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Why does everyone love Goorjian?

He is no that good, yes his wins v losses are good but when has he coached a Side without talent and that talent is concurrent with teams going broke. every team he has coached goes broke because he sooks like a F**king child to get a team to win then all off a sudden that team is gone.

Joey Wright (Adelaide Version)
Trevor Gleeson
Mike Kelly
Aaron Fearne
Shawn Dennis
Rob Beveridge

They have all coached with reasonably good teams or sub par teams that have been able to have success, yes I know your all going to say Trevor has a good side but he has always maintained success and built the teams he has had from the ground up and he has won 2 of his championships from no where..

Brian Goorjian is a serial killer for NBL Teams, when faced with actual challenges he is no good and I can't wait to see him coach against other good teams this year coz he can't use the ill give you a game in the boomers if you sign with me anymore so he is actually going to have to work .......

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Last year

In fairness, Sydney went down because of Firepower being a fraudulent company.

South Dragons went because the owner has a spat with the NBL.

So you're talking about Magic/Giant/Titans situation which is really one combined situation.

But yes, Goorjian has an expectation of expensive rosters.

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Last year

dragons spat with the Nbl is a cover up they realised they were spending an insurmountable amount of money for no return, then they realised championships don't really make you money, so to save face lets blame it on the NBL so know one knows we can't afford it.

Dragons were a joke of a franchise

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Last year

Same can be said about Gleeson. Has only won with the Bendat funded loaded wildcats roster. Hall of fame coaches need hall of fame players, it's never the other way round.

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Last year

Can anyone on here show me a team that has won or been successful and didn't have "talent" ?

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Last year

"insurmountable amount of money for no return"

That's most NBL clubs forever haha

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Last year

The Magic/Giant/Titans teams would have spent 2/3's of what teams today currently spend. The myth of Goojian sending teams broke is exactly that a myth.

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Last year

"The Magic/Giant/Titans teams would have spent 2/3's of what teams today currently spend."

That really doesn't make much of a point about how Goorj-run teams went broke. Todays team could be spending within their means.

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Last year

Why does everyone love Goorjian?

6 championships and 7 runner ups in 22 seasons

In 15 of his 22 seasons, finished top 2 at end of regular season - 10 minor premierships and 5 2nd place finished

21 seasons in a row with a regular season winning percentage of 58% or mpre (after his first season was 11-13)

20 seasons in a row finishing top 4 in the regular season.

He coached 5 different teams, and 4 of them for 4 seasons or more- and achieved massive success everywhere

445-174 record, 72%

As a comparison:

Craig Bellamy 313-2-141, 69%

Wayne Bennett 524-14-308, 62%

Alistair Clarkson 219-2-137, 61%

Bellamy the only one who's close, and he's benefited from coaching Cameron Smith his entire career, plus Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater until the last couple of years

Does Goorjian drive teams broke?

Given that most teams in the NBL's history have gone bust, it's a bit harsh blaming Goorjian, especially when some of those clubs had well documented off-court issues that had nothing to do with Goorjian.

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Last year

"Todays team could be spending within their means."
No they are forced to spend at least 90% of the cap for starters and to have a shot at a title you have to keep up with the overpaying of players. FFS Cotton would be on nearly the whole salary cap of those teams back then.
Spend within their means? Of course that's why they all make money. Idiot.

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Last year

Don't get me wrong, I hated Goorjian.

He was public enemy number 1 to me, in my younger days as a Tigers fan and then Tigers media rep.

But, respect where respect is due.

Even if the Hawks finish last this season, it won't diminish his incredible record with many clubs over a 20+ year period.

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Last year

"Spend within their means? Of course that's why they all make money. Idiot."

Having a bad day, sweetie?

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Billy Bob  
Last year

He developed some of our greatest players in the era he was coaching. His Magic teams had some great players come through as 19yo and thrive under him. McKinnon, smith, Anstey, drmic, then later Worthington

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Last year

Gleeson got sacked at Melbourne

Goorjian has a great record but over spenidng on and off court is an issue that surrounds him. The Kings supplement/ training program cost was more expensive than some teams rosters in the late years.

Back in the day people got PAID ( top tier Aussie on 400k plus) and the league went as close to belly up as you could get. The same thing is repeating.

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Last year

Why do we have idiots starting hate topics.

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Last year

Gleeson getting sacked says more about the people running Melbourne and the team they put together.

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Last year

"Why does everyone love Goorjian?
He is no that good, yes his wins v losses are good "

You literally debunked yourself in the opening sentence.

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Last year

The OP is a fool. Or Ian Stacker's wife lol

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Last year

Hawks are pretty much rock bottom, Goorjian is prob the best case scenario for new coach without going back to Beveridge. I hope they do well.

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Last year

Why is this even a question. OP must be young.

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Last year

Us oldies (30+) remember Goorjian but it's probably young bored Victorians on lockdown posting.

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Camel 31  
Last year

anon - 'Do you like quarreling, sir?'

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Last year

its called winning mate....

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Last year

I don't like Goorjian’s tactics and the impact they had on the NBL as an attractive spectacle that got crowds in. He gets respect because his tactical approach was largely successful, once he had the players available to capitalise on it.

Watching the Spectres under Goorjian, it was clear he was a good coach but the players weren’t good enough to deliver finals appearances. At Magic, he got players who could do that, and some success followed.

Magic went broke, not sure why. Could have been Goorjian wanting to spend too much to get or to keep the players he felt he needed. Could have been the same reason Spectres, Giants and St Kilda went bust and the Magic formed in the first place.

After that, it just seemed that teams with owners willing and apparently able to pay for championships made sure they bought Goorjian as coach. That is, he went there because he got paid a heap and the owners were willing to pay for the players capable of delivering championships. So I don’t think he drove those teams broke, he was only a symptom of the pay whatever it takes mentality of the ownership at Kings and Dragons. That mentality meant Goorjian landed at those teams prior to their failures, because the owners felt he was part of what it took to win championships.

I also think he may have seen the writing on the wall with the NBL losing three such ownership groups in 2 seasons, with the Dragons’ failure. Then he decided to leave for richer pastures in China.

We now have a culture of commitment to NBL ownership groups spending big on teams again, although there seems to be more rigorous management oversight and marketing nous no, compared to the 2000s. It’s not a huge surprise to see Goorjian returning to the NBL, to try his hand in a big-spending environment that he’s done so well in previously.

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Last year

I don't hate Goorjian I've always respected him for being the greatest coach in NBL history he's the closest thing to Phil Jackson in the NBL. But I always hated the way he coached and made his teams play. He always sooking on the sidelines berating the refs yelling at them all the time and he instructed his players to push the envelope physically. I have no doubt he operated on the assumption that the refs aren't going to foul out his entire roster so essentially play as hard and tough physically as you like.

It's a pretty smart strategy really but it doesn't take skill to play basketball like it's footy and combined with his constant sooking, usually having the most expensive rosters and the nepotism he showed as Boomers coach trying to squeeze as many Kings players as he could onto those Boomers teams (his protege Andrej Lemanis has learned well) so I disliked immensely. Respected him but never wanted him coaching my team.

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Last year

It really annoys me when people have absolutely no concept of logic, and so then insist that everyone else must be wrong.

If you want your team to win, you're going to have to spend money. Now I would argue that some teams spend it a little smarter than others, but the overall principle remains.

If you really want to be successful, then one of the things you spend money on is going to be the coach.

Naturally the best coach in the league is going to cost you a relatively large amount.

So yes, its unfortunate that so many teams have, over the years, spent themselves into Oblivion, but its no surprise that some of them spent some of that money on Goorjian.

In Point of fact, with many of the teams often mentioned, the problem is directly attributable to Dodgy owners, nothing to do with the Coach.

Also, you can't really talk about the Victorian clubs in this context. They were simply victims of their own engrained arrogance.
Without a multi-billion dollar tv deal to prop them up, how many Melbourne teams do you think would be in the AFL? Not 10 of them that's for sure.
The NBL was NEVER, ever, going to sustain all those Melbourne teams. The problem is that in even trying, they caused wouldbe fans to develop allegiance to clubs which either disappeared or went back to the state league. Again you can hardly blame Goorjian for that.

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Duke Fan  
Last year

I just have to look at the framed/signed 2003 Champions T-shirt hanging in my loungeroom. I don't need any other reason to feel the love

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Last year

I love a good engrain.

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