Two years ago

Reasons why we dislike other teams

(disclaimer - I'm a Perth fan).

Trying to work out who to go for out of Mel and Syd. Clearly if Mel get through and Perth gets past Cairns (a big if in my estimation) Perth gets Home Court which is probably enough of a reason. But since I cant stand either of Mel and Syd I tried to weigh it up, hence the top 3 reasons for disliking each of the finals teams (I've done Perth as well for fairness)

Can't find their own imports
CG floppy 3
Dean Vickerman (esp. the advertising on the collar. WTF is with that?)

Bogut. Washed up.
Bending rules e.g. Didi (the league not the team) & Lucas walker's cold allowing Taylor to keep playing
3 imports + next star + Bogut + Lisch (naturalised)

Stupid walking snake mascot
Arrogance and showboating starting to creep in
Orange army. Cmon guys be original

Trevor Gleeson
34 straight years (tall poppy/envy)
The supporters (Perthworld/D2.0)

Ok I couldn't think of much for Cairns and riding them all the way if they get past Perth.

Love to hear other people's reasons, no matter how petty (or vicious). Bit of friendly banter before the eliminations.

My verdict: as much as it pains me I'm going for Mel as I'd love to see the record breaking/top-of-the-table-all year/4-import-plus-ex-NBA-plus-naturalised-American/big budget Violet Crumbles not even make the final. Although part of me wants to play Sydney just to see Bogut vs Plumlee since Bogut chickened out of coming to Perth a few weeks back.

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Two years ago

I totally understand and accept the hate for Perth (we are arrogant, our team has more money, we are consistently better every year than most other teams) though it does get tiring when people say we have cheated or bent the rules in the past with zero evidence shown.

Players and coaches (and teams) come and go so I judge a team by their fans and I personally dislike any team that claims to have a better fan base than Perth and they all don't even come close. I've been lucky enough to watch the Cats play in every city except Cairns.

Melbourne and Sydney are a 'Rent-a-Crowd', most seem to be there because of a ticket give away or corporate package. No passion unless they're winning and only a handful visited the Merch counter. "Hoops Capital" was on the King's court the other day...really??

Adelaide fans have passion and knowledge but always seem to have a chip on their shoulder, they always seem ready to crucify their team if its going bad.

NZ seem to have no knowledge but will follow any team that has "New Zealand" in the name.

SEM are to new to know but need to get away from United.

Illawarra I love, 2nd best fans in the league IMO but there isnt many of them.

Brisbane, meh, boring crowd waiting for the rugby to start.

Just my opinions.

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Two years ago

Perth fan too who has disliked United over the past few years mainly because Goulding being a douche and Ware's shit eating grin whenever a call doesn't go his way, this year that's slowly shifted in Sydney's favour.

Enjoy watching Cairns, but Oliver's showboating is starting to get tiresome, reminds me of the 36ers flexing (agree they play like they have a chip on their shoulder, but that might be more Joey rubbing off on the team for so long). I'd like to like the 36ers again so hopefully with the coach change they can bring a new culture.

I get the hate for Perth, but if you put that biased hate aside there really isn't much to dislike. Gleeson is annoying yes, but hands down we have the most professional imports on the side in Cotton and White, barely carry on, get on with their job and get wins, Cotton only ever fires up towards the end of the game when he's lighting it up. We've got long standing player retention in terms of Aussies and to a lesser extent imports. It'll never change though so it is what it is.

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Two years ago

Not even sure Perthworld is even a Perth fan, exists more for trolling others.

I have disliked Adelaide because of Wright but now he's gone.
Dislike Brisbane because of Cadee.
I am a Perth fan but I can see why others don't like Gleeson, he does whinge and carry on.

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Two years ago

Why single out two posters from one team? This forum already has enough pile-ons as it is.

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Two years ago

Sydney: $3.6 million salary

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Two years ago

From a Perth fan...

-Spent like a billion dollars (ok maybe not quite) on their team
-Bogut can be a troll
-Tate seems like a bit of a flog
-The Cooks signing
-Paul Smith

-Owned by the league owner
-trust fund baby
-huge spending recently
-Steal imports
-as a city think they're top shit

-don't dislike much about them. Their 3 imports seem to be really cocky though, Oliver's need to celebrate ever point he gets is pretty annoying.

-only thing i really hate is how incapable the front office is
-very average crowds drag the league down

-bunch of flogs
-arrogant and flexing all the time
-fake tough guys
-chip on their shoulder
-History of incidents vs perth
(Will be interesting to see if this changes post joey)

-too new to really dislike them. Didn't love the easy draw they had gifted to them to start the season, but that came back to bite them

-long rivalry with perth
-matt Walsh
-the psycho assistant
-PR guy
-their current culture (has improved a bit though late in the season)

-Would't say i dislike the team, not a fan of lemannis though and think they have a lot of very overrated players

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Two years ago

" Melbourne:
-Owned by the league owner
-trust fund baby
-huge spending recently
-Steal imports
-as a city think they're top shit "

Hit the nail on the head there. Nothing further to add.

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Two years ago

Drmic, McVeigh, Froling, Wright and Randle a few reasons to dislike Adelaide.

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Two years ago

I used to like Sydney when they came back and were coached by Moose, Joe Connelly, Andrew Gaze etc. And had players like Marcus Thornton, Jesse Sanders, Ben Allen and Michael Bryson.

So deep down I hated them and revelled in their failures, but I hate them even more now because of Paul Smith.

I used to be like Melbourne United because they killed the Tigers and rub salt into the wounds of Tiger fans by having Tiger singlets hanging from their rafters. I liked the United when they were coached by Dean Demopolous.

So deep down I hated them and revelled in their failures, but I hate them even more because of their fans. they happily bitch about flopping or home cooking and then totally ignore the same from Ware/CG43.

I used to like Illawarra as they were the Battlers and constantly punching above their weight class. Now I hate them because from the General Manager to the Water Boy this team has no intention to win, they are just there to take NBL money. I hate welfare in real life I hate hand outs in basketball.

I hate Cairns because of their entitled fans. They think that they and they alone should have the New Years Eve game, and when it was taken away they would howl and cry that the NBL wants to kill regionals.

I am indifferent to the rest.

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Two years ago

Lot respect for Gleeson
Fans talk absolute shit on every subject and think there players play for nothing when after Melbourne they spend the most. Complain about imports when they have had four this season themselves.

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Two years ago

The tall poppy syndrome has an impact, as it's only natural to go against other teams that have had lots of success and/or have lots of money.
Imagine Cam Oliver carrying on like he does if he played for Sydney or Perth... But he plays for Cairns, so all good!

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Two years ago

Wildcats miles above anyone in the nbl as far as success, crowds, player retention and hate the coach as much as u want, he has the championship rings!! Adelaide by far the worst fan base, they are all down hill skiers and when it's time to go up hill when the tough get going they dissolve into fin air and complain, it’s a very professional environment PERTH , you only have to look at the wildcats history and massive crowds and also the west coast eagles with there crowds and success!! Wildcats will win the whole thing

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Two years ago

There are no reasons to dislike Cairns. They're awesome.

I'm really hoping United plays Perth or Cairns plays Sydney, because they are both matchups I'd be super passionate about.

If Sydney plays Perth, I'll be bitterly wondering why one of them has to win.

If United plays Cairns, I'll be hoping United wins but I honestly won't be completely shattered if they don't. There's something about a Cairns fairytale that would take the edge off the disappointment of losing.

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Two years ago

The Red Army - bogans, bikies and ferals. A sea of tatts and FIFO workers at every game.
Online fan base arrogance starring the abortion that is Cat Chat.
Gleeson on the sideline - just STFU already!
Gleeson's ultra-tight polos - #moobs - while the rest of the league has gone stylish by suiting up. Only upside is it means no red ties (see below).
The seemingly hundreds of assistants and support staff.
Price of tickets due to having to pay for the above personnel.
The poor office staff who at home games have to wear a uniform as if they're attending private school. LOL
Anyone from the club representing it (i.e. at functions) having to wear a mandatory red tie. Red ties are ugly.
The club falsely claiming a world record playoff appearance - even publishing it in an official press release and the fans who still arrogantly dismiss Maccabi Tel Aviv and others with longer streaks even after being told otherwise.
The blue theme inside the arena which makes it look like an indoor aquatic centre. The ugly external facade with pipes sticking out etc. - it has to be one of the world's worst modern indoor stadium designs. Feel free to show me one that is uglier.
Not being the 80s/90s Wildcats.
Nick Marvin even though he's gone.
Redhage of all people on home telecasts.
Letting Homicide beat us that one time.

Probably a lot more that I can't think of right now.

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Two years ago

Whoops, my bad. Didn't read the thread subject line properly:

Reasons why we dislike _other teams_

Carry on.

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Two years ago

Main reason to hate Perth see poster #796986 and #796987.

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Two years ago

Reasons why I'm finding it harder and harder to support the 36ers:
Management just always seem to be having arguments with people, or just acting like idiots
Joey cracks the shits a few times a season and just gives up on a game, or for a few weeks
McVeigh, Froling and Drmic find a way to get into a fight, or just act like a moron most games
Not a fan of the new stadium
We've been the 'play no defence and try to outscore you' team for the last decade
All this in-fighting that's been going on for the last few years
We act like we're a lot better than we actually are

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Two years ago

Can't find it in myself to hate other teams anymore. Used to hate the Magic and Giants so much, now I just miss them and how much fun it was to watch the Sixers play them.

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Two years ago

I don't like Melbourne partly because of the historical rivalry between Sydney-Melbourne that goes beyond basketball. But mostly, it's still because of Sean Lampley. ;)

Perth... well, it used to be the players (Redhage), but Wagstaff is really the only holdover from those days, otherwise it's impossible not to like Martin/Cotton/Kay. Now it's mainly the fanbase and the the coach. I always remember a game years and years ago where Perth was in Sydney and there was a little boy waving a Kings flag around right up the back of the old entertainment centre, and a large mob of drunk travelling Wildcats fans were sitting nearby, and one of the guys, in his 30s, walks over to the kid, and snatches the flag away. Set the benchmark for my view on many (no, not all) Wildcats fans.

Hawks there's a rivalry with Sydney, but I've always like the Hawks and their travelling fans. I was at a game in the Gong sitting with the family of a visiting Canberra Cannon player when a fan threw a half-full coke bottle at us that hit the player's mum in the face, so let's go with that.

Taipains... Nothing about them in their history that has given me a reason to dislike them.

NZ, can't think of anything.

Adelaide have had some players over the years I don't like for various reasons, but even the stuff with the frontoffice now and the Wright situation, I don't really have any strong negative opinions on the franchise.

Brisbane, can't think of anything.

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Two years ago

"Set the benchmark for my view on many (no, not all) Wildcats fans."

It was one fan's behaviour though. And a travelling Hawks fan did something even worse but you like them?

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Two years ago

Nobody has mentioned Casey Frank as a reason to dislike NZ... is it just me who cant stand listening to him?

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Two years ago

"The blue theme inside the arena which makes it look like an indoor aquatic centre"

lol, I'm glad you brought this up because this has always bothered me. Who thought that was a good idea?

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Two years ago

I like Casey Frank! He's entertaining but also knows his stuff so it’s a good balance.

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Two years ago

Perth fan. Here's my opinions for what they're worth:

Perth -
Little bit over the whole Red Army concept - Red is fine, but the club goes overboard with it. Everything is dominated by red. Give me 1994 black and gold Wildcats, or black and red from 95 onwards. Thats the Wildcats that I got to love and have the fondest memories of.

The "win at all costs" mentality - Love their success and wouldn't trade it in for anything, but would it really hurt the club to have a genuine rebuilding period, spend some time being underdogs for a little while, and get the fans genuinely excited again for more success when it comes back. Winning every year and coming close when they don't can sometimes feel a bit boring (don't get me wrong I love winning like anyone, but I don't like dynasties that much, and you can take winning for granted and appreciate it less)

My least liked team. Joey Wright has made me hate this club. The thuggish culture with mediocre success, Over glorified players that hype themselves up way too much, the constant chip on their shoulder, and a management that seems to be doing things a little too much on the cheap in recent times.

The move to the new stadium is nice and welcomed, and good to see crowds coming back, but I hate how its so dark in there. Can barely even see the crowd its so dark.

My second least liked team. They really need to sort themselves out. For how long now in their history have they been on the brink of folding?? Just fold or have a complete overhaul from ownership down. Tired of seeing the Hawks drag the league down with their crowds.

New Zealand:
Long rivalry with Perth has made me dislike them. Plus the annoying timezones really pissed me off during the grand final series. Their crappy old venue North Shore - thank God LK made them get rid of it. Their fans are fickle, and their media still refer to the NBL as the ANBL. Does any other media refer to a sports league incorrectly?

Poorly supported club that took forever to get an ownership group to buy in. Not much else. They did improve their standing with me late in the year and I don't mind the new venue they play in. Suits them for now till they grow their support base a bit more.

Cairns, SEM and surprisingly Sydney and Melbourne I don't hate that much. I dislike them for the same reasons as others have said, but nothing further to that or unusual quirks. Maybe the Melbourne and Sydney fans are a bit fairweather I guess and generally drop off when they start losing. Cairns are good value and quite likeable. Maybe if they stay successful for a while, I'll develop a disliking for them.

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Two years ago

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable thread. Great work Anon. Pleased to see very little hate for my Hawks.

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Two years ago

I'm a Perth fan.

Trevor Gleeson.
Exorbitant pricing for everything, from tickets to stuffed toy Wilbur mascots.
Bogan crowd that enjoys having music blasted at the stadium.

Claim having knowledgeable fans, but they're not actually.
Every year they have an ugly uniform.
They're a traditional Perth rival, so I've got to hate them.

Arrogance throughout, from management to playing staff.
Knobhead court announcer who has outstayed his welcome.
Act like they've had more success than they actually have (see arrogance, above)

Like to reflect on Goorjian era of success, but happily ignore Firepower era followed by non-existence.
Paul Smith.
They would suit 10 imports if they could possibly get away with it.

Ugly uniforms every single year.
Ugly stadium made uglier by only ever being half-full.
The whole team is made up of guys who are either past it, or haven't made it.

More boring than vanilla ice cream.
No care factor from the home fans, why should I care about them as an opposing one?
Their new stadium looks like a suburban rec centre.

Ugly stadium and dark court looks gross.
Every year have a new contingent of imports that the locals go crazy for, then forget about in the next.
Joe Blake needs to be retired.

S.E. Melbourne
They had the opportunity to run with a green uniform, and didn't take it.
No differentiation - they seem like Melbourne Lite.
Team has no distinct personality - second to Brisbane in boringness rating.

New Zealand
I put up with ugly North Shore for years; now they're going to tiny regional town venues.
Owner is a complete tosser.
Rotating door for imports and Websters.

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Two years ago

Couple of other things i forgot about in my post (#969)

Adelaide: the "hungry jacks" chant every time there are freethrows

Brisbane: their super cheap and tacky cheerleaders/hype people they have dancing around on the sidelines. Get some proper cheerleaders ffs.

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Two years ago

Have to hate a team with their heads so far up their own arses that they call themselves The Kings.
History of dickhead owners pouring in millions and just embarassing the league.
Sydney Wankers in general. Its the same in AFL. You can go for a decade and never meet a Kings or Swans fan, then they have a winning season and suddenly everyone from NSW is an NBL or AFL expert.

Any team that would retire Ray Gordon's number deserves to be banned.
The ridiculous Victoria dominated and biased reffing of the 80s & 90s.
United is a stupid name for a basketball club.

Just pathetic now. Have more support amongst fans of other teams than in their home town.
Used to be that everyone had a soft-spot for the battlers, but now they are just an embarrassment.
Their home town doesn't even care anymore.

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Two years ago

[I don't like Melbourne partly because of the historical rivalry between Sydney-Melbourne that goes beyond basketball. But mostly, it's still because of Sean Lampley. ;)]

I was there. In the building. Whatta shot.

An old lady Kings fan was so incensed she pushed a Tigers fan in the row in front of me.

Today I was lamenting that I didn't attend last night after briefly considering it. Then after some thought I realised how much less the results of the NBL mean to me than they did in those days. Those were the days! Back in my day..... said with nostalgia

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Two years ago

[The ridiculous Victoria dominated and biased reffing of the 80s & 90s.]

On the topic of those days, I looked up the 1989 season after the discussion about the lopsided semi final results, and realised that 5 of 13 teams that season were Victorian.

And Sydney calls themselves the Hoops Capital. Haha. There's a reason to dislike Sydney. The Hoops Capital that didn't have a team for 5 years.

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Two years ago

All the other teams because they better than Sixers. Tired of being a loser. Dislike because Sixers are losers. But they make us losers... I not a loser. CG bogut cadee weeks Mayberry aylen are but some who treat the less entitled as not worthy. Yes I included refs. They strut around heads up arse shit don't stink with disdain for the good guys.. as if Sixers have big L on foreheads and Big W for wankers on arse. They should look in mirror.

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Two years ago

Some unique points not yet mentioned:


The logo. It looks like a magpie but if you say that the fans will correct you and point out it's a piping shrike. WTF IS A PIPING SHRIKE. Plus get this - the people correcting you are called croweaters. JFC talk about being anal on the birds. Please stick to one.

... but wait, there's more! To add to the confusion above their mascot is called Murray the Magpie. Oh boy. To top it all of it's the lamest mascot in the history of the league.

Magpie = Piping shrike = Crow? MIND BLOWN. Should've stuck with the old Sixers logo to spare us all.

Next issue.

Everyone seems to be broke in Adelaide.

The fans, the sponsors and the owners.

The fans will post on here a season ticket price which is like 1/33rd of the cost in other capital cities and claim they can't afford it.

Attracting a title sponsor is a huge ordeal for the club each and every season no matter who is in management or ownership. 2019-20 was Steadfast which is Grant Kelley's investment holdings company which has no use for advertising! When they do sign one up they don't pay like with True Solar.

Owner is finally a local Adelaide boy who is a millionaire but still won't splash the cash. Possible LK beard. What a cocktease.

Remember when they didn't even have EFTPOS?

Oh and the players had to collect bottles for 5c redemption at one stage because the club was owned by a fan group after yet another broke owner went by the wayside.

No money in Adelaide confirmed.

Finally the fans all crying about moving to a larger and more central stadium like it was the end of the world during the pre-season. Season begins and it's pretty much "all good." Really?

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Two years ago

Perthworlds you have done it. You are total dickhead. Piping strike is australian magpie. Murray is a magpie a drum beating magpie. He is the heart and soul of SA. A very proud emblem of our great state. Convict free. You toser.
A wild cat is such a piss poor effort. Really a wild cat. Feral cat. Flea infected. Rotten rodent eater.

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Two years ago

but really, because they are always good, but for some reason they are always angry. Just a good, but unlikable, characterless team led by an angry hobo

Always steal our players

A plastic franchise with no soul.
Also have traditionally stolen our players

The rest i don't care about
(which is why it took me by surprise how much chat there is about Adelaide on here. Who really cares about Adelaide?)

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Two years ago

Perth always angry??!? How can we be angry when we are always winning? And there's that arrogance you all hate. :P

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Two years ago

"(which is why it took me by surprise how much chat there is about Adelaide on here. Who really cares about Adelaide?)"

Probably because it's Hoops SA forum lol.

Sounds like a Cairns Taipans fan to me.

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Two years ago

It's 10c a can...

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Two years ago

* out dated stadium, with over priced tickets, food & drinks
* same music played for 20 seasons
* courtside announcer
* owner seemingly unwilling to spend
* this season's import selection, aside from Aaron Brooks

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Two years ago


I don't understand this club or the city they are from. For all my criticism of the 36ers above at least they have loyal fans and come from what feels like a battler's town. Brisbane on the other hand from what I've heard is like a larger Perth where the residents oddly call their city BrisVegas. WTF? Adding Vegas to the end of a city's name doesn't make it fun. Imagine calling Perth PerthVegas. Cringe.

Back to the franchise - do they have any fans? People will say the hiatus from the league hindered them but I don't believe so. Whether it was in 2000, 2007, 2020 success or failure they have no fanbase. Online the only supporter around consistently over the years has been MrBen/Ben. One! No one in Brisbane cares. Do they even know they have a team? When was the last time Bullets were relevant to the city - probably in 1987?

We all know how BNE were resurrected artificially due to being a key market but then double down on the above city and fan issues by bringing in spud players. Cadee. Hodgson. Sobey at PG. Did I mention Cadee? Clarke/Lemanis ignoring the fact you can't replicate the NZB culture. Lemanis' poor imitation of Goorjian's sign-a-Boomer program and fourth quarter fadeouts trying to manage leads. How uninspiring. Yawn.

No one will be offended by this because there is no on here to offend.

SEM have HEARTLAND jerseys so can BNE play against them next season in matching HEARTLESS ones?

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Two years ago

+1 vote here regarding Perth Arena. Whoever designed that interior should be shot into the sun. 'Ugly' doesn't begin to describe it.

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Two years ago

Perthworld - Well I am from Brisbane, but you haven't offended me at all. Mainly because you are wrong.

To the guy who said "Brisbane, meh, boring crowd waiting for the rugby to start" - Not everyone in Brisbane look forward to the football leagues starting. And boring? Seriously?????? Clearly you haven't been to a game.

To the salty guy who said we "stole" your players - well pay them and they won't jump ship.

The Armory took us a game or 2 to get used to, but we love it. The atmosphere is great, win or lose.

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Two years ago

-Owned by the league owner - false
-trust fund baby - again, false
-huge spending recently - surprise, also false
-Steal imports - recruit imports, just because they may have come from another NBL team, this does not mean they've been 'stolen' - ridiculous notion
-Goulding - just an Australian Boomer doing his thing, can't see why it'd be a reason to 'hate' a team
-as a city think they're top shit - as a city in australia, melbourne is top shit

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