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Lamar Patterson but only at the right price.

Interesting article that Brisbane want Lamar back (why wouldn't they), but only at the right price.

I take this as suggesting Lamar may be asking for a bit more than what Brisbane wants.

Maybe he is looking at the Cotton scenario and seeing how the Wildcats are willing to negotiate and want Brisbane to come to the Party as well?

I hope he comes back to the NBL, seeing the video of him sinking that put back against the Sixers hurts still, but the guy is a winner and the league is better for it.

On the last paragraph, the article suggests Mika Vukona has left the club. I don't remember that coming out before, was it a retirement?

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Socialism gone mad.

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Last year

Patterson is a great player, but I'd hate to see what sort of covid-19 shape he's in now.

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Last year

Maybe he's done a Nikola Jokic.

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Last year

If LP was 2-3 inches taller he'd be an all star in the NBA. I know it'a s just a stupid hypothetical and the same would go for a lot of players but the man just oozes of talent

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Pay him whatever he needs. Brisbane is going to be a real problem if they can secure LP for NBL21.

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Last year

NBA All-Star....I love school holidays

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Last year

Sounds like a repeat of the negotiating strategy from last year then.

Patterson's price was too high early in the offseason they wrote him off re-configured their team signing Braun & Singler and then later in the offseason Patterson made himself available again at a significantly reduced rate so the Bullets just decided to re-sign him anyway.

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Last year

sign Lamar to a three yr deal

250 000
350 000
300 000

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Last year

I wouldn't give Patterson anything other than a 1 year deal the guy always comes back out of shape as it is, a multi-year deal would be asking for trouble.

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Last year

does anyone no if Cotton can still play overseas in the off season

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Last year

Isn't that rather tautological?
Aren't deals generally only done if both parties agree to price.

Patterson was brilliant in the season before, but last time out I thought he looked out of condition, and really only had the same level of impact for Brissy because others were struggling. Just my personal opinion though.

Be interesting to see who they target as their 2nd import. Now that he can't give his mates Boomers roles, will Andre persist trying to turn Sobey into a PG?

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Last year

Brisbane need an import point guard with Sobey at off guard with Cadee off the bench.

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Last year

*If* the Bullets made the playoffs, Patterson is the only dude reliable enough to score 20-30 points when needed. The Bullets should be paying overs for him.

But then again Lemonass is more than likely doing the negotiating, so .....

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Last year

D2.0, your comment;
".... and really only had the same level of impact for Brissy because others were struggling.", ignores that LP did what he did against opposition players who were unable to stop him, even though, "others (LP's team-mates) were struggling."

LP's greatest asset is probably knowing what he will deliver (as a minimum). On his good nights, he gives more, but rarely less. His team though, is inconsistent. When all on song, at the same game, Brissy were damn hard to beat. Patterson, at any price that you can cover, is worth it. Focus on the right players/combination and roles and I think they are a contender.

So this coming season Brissy looks like it will look like this:

PG Import/Cadee/Wigness(NS?)
SG Sobey
SF Patterson/Drmic
PF Magnay/Froling/Dalton(DP?)
C Hodgson/Harrison

That's 9 + NS + DP, which saves 1 space for a local, 2nd SG ???. Defence, from this group could be an issue but not actually a weakness, overall. Just not a strength. Looks like quite a good squad if all play well each game-night. And I don't mean anything outlandish like, "at their best, every night".

Apart from Froling, the above group looks powerful and fast offensively. With Froling, they are still powerful but not as fast. Defensively, I'd call either line-up adequate, at least.

PS. IMHO, this team would excel at up-tempo offense. Lemanis showed that he can coach that style, evidenced by that penultimate, reg-season game when the Bullets played run-and-gun for the whole game, VERY successfully. He has also shown that he does not favour this style, evidenced by every other game I've seen/watched, NBL and Boomers.

So, do we get a Brisbane Bullets that plays to the coach's style or does the coach coach to the team he gets/chooses? [the question is, what we will get, not what the right answer is. I think that that answer is a no-brainer].

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Last year

Brisbane Bullets-Lemanis
6'3 N.Sobey/6’1 J.Cadee/6’0 T.Wigness(NS)
6’6 A.Drmic/6’6 T.Krebs
6’5 L.Patterson(I)/SF
6’10 W.Magnay/6’11 H.Froling
6’11 M.Hodgson/7’0 T.Harrison
6’6 K.Dennis SG
6’7 C.Goldfinch SF
6’9 C.Dalton PF

I think just a local sf unless Sobey does play sg and Drmic off bench.

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Last year

Might upgrade goldfinch to full roster?

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Last year

Had not thought of Goldfinch. I agree, he could fill a 2 guard spot, but why up-grade him if unnecessary? Maybe up his income or reward him some other way but is it not an advantage to have a (bonus) spot available? Is there a restriction, on playing-time on DPs or another issue that is not on a full-roster player?

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Last year

Maybe they think he's ready, not too many good backup sfs around and even less sgs.

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