambah Kowcun - Forestville
Taylah Levy - Eastern
Ruby Porter - Sturt
Ella Sawyer - Forestville
Gabrielle Vidmar - Forestville

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Gotta make the distinction between being young in the PL and young & good in the PL.

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The U20 State team members are all very young, especially half of the boys who were only first years. Given some are in college now I doubt you will see much from this list in the next 4 years.

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Daly 24.

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Johns was junk in the NBL so let's not count him. Same as BJ.

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Jimma off to South East Melbourne.

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Word on the street is Sam Johns to South!

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Jimma Dau missed a fair bit of Premier League this year didn't he? A definite loss to Centrals and the league broadly as one of the more exciting and promising talents. Was that mostly down to involvement with SE Melbourne tours etc?

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Years ago

I think a lot of people let alone Johns are jumping ship from Tigers.

I think there will be massive changes for next season with all clubs.

Amazing how quiet these threads get when season is over. What? No one has anything interesting to say anymore LOL

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Years ago

Probably because the seasons over spud. Not much to talk about...

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There were 2 Tigers imports who will move on. Johns (if above is true), then another couple former Sturt guys who will retire or go back to the double blue I would guess.

Hardly think it will shakeup the league.

Southern won't spend crazy amounts of cash they have been and also have not developed any juniors at all so yes they will not be very good. Some leave a legacy and some just leave a big fat turd.

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Years ago

Would have to think Southern & West have good U/23 players if they made the reserve GF.

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