Two years ago

Record NBL crowd


Great to see for the League. And Great to see benefits going to the Bushfire victims.

Also just good to see that Sydney has such a venue.

What do you think were the drivers for this record crowd?

Do a significant number of fans travel up from the Gong?
Are Sydney finally pulling huge crowds?
Was there a Lamelo factor?

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Two years ago

If lamelo wasn't playing they would be lucky to get 10k.

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Two years ago

Free tickets, $14 tickets from Illawarra to the game including train ticket, and still having Bogut beg to get walk up purchases on the day. Would never happen in Perth.

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Two years ago

Lamelo factor, he didn't disappoint, marcell Fultz went number one a few years ago and all three new starts this season make him look average and that’s being nice. Ball, Hampton and Didi been great.
Crappy game though but kings just do what’s needed.

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Two years ago

LaMelo couldn't hold Fultz' jockstrap. If you think otherwise you are kidding yourself.

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Two years ago

People can chirp about free or discounted tickets, as if NBL clubs haven't done that in the past. The difference is more people actually want to go to the NBL now which is huge, it makes the NBL look good, builds momentum and makes sponsors happy. That means dollaroos which keeps this thing chugging along.

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Two years ago


Don't forget get your white cane when walking, you obviously can’t see.

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Two years ago

Cheap tickets yes, but what does that matter?

Who on earth would go to a game solely because of free tickets? People only go if they have a desire to be there, which as per the posts above is a significant difference. And if there were so many *free* tickets there would have been a hell of a lot more empty seats, because free tix = non-committal attendance.

That said, Lamelo definitely a key factor in the big crowd today.

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Not quite right  
Two years ago

There's an article on the Sydney Super Dome that states on Dec 11 1999, 17803 people watched an nbl game between the Sydney Kings and West Sydney Razorbacks, which means this isn't in fact the biggest crowd ever.......

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Two years ago

That Ausstadiums website is wrong.

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Two years ago

It wasn't a game between the Kings/Razorbacks. It was a double header: Kings v Cannons and Razorbacks v Bullets back-to-back, for a single ticket. It was when the venue was brand new. Because of that, it would be more correct to be saying that this is the record 'single game' crowd or something, but it doesn't really matter.

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Two years ago

Thte Kings razorbacks game was a doubleheader. It was Kings v Canberra and Razorbacks v Brisbane I think.

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Two years ago

The basketball capacity for the venue is about 20k, and with the floor configuration that the Kings use they wouldn't be able to reach that figure, but there's still room for a larger crowd in there. Would be great to see something like a finals game go over 18k.

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Two years ago

I wonder what their max capacity is currently. Anyone know?

I wrote this in the game thread:

The previous record attendance was 17,143 for a double header of Razorbacks-Bullets and Kings-Cannons as part of the opening of the Superdome. Some sources claim 19K which has been incorrectly taken up by the media.

There were a few double headers involving Razorbacks games followed by the Globetrotters but these were nowhere near capacity.

AUStadiums lists the 1999 double header as 17,800. I believe the NBL records it as 17,143. Confusing.

Record crowd per city:

Sydney 17,514
Melbourne 15,336
Perth 13,611
Brisbane 12,500

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Two years ago

Back page and second back page articles on the crowd and game in today's terrograph. Things on the up. Spoke to mate who went yesterday, only ever to nba games previously, said it was fantastic and will be back. While he’s probably not ever going to be a season ticket holder said looking forward to a few more games this season. He said it was as good as some nba games he’s been too.

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Two years ago

When it comes to things like an arena, there is usually a difference between seated capacity and overall capacity.

The overall capacity for Qudos Bank Arena is 21,032 including floor seats (or standing room). There are around 18,200 permanent seats in the venue, but that is with all available which is not the case with Kings games due to the platform and the use of curtains.

At a guess, without curtains but with the Kings platform still in place I would say the capacity would still be somewhere around 17,000-17,500.

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Two years ago

Didn't they get rid of the platform this year? Or are we thinking of different things?

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Two years ago

The platform is gone, it's much better, seating al way around. I believe the capacity for basketball is 17800.

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Two years ago

BTW, its far better to believe official websites, venue or the team, for the venue capacity than it is to believe sites like Austadiums or Wikipedia.

Take the Adelaide Entertainment Centre as an example.

Austadiums lists its capacity as 9,300. An incorrect figure that is based on the largest netball crowd they had at the venue (2010 ANZ Grand Final). According to its own website, the AEC has an overall capacity of 11,300 with "up to" 10,500 non-floor seats. Wikipedia lists the same as does the 36ers page there (11,300), yet the NBL Wiki page lists capacity at 12,000.

Neither Austadiums nor Wikipedia or its pages on the subject lists the correct basketball capacity which the 36ers themselves will tell you is 10,000 for the set up they use.

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Two years ago

Have to admit I haven't seen a Kings game this year so I didn't know the platform was gone.

Seriously though, if the Kings are able to draw that many fans to their games, free tickets or not, then good luck to them. Remember it wasn't so long ago that they struggled to fill the old Entertainment Centre and for Kings games at the end with that curtain it only held 10,517.

How long they can sustain it is the question though. They won't always be winning or have a draw card like an Andrew Bogut.

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