Years ago

Brushes with Basketball Fame

Anyone bumped into anyone super famous?

I've met Michael Cooper (LA Lakers)out front of the old Apollo and said hi to Alonzo Mourning and his gorilla bodyguards at the Crown in Melbourne.

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Years ago

Met and had drinks with James Worthy

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Years ago

Played 1on1 against Hersey Hawkins when NBA jam session was in adelaide. Beat him as well, played again straight after and didn't score at all. Guess he turn it up a few notches

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Years ago

Hey Nino, what was it that you said to Michael Jordan in your one chance to offer him your sagely words of advice? I can't quite remember...

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m8 of mine was over coaching @ dunlaps school. He stayed in chicago for a while with some girls that worked at MJs restaraunt. He ended up having dinner at MJs restaurant with the man in his private room. They then headed out on the town as a group, with the enterage, but not before MJ told him to come in his car.

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Years ago

Used my aussie accent in Salt Lake on one of the security guards at the Delta Center to let me sit courtside when the Bulls played the Jazz first game of the season AFTER the big three left.

After the game he took me to the Bulls locker room to meet the players. Got to have a nice chat with Toni Kukoc as well as photo with him. Got one with Ron Harper too but he was a bit rude. Also had an awesome chat with John Paxson who was so friendly and down to earth it's not funny. Can definitely see why Jordan liked him so much and why he is making such a great GM for the Bulls.

Amazing that mentioning that you're aussie and Luc Longley in the one sentence and how the NBA types will open up!

BTW - the Jazz cheerleaders certainly like the aussie accent! =)

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Years ago

Once saw Al Green outside my window.

(Mod: Anyone want to dispute that this is Post of the Week?)

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Years ago

Jumpin Baron Brown.

Were there any witnesses or photos to prove that your mate actually met Jordan??

Your saying he actually went in Jordans car.....

and had dinner with him in his private room???

I want evidence

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Years ago

Bumped into LeBron James in 2003/04 at the Summit Mall in Akron, Ohio at, of all places, Victoria's Secret. No shit, i turned around and almost knocked into him, i just looked up and freaked out, he just smiled and moved around me....FKN HUGE!!!!!!!

Living in NYC, im sure ill bump into some Knicks as my mate has a corp box at the Garden....GIDDY UP!!!

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Bob Knight  
Years ago

Had dinner with Steve Wojciechowski when he was here doing his clinics. The conversation was like his defence, all about heart, emotion and intensity.

He spoke about coach K and I spoke about my life ambition of being a cameron crazy.

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Bob Knight  
Years ago

Slapping high 5's with Dixy after the 2003 championship game.

I'll never forget that moment!!

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

Tiny Pinder and I once ... never mind.

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Bob Knight  
Years ago

Did he back you down in the post Bo?

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The truth  
Years ago

Jimmy im quite Jealous any idea how much the box set ya friend back .. intresting to hear the crazy prices ....

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40th Street Black  
Years ago

Had a good conversation with Charles Barkely and a baggage handler at the Philadelphia Airport. (yes he is only 6'4"!!!)

The night before at the Spectrum there were hundreds of women outside chanting 'Charles is a wife basher'.
The game before he played so badly that after the game ,to the press, he said he felt like going home and beating his wife!

I heard that Paul Vandenberg this year was mistaken for Rick Fox by Dale Davis and Eric Vickerman at a club in Atlanta

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Worked basketball Camp in Kentucky and Had Tubby Smith Give me $100.00 Handshake at the end of the week after coaching his youngest son, Also coached Ron Harper's Kid - Terrance (real attitude to start then warmed up after he realized I didn't care who his daddy was), Met Ashley Judd in Kentucky she did a chat to all the campers and I couldn't put together a sentence she was outstanding. Hung out with Tayshun Prince, Jamal Maglore, Kenny Walker (hilarious guy,he paid me out all night long), anyone traveling overseas in the wintertime go and work the Kentucky camp best time ever.

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Years ago

On Tiny Pinder.... My brother is a copper and had to do a cell extraction at Long Bay Gaol. Walking past one of the cells he looked in and there was Tiny Pinder... and his little buddy, Ivan Milat. Nice combination dont you think?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Kurt Rambis, Moses Malone, James Worthy at the Adelaide airport. Malone was a rude tool, while Rambis was an absolute scream and a real gentleman.

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Years ago

I think Truslove probably would win this one. Didn't he play with Magic when Canberra played Michigan State a few years ago.

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oh yea pero vasiljevic had dinner with magic!

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

My new favourite phrase is "cell extraction".

James Worthy spotters: was he wearing goggles at the time? I just can't picture what he'd look like without them on.

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Years ago

'cell extraction' is a sport.

everyone should try it sometime. It bloody hard to put someone in one, and it's a battle to get them out of one..........

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Years ago

40th Street Black, this photo would tend to suggest that Barkley is closer to 6-7 or 6-8 (and confirm he has a violent streak!!)

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Years ago

Got drunk with Wally szerbiak when the US team played pre-olympics in Melbourne. A few others were around as well but it was me, wally and the groupies that hung around kicking it all night.

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Mott the Hoople  
Years ago

Billo, without his head ending in a point he'd only be 6'4". LOL

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

But you can't see the high heels!

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Years ago

I once met a guy who worked for a company who once got a quote for a web page by some guy called Isaac. Reckons his brother is a bench scrub for the 36ers.

I didn't beleive him either. :)

Seriously, cant claim any NBA calibre players, and about the only social "outing" I've had with baller types is having drinks with Goorjian and Jason Smith after a Titans (or they might have still been Magic at that time) after a 6ers game.

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Years ago

Met Jordan after his last home game as a Wizard, also Manute Bol, Chris Gatling, Del harris and Keith Jennings, that was back in the day when the Warroirs could play a bit!

Earlier this year met R Kelly at a club in Miami he was there for the MTV awards, no 14 year olds with him.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Spoke to Brendan Joyce at the 2003 Under 18 Nationals in Newcastle. His son was playing!

And yes, he did KNOW that I was a ref!

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Years ago

Saw Nick Hambour with Cayla Francis at the Archer on Saturday night....tut tut underage drinking.

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Years ago

I didn't know Nick Hambore was under aged!

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

Not sure were i heard this story (certinly didn't happen to anyone i know, or claim to know), but i think its a corker.

There was a lady holidaying in Las Vegas a while back, staying in a real fancy hotel, one evening she left her room, to take the elevator down to the casino. When she pressed the down button, and the doors opened, there were two really tall, solid african american's standing at the back of the lift. She timidly got into the lift, quite intimidated by their size (height and build). When the doors closed, one of the men said "Hit the Floor".

Terrified, this lady dove to the floor, covering her ears as she broke into tears in fright. After several moments the two men stepped over her and left the lift.

After this terrifying ordeal, the lady found her husband on the poker table, but was too frighted to tell him what had just happened.

Later on that evening, when she returned to her room, and opened the door, there was flowers and choclates scattered all around the room with a card.

The card read...

"Thanks for the entertainment. We meant, hit the ground floor button. Your reaction was priceless, it really lifted our spirits after a bad day.

Signed Michael Jordan & Charles Barkley."

- she obviously wasn't a basketball fan. Imagine not recognising MJ.?.?.?

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

You'd sure feel stupid.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

That same kinda thing happend when one of the west indians came to play cricket for south australia. He was met at the airport by an old gentleman with a South Australian Cricket Association tie and escorted to the Adelaide Oval to meet with officials. On the way to the oval, the west indian (cant remember who it was) said to the older gentleman, "so, did you play cricket in your day?" the man replied "yes, i played a little" The old man was don bradman.

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Years ago

My brother was able to attend a Magic Johnson camp in LA few years ago and met Magic, said it was fantastic. The camp also had some UCLA players there such as Jelani McCoy.

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Years ago

West Indian cricketer Wavell Hinds asked me out on a date. He was so cute, but the massive age difference and long distance...the answer was a sorry, no!

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Years ago

Willey Farley gave me a hug and his playing uniform last season after one game, and also when i went and watched 6ers play the crows for a charity game...met a few legends!!! woo

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m dizzle  
Years ago

I remember seeing David Stiff in my local foodland when i was younger, i just stood there staring up at him. He said hello and i just kept on staring haha

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Well, if we're going a long way back, South Adelaide Panther and Adelaide 36er Craig Clatworthy ran a coaching clinic at my primary school (would've been about grade 3, which is a very long time ago for those who know me!). ;-)

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Years ago

The msg about Al Green posted by anon....grow up! I thought this was a sight about the game not about anything that happened over ten years ago that's not related to the game and was never found to be factual focus on the game.

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Years ago

Lighten up "player", it was just a joke... and earned a Hoops SA basketball

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Years ago

I propose that everyone find a post that's 6 months old or more and respond, who's with me?

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Years ago

I played a game of one on one against Paul "Snoopy" Graham in Kalgoorlie. He later went on to win the 6th man of the year award playing for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA. Needless to say he killed me, but really laidback guy.

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