Last year

Bogut calls for salaries to be made public

Saw this headline in the Herald Sun.

Can anyone shed any light as to what his comments were?

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Last year

He just wants his name on top of the list.

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Last year

Maybe he doesn't think he would top the list.

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Last year

[It's time to stop the secrecy and make athletes wages public across all Australian sports. But for now, lets start with the NBL.

As much as players won’t like it, I don’t think having salaries released is the worst thing although I know it’s something that the league and most players won’t agree with.

I think fans would get even more involved. It would spark debate, and have the NBL talked about even more.

We would probably be the only sport in Australia that would do it, and I know the NBL likes to do things that other league are not, for example live coverage of in-game time-outs.

Sure, it sucks having your salary printed in a newspaper but there are plenty of positives.

I know the AFL still doesn’t put salaries out. It is just approximates but I think transparency is important.

Here at the Sydney Kings we get smashed all the time about "being far over the salary cap", but I can assure you that isn’t the case.

In saying that, it would definitely help if wages were made public, because it would instantly kill the speculation fuelled by clubs who choose to go way under the salary cap to save money, then complain when they lose games.

Fans would then see if some clubs are over the cap, and even if they are, the bonus would be the luxury tax would then be spread among other clubs and the league.

But at the moment it is all a guessing game - who is over the cap, who is under and who is benefiting from the luxury tax? Where exactly is the luxury tax going?

One talking point with salaries being released will result in heavy conversations about a player earning too much or not enough when correlated to their performance. This is life in the sports world. I believe even though it won’t always result in positive talking points, the more spoken about our game, and the NBL in general, the better.


LaMelo wasn’t particularly great in the first half against us last Sunday but he didn’t let that slow him down in the second half. He continued to be aggressive and ended up playing a very influential role to keep Illawarra in the game.

He did a really good job of attacking the paint and making good decisions. I think his biggest value is as a playmaker. I don’t think he will be a big time scorer in the NBA but he is a guy who can run a team and get his teammates the ball when and where they want it. The biggest thing that stood out for me was the fact LaMelo makes the right decision with the ball almost every time down the floor.

He was really good finding the open man when we threw numbers at him, and also was aggressive taking his own shot when he needed to.

For me he is a very similar player to his older brother Lonzo. Having played with Lonzo at the Lakers, he was very good at playmaking and making the right basketball play.

It might not get his team the big stat or highlight but he makes the right play.

I think both brothers have got really high basketball IQs.

You can see that LaMelo understands the game really well and he plays with a freedom about him.

I think this season for him in the NBL is going to help his draft stock but it will also really help his overall game playing against men.

He is also benefiting from being on the other side of the world without his family which forces you to grow up fast.

Funnily enough, that is what every Australian athlete that plays in the NBA goes through.

That plays a big part in maturing you, albeit very quickly. You learn how to be self-sufficient.

Obviously defensively he is still learning the game. He is only 18 years old and I don’t think he has been in a program that has emphasised defence.

But he will pick that up pretty quickly. Once he gets drafted they will drill that into him.

LaMelo’s shooting is inconsistent. That is probably the only knock on him.

Right now the way that the NBA and basketball in general is evolving, point guards need to be able to shoot the ball.

Whether he changes the way that he is shooting it, I’m not sure, but his three-point shot is an inconsistency.

I’m sure he knows that, and he is working on it, but is something that will definitely be a point which will be critiqued going into the draft.

I don’t believe his level of Basketball IQ can be taught or drilled, and that in itself, mixed with his talent will see him go high in the draft.

I believe the long-term success of the Next Stars program is riding on where LaMelo and RJ Hampton go in the draft.

I believe LaMelo will be a top ten talent for sure but where he falls exactly I couldn’t tell you because I don’t follow College basketball much at all.

If LaMelo can go No. 1 that would be history-making for the NBL and the Next Stars program. It will most definitely prompt more kids to look at Australia and the NBL.

My question: will the one-and-done rule be scrapped eventually? I think yes, within the next five years it will be for a long list of reasons.

But until then, the NBL has a great thing going and they need to keep promoting it as much as they can.]

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Last year

It would put an end to a lot of arguments...........on here.

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Last year

I like how he says there are plenty of positives, then fails to list any.

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Last year

Aren't there legal issues attached with this that may not exist in the US where they do this?

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Last year

Releasing team spends would be a good start.

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Last year

I would settle for the list of salaries per team and not have a name against each line.

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Last year

Its all well and good for Bogut to say this but he isn't the player who is going to be judged. He's made his millions so whether he is playing for one million or one hundred dollars, people will justify it either way.

Its the lesser known guys who will get the focus and a lot of it won't be positive.

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Last year

It would not stand up in court if someone wanted to challenge it. I'm not certain the nbl has enough money in it for players to have their wage public knowledge.
I like the idea of team player budgets being published, that would be up to owners to agree to and not individual players.

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Last year

I never do understand why everyone is so curious about salaries. It is what it is, who cares how the money is dispersed, salary cap policing as a team whole is the only real thing that needs to be focussed on. I wouldn't want to share what I make with friends etc unless it was my legal obligation.

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Last year

I think its time Bogut stopped making his opinions public.

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Last year

I'd like to know all the salaries, but i understand why its not public and probably won't be made public.

I would like then to release each teams spending though, and how much they are over the cap, how much they're taxed, and where the money actually goes.

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Last year

Bogut's opinions are great, I don't always agree with him, but he is of interest to me, when he tweets etc

Team salary caps are ALL we as a sporting fanbase need to know about/should be curious about. How the team spreads what they spend I couldn't t care less.

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Last year

Initially, I thought that simply publishing the spend of each club would be sufficient. But only if they publish the following:
1) Total Gross Player Salary Spend
2) less Marquee adjustments
3) list of 5 lowest paid players (just names)
4) Salary tax paid
5) subsidies received.

I suspect the NBL won't want to publish those last two numbers.

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Last year

"Bogut's opinions are great"

Not when they're wrong.

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Last year

I remember after their three peat someone leaked a set of financial statements of the Kings on the other forum. Guess what? It resulted in even more debate and trolling as everyone interpreted/misinterpreted the figures to suit their own argument and bias.

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twenty four  
Last year

Wait, does Bogut have a weekly column or something?

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Last year

Bogut's opinions don't have to suit your agenda or mine to be great and entertaining. Jesus.

Its an opinion, I find it refreshing that he isn't painfully playing it safe every time he opens his mouth. He is often wrong, but I'm cool with his openness.

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Last year

Lol the filthy cheating owner of United and the league (which is somehow ok?) Would never want the salaries public or we would all see how he spends about 4 million on United if not more.

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Last year

Boo, I see you're still alive. I guess birthday wishes do not come true. Back in your little Adelaide hole.

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Last year

Most of the big names are on $400k right?

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