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Tassie Govt pushes for AFL Licence

The Tasmanian Government is pushing for an AFL Licence:
https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-30/ ... aflw-teams

Footy Legend Nick Riewoldt is onboard, as is former Carlton Coach Brendon Bolton:
https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-06-26/ ... n-tasmania

Now governments rarely do anything without a predetermined outcome. So either they have no chance and this is just a cynical political stunt to drum up voter support, or
they have the inside gos that such a bid is likely to be successful.

Obviously there are two possibilities: Either the league continues to expand, or they relocate an existing team.
Hard to know which direction the AFL will take.

The big question for mine, is how this impacts LK's bid to expand the NBL back to Tassie??
To the extent that he wants Government money, it may be a downer, but he wasn't asking for that much.
In regards to his stated goal of making BBball the number-one sport in Tassie, well that takes a battering, but it was always a stretch.

For families contemplating the purchase of season tickets, the presence of two national franchises might be a conundrum.
On the other hand, the surge of state-based pride can benefit both.
I would say that's what happened in Perth in the late 80's & early 90's, and paved the way for other sports such as Baseball and Soccer.

Another interesting take, if the AFL team is based at Bellerive, maybe there's an argument to base the NBL team out of Launceston???
(Which yes, would scrap his current plans.)

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Tasmania keep on pushing their dream of having an AFL team. Can only see it happening if Gold Coast relocate there.

Can they just focus on an NBL team for now, since its the NBL that is showing all the love for a Tassie team, and now is their chance to make it happen. But no, they continue to aim for an AFL team even though an NBL club is just about ready and rearing to go!

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Last year

Weird. It's almost as if AFL is a more popular sport or something.

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But if the AFL is not interested, or doesn't appear to want a fully installed Tassie club, then the Tassie gov should maybe focus on a sporting league that does want to be there.

This isnt about the AFL being more popular than the NBL. Its about Tasmania getting a team of its own in a national league. The NBL is saying knocking on the door but the government only wants to let in the AFL?

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The Tas AFL team if it exists would play out of Launceston and Hobart, as would the NBL team surely.

There's no way the GC will be relocated, S E Queensland is the fastest growing population in Australia and the AFL will do whatever they can to keep them afloat.

There are definitely too many AFL teams in Melbourne, at least three should move eventually, no need to start a new club in Tassie.

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" Its about Tasmania getting a team of its own in a national league."

The Hurricanes say hi

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Last year

hmmm, yeah ok the Hurricanes I didn't really consider. And cricket is not for everyone to enjoy either (a subjective POV, you either love it or hate it.) Also the BBL is what only 5 weeks or so? Correct me if I'm wrong - not trying to be smartie as I dont follow BBL in any way.

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Last year

Tasmania Tigers also say hello. Their seasons a bit longer than the Hurricanes.

Would be good to see them with a team in the NBL or AFL though.

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Last year

Maybe Tas govt is looking to AFL as Tas already has teams in summer sports, as per above examples? Would help fill sports pages of local papers all year round.

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Last year

Who will be the 20th team in the afl..

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Last year

Simple fact is that they will get more votes from supporting AFL.
And its already costing them money to support the Hawks and Norf, and they've already sunk the money into Bellerive.

I don't know whether the team would play regular season games in Launceston. I guess we'll know that when they release their report.

The other point to consider, is whether this is designed (in part) to put pressure on LK? Make him consider less onerous demands? Its the kind of nonsense pollies would try.

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Last year

The afl will want a lot money than the basketball.

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$100mill for a footy team or Less than $10mill for an NBL team. The Blitz is important so please attend.
Kestleman expects 50,000 people in Tassie to join the Tassie push on line. Last I heard there was less than the Huskies. :(

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"Tasmania keep on pushing their dream of having an AFL team. Can only see it happening if Gold Coast relocate there.“

Gold Coast= beautiful climate, good scenery, well developed infrastructure, nice places to live, international airport, party atmosphere.
Tasmania/Hobart= beautiful scenery, cold climate, infrastructure developing, cold place to live, domestic airport with sloooow renovations, relaxed atmosphere.

When the AFL wanted to relocate North Melbourne to the GC, the players loved the place and were actively asking their AFLQ guides about potential homes and schools for their kids. I'm not sure that Tas would hold such a lure for potential relocatees.

On the other hand, players in any sport based in Tas would have less distractions from their games.

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Last year

Gold Coast is a proven graveyard for all professional sports. Even the mighty AFL is struggling hard there. The AFL will want the Gold Coast to be a success so they will keep them there for as long as they want to - they can afford to, unlike other codes. So the GC is safe. The AFL don't want to be seen as a failure and want to be the first code to actually succeed there.

Problem is, that's not happening. And the culture of the GC as a location might appeal to players wanting a good time, although no serious players will want to go there and stay long term (e.g. Gary Ablett).

That's why a relocation to Tasmania would be a good option. It won't happen though unless the AFL concede that the GC just isn't working. Which they won't, just yet.

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Last year


Agreed. There is a dark side to the GC. Unfortunately a lot of players in the football codes get sucked into it.

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Bring in a NT team as well to even it up to 20 teams. 2 divisions and relegation for last team if they can't win 2 games.

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