Last year

Has "The last dance" on Netflix helped Australian bball?

In terms of attracting more interest to basketball in Australia?

Will for example, more kids watch the NBA now?

Do you think participation rates in Australia have increased due to this documentary?

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Last year

Yes, there were thousands of people shooting hoops at my local rec centre the day after the doco aired. Or there would have been if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic.

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Last year

A couple of my footy mad mates watched it now they're into hoops more.
The basketball tournament is on now so at least we got some hoops to watch until NBA starts at end of the month.

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Last year

I had so many people in the office come and talk to me about it because they know I am "the basketball guy".

Would have been fantastic if the NBL was still in season when it came out.

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Last year

Hah "The basketball guy". I feel I have been living that role since 1990!

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Last year

Unfortunately, its apparent that people view such things through their own preconceptions.
Those who love the NBA, think it was wonderful and sure to boost the sport.
Those with no interest in the NBA, or who thought it showcased everything that's wrong with America, have a more sanguine outlook.

It's honestly hard to say. I'm sure there are those who despite not actively following American sport, would still buy into the almost religious fervour that surrounds Jordan and his ilk, or at least appreciate his demigod status, and for those it may (re)ignite an interest. Of those, the ones who already follow say AFL, may become convinced now that NBL is a "real sport."
BUT how many such people are there?

It really depends on what people's reasons are for not appreciating NBL.
Personally, I still appreciate that many Americans died defending Australia, that our entire defence is predicated on the ANZUS treaty and the US Navy, and America remains almost our only trade ally. Yet I am amazed about the amount of anti-American vitriol I read almost every day. And this is relevant, because one of the criticisms I constantly here from AL & NRL fans, is that Basketball is "Too American".
So for those, I don't expect the series had a positive impact.

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Last year

what did i just read?

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Last year

^ da fuck? Just need Koberulz to put his own wankerish spin on it.

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Last year

It did become a bit of a phenomena. I came across people who had no interest at all in basketball but they still watched it. What that means for basketball in this country in the broader sense is hard to know. But it can't have hurt...

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Last year

Phenomenon, not phenomena.

You're welcome, anon.

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Cool Howie  
Last year

Koberulz sucks

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Last year

100%, I've got friends who have no interest in Basketball or NBA and every single one of them think it's one of the best things they've watched in the last decade, wives, kids, parents around me are all saying the same thing. Some ppl post some absolute rubbish on this forum...

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Last year

"I feel I have been living that role since 1990!"

80's is more like it :P

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Big Ads  
Last year

Anyone else had an increased craving for cigars, gambling, whisky and wearing big suits these past 6 weeks?

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Last year

Interesting article on what the Last Dance doco has done for hoops in Esperance in WA:

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Last year

Those big suits looked hilarious!

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Last year

People have been claiming for 30 years that Basketball was poised to overtake AFL as the most popular spectator sport;
because of mythical junior participation rates,
because its an international sport,
because of the NBA,
because of migrants,
because its in the 'Lympics
because its easier and cheaper to play...

Now you think it's because of some tv program? ROFL, M'ok.

Interestingly, similar groups of people have been saying the same thing about Soccer (for the last 50 years) and even Rugby.

Personally, I don't see it happening in my lifetime.

So far, I have been right for the last 30 years, but sure I'm the one posting rubbish. LOL

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Last year

Lol, no-one on this thread has mentioned that it would overtake AFL, simply increase the interest in basketball in general.

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Last year

Dazz LOL.

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Last year

"^ da fuck? Just need Koberulz to put his own wankerish spin on it."
Yep Dr Kobe's done that. Wanker.

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