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Last year

A-League moves to Winter

I am curious to see whether this triggers a spike in interest in the NBL.

Will we see bigger crowds at games (assuming restriction on crowds are extinguished) and more exposure in the media.

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Last year

Yeah, its like I always said "if at first you don't succeed, shove your head up your arse and make believe."

Years back there was a massive move, and much effort, to overhaul the very nature of Soccer in Australia.
After much prestidigitation, the magnificent change they came up with was to change their name, and try to force all clubs and associations to do the same.

Somewhere around that time I was treasurer of a small Soccer "Club", that was in fact simply the soccer arm of our school, and played in a small "league" of private schools.
Once we got going, with our numbers in the book (that was still a thig) and a fledgling web presence, we began to be inundated by enquiries, including suppliers and sponsors. Due to the name of our school, we shared part of our name with one of the major Soccer clubs in Perth. They had diligently changed their name and all their presence to the XXX FOOTBALL club, which now everybody confused with the Football Club at XXX, which was in fact the WWW Football Club.

People in Australia have never had a problem calling Soccer, Soccer.

If these twats want to prance around carrying on about the "World Game" well good luck to them, but thinking that somehow gives them a God Ordained Right to financial success, is just plain delusional.

Australians love Swimming, we're good at it, and it's probably our favourite Olympic sport. Do we really care that most of the world has nowhere to swim and doesn't know how?
Soccer just isn't that popular in Australia, and if anything it is becoming LESS so. If you go back to last century, when the WAP, our relatively small population, and burgeoning economy, ensured a steady stream of fanatical European migrants, you can understand why it was relatively popular. But the relative rate of immigration has slowed, and predominantly comes from cultures without that tradition of fanatical support.

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Last year

Oh good, D2.0 is here


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Last year

Are they not planning on starting their next season in December, with a June finish? Quite a bit of overlap with the NBL season still.
Not convinced they take punters away from each other though.
And bashing soccer is a popular in Australia, but the sport still seems popular to me. Plenty of participation, plenty of kids playing, and a local league with an actual tv deal (although that's at risk)

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Last year

Dictated entirely by Fox Sports with a reduced financial deal. Its a win for the league because it was either that or nothing by the looks of it.

They will get absolutely drowned out by the AFL and NRL so I really cant see this being a succesful move long term. Do they not look at the NBL at all when doing case studies?

Its great for the NBL though. One less competition to go up against for fan and media support when the crossover season is done and the first full winter season begins the following year

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Last year

Not sure if it's just moving to winter for the 2022 World Cup (which got moved to December after FIFA realised that the desert would be hot) and moving back later or a permanent move.

I don't think Fox would be behind the move, they wouldn't want to be losing summer content on Kayo, people would be unsubscribing if their only exclusive sport is cricket, which is mostly on FTA anyway. Unless they're going all C7 and trying to bury it to please the AFL (or the NRL, but it wasn't for the NRL last time).

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Last year

Soccer has more grassroots players than anyone in aus by a fair margin.

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Last year

Foxtel reviewing their deal as well. Good Luck.

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Last year

Their season always goes well into winter and finishes like 2-4 months after the NBL does and after the early season buzz from football codes but their finals series are almost forgotten largely and they need to build the buzz back up... definitely a struggle and certainly don't benefit enough from the Asian Champions League exposure

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Last year

Soccer has more grassroots players than anyone in aus by a fair margin

So does Tee-Ball, what's your point?

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Last year

Soccer is made to be played in winter. The quality of the league will improve so much if they're not playing in 35C weather every week.

I don't think the crowds will suffer too much, as it's been in trouble for a few seasons anyway. Only way is up.

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Last year

What about stadiums that are used for A league and AFL / NRL?

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