Two years ago

Shannon Shorter

Watching some old YouTube vids

Was he under rated?

Good size 6 4 for a point guard

Decent shot

Quality defender

Got to the rim well

Or did his flexing antics knock him down.?

As a a cheap import would he be worth considering?

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Two years ago

I can only think of one team that would sign Shorter.

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Two years ago

underrated at $300k yeah right

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Two years ago

he wasn't a 'cheap import'

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Two years ago

He liked to flex.
Mediocre import but Adelaide have had much worse.

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Two years ago

He was on $300k?

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Two years ago

On a team that also had Childress, Creek, DJ and Sobey (and Moore, Deng, Drmic and Hodgson), he was a decent second import. On a team that needs a go to guy, he wouldn't be the right player.

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Two years ago

Mervan is surely having a laugh when he says Shorter was a cheap import and a quality defender.

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Two years ago

Shorter was a quality defender. Could hold his own against bigs in the post. Got plenty of steals. Read the play well. Don't forgot his team was only now win from the championship but for a couple of things not going their way against one of the better teams we have seen on paper.
Not sure that many starter imports would ever come cheap.

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Two years ago

Shorter was an important part of that Adelaide team.

Quality defender, physically big and strong for a point guard, could get to the rim and could also hit a three. Attacked the glass. Brought aggression, physicality and played hard. A lot to like.

Plenty of attributes that would compliment CG43 as a backcourt partner at United, actually.

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Two years ago

Although given we've got Ili and McCarron and CG hasn't signed yet, that's getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

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Two years ago

And everytime he threw an off target pass always found a way to blame his team-mates for not being able to get it, and then turns to Joey as if to say "why can't these bums catch? It's busting up the play"

Might have been because you threw the ball no where near the guys shot pocket Shannon and the defence was able to close out and contain by the time the guy controlled it.

I liked him overall however, in that group. Was good in the post for a reliable bucket against other point guards.

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

I think Adelaide should have tried to keep the same team after going down to Melbourne in that series. Don't forget, we lost Childress and the Sobey ejection hurt us. I think if those two things didn't happen, Shorter could have been the starting point guard on a championship team.

I found the criticism of Shorter by Boti, well, ludicrous really.

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Two years ago

When it comes to Shorter, a lot of people dislike him for reasons that have little to do with basketball.

He flexed too much. He came across as undeservingly arrogant. Maybe, if on 300k, he was overpaid. But was he effective?

Yes he was.

Took the Sixers closer to any championship than Randle ever did. And before you say that Randle had a worse team around him than Shorter, Randle also had Bogut and co in Sydney and did nothing.

This isn't about hating on Randle though. I am just saying, Shorter could ball.

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Two years ago

Yes Shorter was certainly effective but got caught up in flexing and arrogance that came under Joeys coaching, which gets you away from what you're on about and it hurt his form.

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Two years ago

"Randle also had Bogut and co in Sydney and did nothing."

Don't forget Gaze.

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Two years ago

Wasn't Shorter the cubbawubba who struggled to move on defence for most of the season?

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Two years ago

^ nah, he was the starting point guard on a finals team.

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The Ibek-Way  
Two years ago

Going to preface this with yeah, I personally liked Shorter and reckon he was one of the better PG's for the Adelaide team we have had in a while but I don't actually remember him being a very good shot? I actually remember him putting up a little too many contested 3's which he really shouldn't have considering he was not a particularly proficient shooter

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Two years ago

Shorter's offensive game was extremely erratic, even for Joey's system. He still hit enough shots and made enough plays so that he wasn't a definitive negative, but definitely had plenty of moments that would have frustrated his teammates and coaches.

However, his defense was pretty elite. Maybe he was enabled by Joey's switch-heavy scheme, but he did his job: being able to defend the other team's PG, switch on to a big and not automatically give up layups or rebounds was undoubtedly valuable.

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Two years ago

The Sixers' defence that year (childress, Shorter) was amongst the league's best in Defensive Efficiency, since then (Randle) we have not repeated that important aspect of winning basketball.

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Two years ago

Also just signed in Israel, throwing plenty of money around that competition.

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Two years ago

Spatial Jam for the last five seasons of 36ers players has Shorter 4th in scoring at 13.4 PPG. Only imports ahead of him are Randle (21.2 PPG) and Griffin (14 PPG). For a guard, Shorter's 5.1 RPG is reasonable. Change it to three seasons and Creek and Sobey push ahead.

Other imports in those years have been Randle, Moore, Jacobsen, Ferguson, Wiley, Griffin, Ere, Childress, Conger, Deleon (9 games), McNeail (3 games) and Wiggins Jr (1 game). Randle is Randle, Moore is a roleplayer, Childress was good. Shorter is no worse than the rest though.

In his year. across the league, his 3P% at 35.1% was better than Rotnei Clarke, Drmic, Gibbo, Loe, Blanchfield, Sobey, Ware, Abercrombie, Weigh and Steindl (who all were attempting a reasonable number of threes or are known to have the ability). His RPG was ahead of Pledger, Abercrombie, Brandt, Edwu, Jervis, Kickert, Newbill, Humphries, Carrera, Loughton, Hodgson, Petrie. 4th in the league in assists behind Randle, Trice and Ware which is solid guard company.

Like a few others, I thought he was overly criticised and thought he was a handy import option on a team with some quality locals. Appreciated his ability to defend bigger players.

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Two years ago

I was one of those who was pretty hard on Shorter and called for the club to upgrade on him (although we did sign Childress later that season and went to the GF) however he looks pretty good compared to the other imports we had under Joey.

The Joey Era (2013-20)

Gary Ervin
Jarrid Frye
Jamar Wilson
Daequon Montreal
Ebi Ere
Kenyon McNeail
Jerome Randle
Terrance Ferguson
Eric Jacobsen
Shannon Shorter
Ramone Moore
Ronald Roberts
Alan Wiggins
Josh Childress
Jacob Wiley
Adris De Leon
Demitrius Conger
Eric Griffin
Deshon Taylor
Jerome Randle (again)

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Two years ago

Alan Wiggins

Who? Don't remember this

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Two years ago

Wonder if any of those brilliant imports listed by zodiac are available for NBL 20/21.

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The Ibek-Way  
Two years ago

Thanks Isaac, have to withdraw my statement regarding shooting after that.
Rebounding doesn't surprise me but it does surprise me that he was behind Randle for assists...

His size on defence was crucial to that switch-on-everything defence. Not something Randle can cover.

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The Ibek-Way  
Two years ago

Looking at that list, he has to also be one of the most all rounded, solid performers we have had in the Joey era. Honestly, not looking for the likes of Long/Trice/Ware/prather just want someone reliable like Ibekewe/McKay/Egwu/Jett

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Two years ago

Gary Ervin - decent
Jarrid Frye - bust
Jamar Wilson - decent
Daequon Montreal - bust
Ebi Ere - bust
Kenyon McNeail - bust
Jerome Randle - decent
Terrance Ferguson - bust
Eric Jacobsen - decent
Shannon Shorter -decent
Ramone Moore - decent/bust
Ronald Roberts - bust
Alan Wiggins - bust
Josh Childress - decent
Jacob Wiley - decent
Adris De Leon - bust
Demitrius Conger - bust
Eric Griffin - bust
Deshon Taylor - bust
Jerome Randle (again) - decent

9/20 cut it. Hardly a pass mark.

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Two years ago

One of those listed as a bust is a 21/22 year old NBA player.

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The Ibek-Way  
Two years ago

A little unfair to a few there
Wiggins never got a go due to injury.
Taylor never really got a go. He looked alright, not amazing, but alright.
Roberts never got a go because of attitude?

What counts as decent vs bust? How well they did compared to pay? compared to expectations? how well the team did that year?

Griffin did not live up to expectations but was still better than Jacobson?

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Two years ago

To be fair all clubs will have hits and misses with import selection since 2013.

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Two years ago

What they did previously or did after playing for the 36ers is irrelevant. It's what they did whilst playing for them. Ferguson did sfa during his time at the 36ers and if he was an import in his own right, would've been sent packing.

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Two years ago

if he was an import in his own right, would've been sent packing.

He did count as an import slot though.

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Two years ago

Sixers will have to hit a home run with imports like Cairns did, local cupboard is very bare. Had the luxury of DJ, Creek and Sobey so could go with a Moore to come on and be a role player. They will have to average close to 20 for Sixers to have a chance unless they pick up a big local name wanting to escape Europe for a year or find a sleeper that will pick up slack. I wonder if Henry did his homework on how much up shit creek they are. ATM our marquee local is a 30 something perimeter big man that is allergic to defence. Next on the depth chart could be Teys FFS, McVeigh a gunners who's done nothing and hasn't even had a chance to improve in NBL1.
Any local FA linked to Adelaide, nope. Should be picking over bones of Hawks.

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