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Boomers 2023/24 Likely line-up

First of all let's hope Lemanis is gone.
Secondly let's move on from the core of Mills, Ingles, Baynes and Bogut. All will be at least 35 or more and probably not in team.

My squad ( not final 12)
Dellavedova (33 in 2023)
Cooks (28)
Landale (28)
Simmons (27)
Thon Maker (26)
Adel (27)
Green (23)
Makur Maker (23?) Not Dave/Todd the real one.
Bolden (27)
Broekhoff (33)
Humphries (25)
H Froling (25)
Cotton (31) 35yo Mills might still be around
Motum (33)
Noi (26)
Moller (29) I don't rate him but many forum users do.
Exum (28)
Creek (31)
Travers (22)
Wigness (21)

Thoughts... Anyone I have missed.
Also thoughts on potential coach

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Add Giddey and King to your list

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Last year

I also think that Sam Froling will be a better player than Harry Froling

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Last year

2024 I think most of these guys will be used across a 4 year cycle which includes WC, Olympics and all the qualifiers and friendlies.

92 6'1 Cotton
92 6’2 Mccarron
92 6’5 Creek
92 6’9 Kay
92 6’10 Mathiang
94 6’1 Naar
94 7’0 Acuil
95 6’6 Exum
95 6’8 Cooks
96 6’10 Simmons
96 6’10 Bolden
96 6’11 Reath
97 6’3 Vaslijevic
97 6’7 Adel
97 6’7 White
97 6’7 Noi
97 6’10 Hunter
97 7’1 T.Maker
98 6’4 Glover
98 6’5 Mcdowell-White
98 6’5 Short
98 6’6 Grida
98 6’10 M.Maker
98 6’10 Gak
98 6’10 Magnay
98 6’11 H.Froling
98 7’0 Humphries
99 6’5 Mudronja
00 6’6 Green
00 6’7 Stattman
00 6’11 S.Froling
00 7’0 M.Maker
01 6’6 Travers
02 5’11 Wigness
02 6’5 King
02 6’7 Giddey

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How you can list someone like Creek, who clearly is out of his depth at the international level and should not be there, over someone like Goulding, who has proven that he belongs and did again last night, is a travesty. But that is common around here with Mitchy boy. You may as well add Blatchfield to the list.

Sam Froling is better than Harry.

Grida and Naar are also potentially players.

I'd remove Travers.

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Last year

Forgot about Landale on my list

95 6'11

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Last year

I'd remove Travers.


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Last year

I think Epperson will surprise some people when he is fully fit. He has been plagued by injuries. 6'11, athletic, good rim protecter.

Grida could be good.

I will keep an eye on Alex Ducas. He is a flat out shooter.

Stattmann is an interesting one. He was a lights out shooter until the U19 Worlds began. He had a shocking shooting tournament. Hopefully he gets his form back.

Jack White will be interesting to watch at Duke this season. If he regains his early form of the season, he is young enough to keep improving, he is a potential Boomer too

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Last year

Both Naar and Moller are 94 and this year nbl could tell us a lot, Naar probably battling with Ball and Moller should get more time now he's out Melbourne. They were a magnificent duo back in there high school days. I like what I see in both them. Moller had two nbl China tours and played in the qualifying in Melbourne and did well. Naar played in the last qualifying games in Asia so both obviously on the radar.

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Last year

Who cares about the high school days for Moller and Naar.

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Last year

Some impressive names I'm having deja Vu from 4 years ago

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Last year

That should give Adel enough time to learn the team systems...

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Last year

Matur Maker. Yeah nah.

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Wang whipper  
Last year

Naar's shooting is simply not good enough i’m afraid

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Last year

I love how punters just write of players and think others are going to be super stars so early in there careers. Let's see what the next few seasons bring.

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Air Delay  
Last year

Don't discount young Tyrease Proctor, Anthony Mundine Junior & Josh Dent. They may be only 14-15 now, but look out in 5 years time...

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Last year

Don't think you can tell yet with kids born in 05.

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Last year

"Naar's shooting is simply not good enough i'm afraid"

Tell that to Mitch Creek

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Last year

Maker Maker Baynes
Landale Bolden
Cooks Adel
Green Broekhoff/Cotton
Simmons Exum Delladova

That's my guesses 12 man squad no injuries or pulling out.

Though I don't know enough about the 01 crowd. Hopefully they can all push for selection. Especially if there are some SFs among them.

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Last year

Baynes is already 32, he won't be around in 4 years time and makers younger cousin won’t be experienced enough I don’t think.
Anyone born before 1990 won’t be in the squad.

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