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Confirmed: Tokyo 2020 Olympics now postponed

How much difference a week makes.

Only a week ago, the IOC and the AOC were saying that the Olympics would go ahead on July 24th, as planned. But today the IOC is making the concession that the Olympics likely will be postponed to either 2021 or 2022, and they're trying to figure out the timing for it to give the games the best possible chance of success.

The timing really matters when it comes to basketball. If it's during the NBA season you have buckleys of getting the NBA guys on any teams. But from an Australian point of view, if it's any later than 2021, we will have lost our "window" within which we have access to both our seasoned core and our up-and-coming stars. I still live in hope that we'll get to see our greatest-ever team play.

My vote would be for July 24, 2021. But even then we don't know how long this virus will linger and what the sporting landscape even looks like by then. I guess we'd better thank China for that one.


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Perth Wildcats to be declared the winner.

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Commonsense. Wait till next year till this thing subsides

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Last year

AOC members and athletes being told to expert a postponement until 2021

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Last year

Bogut to miss out if it's in 2021.

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Last year

Hmm, not necessarily re-Bogut. He could easily hold on for one more year and would probably still be an automatic pick on the team. Ball is entirely in his court on that one.

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Last year

If it's postponed until 2021, Australia can basically trot out the same team they were going to this year. 2022? Not so much. Feels a year too far.

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Last year

Games will definitely be postponed now after Australia and Canada have essentially withdrawn if its played this year.
If games are in 2021, shouldnt hurt the Boomers to much.


- Simmons and Thybulle should only get better
- Cotton will be an Aussie
- Exum has another chance to get fit
- Green has a realistic opportunity to make a case for selection
- Potential boomers such as Kay, Landale, Bolden, Maker, Broekhoff, Delly all still in 'prime age' range.

- Mills, Ingles and Baynes will be 33-34 yrs of age.
- Bogut unlikey to play (some might have that in 'pros')

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Last year

And again, blind Freddy could see this coming. Too much preparation required to leave it to the last minute.

I think two years would be overkill. Lets face it, if the world hasn't got this effing virus locked down within a year, then we won't be worrying about Olympics.

I don't really get the NBA comment?
The Olympics will be held at the same time of year as originally scheduled. And presumably in a world nolonger worried about covid-19.

But yes, I think Bogut could be pushing it. It's really a question of what he does for the next year. Can he work just hard enough to stay in touch, without completely effing his legs? If he tries another full season in the NBL, he'll be toast.
That said, and depending on the makeup of the roster, there could be space at the end of the bench. Depends on who are first two Centres are, and whether we can carry a third.

Aging of Baynes, Mills, and Jingles a problem. They are the backbone of the Boomers.

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I think anything could happen with Bogut. I wouldn't expect much more out of him than we got this season, though. And his play could deteriorate further. He's not an idiot though. If he's not up to it he wont put his hand up. But it is hard to think of a "best ever" Boomers squad that medals and doesn't have him somewhere on it. And I am coming up short when trying to think of an option that fills the hole he currently could still fill.

There is the upside of the maturing of the younger guys. Josh Green goes from an unlikely selection to a very likely one. Simmons back heals. Bryce Cotton gets citizenship. The core may start to age out of it a bit but they will surely be solid contributors still and I think we have young guys who can easily pick up the slack.

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Last year

The International Olympic Committee has decided to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games because of the coronavirus pandemic, IOC member Dick Pound has told USA Today.

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Last year

If we can keep the core together our team may even be stronger than it would be this year with the emergence of some of these young guys. There is a glut of shooting guards, small forwards and power forwards that will be hard to select from. Joe Ingles, Mattise Thybulle, Ryan Broekhoff and Josh Green all play basically the same position, and then at power forward you have Jock Landale, Thon Maker, Nick Kay and Jonah Bolden to consider.

My team:

Ben Simmons
Patty Mills
Joe Ingles
Jock Landale
Aron Baynes

Dante Exum
Bryce Cotton
Josh Green
Mattise Thybulle
Ryan Broekhoff
Nick Kay
Andrew Bogut

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Last year

Bogut needs to load manage. Stranger things could have happened but if not for virus, Perth were looking likely wiñners and in game 3 I think, he was struggling physically. Nbl banged on about how they were top the whole season, what does that give you apart from home court. If he had sat more games at start and middle maybe his body would have held up. Even if he plays minimally and they just make playoffs, a healthy Bogut is still top couple of centre easily. Think Weaver should have done better job in putting foot down as soon as injury flared. They definitely had the depth.

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Last year

Sydney had no depth at centre.

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Thunder Jam  
Last year

Another no brainer decision but these idiots from the IOC think they are above everyone else.

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Last year

Simmons / Dellavedova (Exum)
Mills / Cotton / Thybulle (Green)
Ingles / Broekhoff (Creek)
Landale / Kay / Maker (Bolden)
Baynes / Bogut (Magnay)

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Last year

"Simmons / Dellavedova (Exum)
Mills / Cotton / Thybulle (Green)
Ingles / Broekhoff (Creek)
Landale / Kay / Maker (Bolden)
Baynes / Bogut (Magnay)"

Yeah I think thats a better line up than mine. Important to have a few guys who can switch positions. Maker can conceivably fill in at centre. We have a lot of options of guys who can run point.

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Last year

Thunder Jam, I reckon it's more that the head honchos were going to lose big bucks in bonuses if the games didn’t go ahead, or wouldn’t get them for a year.

On top of that, their contracts probably wouldn’t go that far, in which case the same head honchos could miss out on the fame and glory and star treatment through being part of the delivery.

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Last year

For 2021, perhaps:

Simmons / Exum
Mills / Cotton / Green
Ingles / Thybulle
Kay / Maker / Bolden
Baynes / Landale

-At 36, i just can't see Bogut in the best 2 or 3 center's.
-Delly plays if olympics were in 2020, but i doubt he'll be in our top 5 guards in 2021 with Cotton naturalising and Green most likely playing NBA minutes. Delly probably plays anyway becuase Exum is always injured.
-Again, Broekhoff over Thybulle in 2020, but i suspect in 2021, Thybulle may be the preferred back up SF.

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