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NH: effect of coronavirus on sports leagues

The NBL has probably dodged a bullet just because of the timing of the season. But what about the leagues that are starting now that have full exposure to this.

The AFL for one is going to take a massive hit. Even if it goes ahead without crowds that's a massive hit alone with ticket sales. And then if you cancel the season do they still get their TV rights money? Do players still get paid?

NRL would be the same. Cricket safer.

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Everyone will still watch the AFL on TV so they should be ok on that front. In fact ratings might be up if people are staying inside more over the next month or so

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Another Anon  
Last year

It's all ok for now until a player or senior coach gets it.
Once that happens, as is now the possibility in Europe, whole seasons could be whiped out.
Then the lawyers make the money as contracts are torn to shreds.

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Last year

Lithuanian league suspended for 2019/2020 . VTB league as well, most other leagues on hold till end of March and decision to made then. Landale Lithuanian team declared winners.

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Jack Toft  
Last year

They have played soccer to empty stadiums before (due to fan violence) and so it is not new. For such an outdoor sport like AFL and NRL, I think the players rely on the noise and the buzz to get motivated.

In a game of AFL a total of around 180 points per game are scored. It will be particularly interesting to see if the the scores go down as a result of playing in front of an empty stadium, or if the tempo of the game is affected.

The stadiums will obviously be massively affected through loss of food and drink sales and of course ticket sales account for revenue for clubs so without fans there will be a massive hit to the hip pocket.

The only glimmer of light would be whether the limit of 500 fans per match could be used to rotate fans through the match. ie have a roster/lottery where a fan gets to see one game per season so at least they keep interested. The clubs would probably want to bias those attending to the high end sponsors and the like, but the players probably want the grass roots fans on the boundary.

I guess, a fan ban will give those Collingwood fans plenty of time to get some dental work.

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Last year

Why are they canceling sports leagues altogether?

Are they worried about players infecting each other and passing it on?

I understand playing behind closed doors. But canceling altogether seems draconion- at least in Australia.

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Last year


Seriously though, surely it should be based on the density of distribution of people rather than the total number. I'd feel a lot safer as one of 2,000 people scattered around Optus Stadium than I would as one of 100 in a small bar.

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Last year

The more people there are the higher the chances at least one is infected and the harder it is to trace everyone should someone test positive.

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Last year

Perth has 2 million people so they should ban Perth starting from Monday

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Last year

Ban any city or town greater than 500 people

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I am staying inside where possible.

But one of my favourite indoor activities is watching sport and there's not much of it on.

So what's everyone doing these days? Guess we can catch up on our TV shows. Read a book. I saw someone doing a big puzzle.

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Last year

Forgot to mention playing Playstation/computer games. One of those great activities that you never have time for. Until now!

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Last year

Have sex can do that at home

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The recent announcement from the NZ government is going to force the hands of the NRL, Super Rugby and whatever game or league involves NZ (Cricket has been cancelled).

Teams basically can't go to NZ to play their games because they’ll have to be quarantined for 14 days - and that’s obviously not possible.

And NZ teams can’t go to Australia because then on their return to NZ each time they will be required to be in quarantine for 14 days.

There’s currently NZ teams overseas that won’t make it back before the midnight deadline tomorrow and therefore don’t really know what to do and are in limbo (e.g Super Rugby) - Highlanders may just stay in Argentina or go to Australia and chill there.

Crazy stuff!!

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Last year

Good move by New Zealand. Meanwhile in Australia...

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Last year

NZ always ahead of us, following all medical health authorities advice. It's a total pain in the arse but it should keep it under control.

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Last year

I'm here where I live in London, with the local BBC News on TV, and Australian ABC News 24 on my laptop, and switching between the two is like two alternate universes. The ABC have the Offsiders on talking about sports, naturally, in particular the AFL and NRL and talking as if they just will be going on through the season... which, from here, just seems absolutely wild.

Also Roy Masters is on the ABC and I haven't thought of him in years, thankfully. In the 90s he used to trash basketball, the NBL and NBA, in column after column, and how the sport and it's players were just in no way worthy of even the remotest consideration in comparison to his holy rugby league, all of course with what I remember felt like 'subtle' racist undertones back then, so would probably be screamingly obvious now. Anyway, have detested him - and rugby league - ever since. And he seems to be just as moronic now.

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Last year

Australia was never going to be told by government to close sports before this weekend, Hillsong got massive meeting at their headquarters this weekend. Been wandering around Sydney from OS. Morrison was never going to let that happen.
It was left to individual sports bodies to make correct decisions. Well run organisations like the nba, premier league get on the front foot and make decisions despite of governments. The nbl got this right. It's a pain for everyone and who ever loses could complain about loss of crowd support but still better than the alternative which could lead to the virus going wild.

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Last year

Sports will suffer big time. Lucky for the NBL their season is at it's end. Power and Crows need around 30,000 spectators to a game to break even. Sponsors will drop off, merchandise sales will drop off. Catering deals and business rely on the matches for customers. A lot of AFL clubs have massive debts already. The AFL is lucky it has massive TV rights deal and a future fund, but this is going to hurt financially as all the clubs will be putting their hands out.

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Last year

NRL already asking for millions, royal Easter show cancelled for only the third time in 200 hundred years.

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Last year

Prediction: Foxtel goes under this year.

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Last year

Liberals won't let Foxtel go down, been giving them millions for years. It’s there PR machine.

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Last year

Covid-19? Yeah it's really serious ay. So we're gonna make each quarter a bit shorter.

- The AFL

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