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Past player treatment on opening night + Sobey v Joey

Slow news Wednesday, so thought I'd share some random info.

Dad just emailed me the below re: opening night at the Ent Center versus Brisbane:

"(Dad's partner) had an interesting chat to Peter Ali about the Adelaide game at the Entertainment Centre versus Brisbane.

A number of past players were invited to the game. Prior to the game, the 12 invitees were asked to stand near the players entrance. The 4 players whose singlets are retired walked on the court, first with no lighting on them, then walked off. The other 8 stood there. No one said anything, so they eventually went back to their seats without even going on the court.

The owner was sitting not far from the players. They discussed walking over and introducing themselves to him but chose not to. He made no move to speak to them.

The gossip on Sobey was that the relationship with Joey Wright deteriorated after Joey Wright hit him."

Not a good look with the past players at all. Another reason for me to dislike this administration (beyond Creekgate).

First I've heard that Joey hit Sobey? Obviously an unqualified rumour at this point. I knew Sobey wasn't reacting well to the in your face yelling (where DJ nochalantly ignores it).

Have at it.

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Last year

There was a rumour on here during the free agency period that Sobey & Joey got into a fist fight during training last season.

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Last year

Punch someone at work and see what happens. Apparently it's ok in basketball......

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Last year

Adelaide had a good win and Sobey was average, hopefully no fisticuffs took place but these happen in clubs and in all sports. Time to move on.

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Last year

Piss poor of the past players for sure. I read Brain Kerle said on FB the other day that no Bullets players get any recognition or free tix either. Piss poor again.

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Last year

Treatment of ex-players by their clubs, particularly those who were long-termers, is a blight on the NBL and an ongoing disgrace. The NBL does a shitty job as a rule recognising and celebrating the history of the league, both at a club and competition level.

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Last year

What do you expect when the league owner allows players on his own team to wear the numbers of legends with retired jerseys?

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Last year

bush league

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Last year

We were all wondering what was going on when Davis, Pearce, Mahar, and Green were all standing in the dark midcourt. No lights on them, no interviews, nothing. Thought there must have been a technical glitch.

To be honest the whole pre-game was sloppy and amateur. Thought a lot of time would have gone into making the first time at the AEC slick and professional. Will put it down to teething issues until proven otherwise.

Not very good with numbers but struggle to seek 7500 people there or whatever the final number was. Lots of empty seats from where we were.

It was a nice experience but will take a while to grow on me and all of those around us for the sounds of things.

We have had season tickets since 85, understand the need for change and progression, hope the AEC is our home like the Powerhouse and Appolo before, also hope this is a stepping stone to a new city stadium at Memorial Drive one day.

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Last year

They may have changed venues but they have the same personnel doing the same things - notably on the mic & 'fan boy' urger & apparently organising/planning things 'behind the scenes'.

As the man said, amateur hour.

We've seen the same sort of treatment of past players/champions by the 36ERS previously - trying to cram a tribute into quarter time rather than doing it at half time when there is potential to do it properly. Silly or insulting, or both.

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Last year

referring to Joey and Sobey having fisty cuffs.

Ask older Brisbane players when Joey coached there at the time who he had fisty cuffs with as well.

A high profile player who is currently an Asst Coach at another club

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Bill Beaver  
Last year

Oooh was it Sammy Mac? I can't see CJ punching on.

Sammy Mac vs Joey - good matchup. I'm taking Sammy Mac in a 5 round decision (unless Elle McFeast is judging).

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Last year

I saw Kelley speaking to a group of the past players before the game, can't recall if Ali was there, but Brett, MD and Al Green were along with Ken Cole.

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Duke Fan  
Last year

I thought fisty cuffs only happened in porn. Fisticuffs on the other hand are very common at training, but usually between players. Not often it's a player v coach thing

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Last year

Oh please. The fist fight? Bullshit.

It's the same as Jenkins and Pyke getting into a fist fight. Complete bullshit.

Give people a chance to spread wide horse shit rumors and they will post whatever they like.

The fist fight never happened.

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Last year

The fist fight happened. Whether you choose to believe it or not.

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Last year

So 2 fights between coach and player occurred in the same year in the same state but different sports and nether actually hit the mainstream media.

I call pure bullshit.

Stop talking out of your arse.

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Last year

A fight between Joey and a player back in the Bullet$ era is laughable. So we first hear about this over a decade later. Complete BS.

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Last year

So Perffworrlld where was Joey and Sobey 10 seasons ago, together?
Please tell us exactly where and when rather than talk more shit than ever.

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Last year

Perthworld can be annoying but his troll who follows him around is a miserable old twit.

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Last year

Perthworlds allegations simply aren't true. Where was Sobey 10 years ago?I'ma guessing either school or college. More BS.
Then of course we have the usual person making an issue when there is nothing to be seen here.

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Last year

haha no one one this forum likes each other

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Last year

Perthworld makes some usually incorrect comment and is never accountable. One of the many trolls here unfortunately.

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Last year

WTF? No one said anything about Sobey being at the Bullets ten years ago. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

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Last year

"Perthworld makes some usually incorrect comment and is never accountable."

What accountability do you suggest?

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Last year

DMac and Copeland courtside at the Melbourne United game. Nice to see.

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Last year

I've heard from a good source, Joey hit Sobey in changerooms after NZ game last and was key reason Sobey’s departure. Disgraceful. Time to go Joey

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