Big Booty Ho
Two years ago

Hood Anthemz - OzBaller Remixes

Remixing them classics with an Aussie Twist. Give me your thoughts and also what song you would like to see done next

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Juicy - Notorious B.O.O.T (y)

This rhyme goes out
To all the coaches that told me that I wouldn't amount to nothin
To all of my neighbours who used to shout at me over the fence whilst I was just trying to get my J right at 8pm at night as a kid
And all the ballerz in the struggle
U know what i'm sayin... It's all good baby baby

It was all a dream, I used to read One on One magazine
Andre Moore and Xavier McDaniel up in the limousine
Hanging pictures on my wall
Every Saturday NBA Action followed by some NBL local ball
I let my walkmen rock until them duracell batteries stopped
Smokin fools with my crossover, whilst waiting for the latest PBT to drop
Way back when I had the red and black Jordan backpack
With the hat to match
From the Apollo in Adelaide, to the Rollers in Carrara
Did anyone ever think our League would make it this far
Now the Boomers are in the limelight because we shine bright
Winning our first Olympic medal now a reality, instead of only in our dreams at night
Born sinner, opposite of a winner
Remember when I used to eat polony and tomato sauce sandwiches for dinner
Peace to D-Mac & Steve C. Andrew G throwing them alley oops for Lanard C
Not to forget the Chairman of the Board Mr Davis, or out in the west the great JC
I'm blowin up like you thought I would
Hit me up on the sony ericcson flip, same number same hood
It's all good
And if you don't know, now you know ni.....

I made the change from a common guard
To up close and personal with Derek Rucker
And i'm far from cheap
I play pickup with my peeps all day
Spreadin love, its the aussie way
The VB and Jim Beam keep me pissy
Girls used to diss me
Now they sliding in my DMs just to be seen with me
I never thought it could happen, this ballin stuff
I was too used to packin Cones & Stuff
Now honeys play me close like PB on toast
From Perth Arena all the way up the East Coast
Condos in Cairns, on road trips for up to a week
Sold out Arenas just to hear Hammer Heal and Homicide speak
Livin life without a care
Watchin my fave team raise that championship banner in the air
Lunches, Brunches, Interviews by the hotel pool
Considered a fool because I chose the 83-9 Warriors over the '96 Bulls
Stereotypes of a young aussie baller misunderstood
And it's still all good
And if you don't know, now you know ni.....

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Two years ago

Who is Nigel and why won't you say his name?

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Two years ago

Ever heard of Neil Diamond....?

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Two years ago

Wrong spelling, nidiot!

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Two years ago

My goodness..

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Two years ago

It's Devon. You need to improve on your sausage name knowledge.

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Two years ago

Is that a Bad Boy production by Lil Cesar?

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Two years ago

Is it school holidays already? Hooley dooley Jam Master Jay and Eazy E would be turning in their graves

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Two years ago

That you Clint Dogg?

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Two years ago

When I found out Death Row had been bought by Hasbro, I didn't know it would result in this shit.

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Two years ago

Clint Dogg 110%!!!! Hahahahhaha wow

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Two years ago

I'd rather listen to Selwyn and Timomatic release their greatest HIT on repeat for 48 hours than have to read that dribble again

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Wang whipper  
Two years ago


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Two years ago

This is gold

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Two years ago

It's not Clint Dogg and doubt it's Cesar as he had better rhymes from memory.

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James Harvey fan  
Two years ago

Do Stan next but with Jick and Cameron Bairstow

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