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COACH - Goorj

IMPORT - Tough One....So Many Greats

CEO - JVG (just ask him)

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Last year

For import I would go Cotton ( modern day)
and Loggins from early days.

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Last year

Going back 30 years, you miss Gaze's first few years including his 44 PPG season, but you get both championships, all GF appearances and MVP awards.

Goorjian misses his Spectres seasons (his only real duds) but gets his six championships and six COTY awards. Solid pick, you'd think.

Presumably if a coach is being judged on a career record rather than a single best season, and likewise for a player, an import would need similar, which rules out the flashes in the pan.

Loggins played a lot of games and has an excellent record, but his championships and MVPs are all in the 80s. Rose and Grace's careers both line-up from the early end of the past three decades. D-Mac's too. Cotton and Jackson both with three championships and from the clubs that have defined the recent era.

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Last year

Yeah Cedric Jackson looks different to us due to his stints with United and Illawarra but I'd never put a player as our best when he air balls free throws, no thank you.

I think the only aspect of this is the 30 years as opposed to entirety of the league so Loggins suffers significantly because of that.

Are there any left field suggestions for CEO or import?

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Last year

Best import - Mike Dunigan

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Old Mate  
Last year

Player: Loggins over Gaze

Coach: Goorjian easily

Import: Loggins, Rose, Davis in that order

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Last year

Carlos Powell?

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Last year

FWIW, Mark Davis's MVP, GF MVP and one of his three championships predates the period being discussed. Guess it comes down to how technically you want to view the question. e.g., you might consider the entirety of a career from a player who suited within the last 30 years which would probably mean Loggins is the popular answer.

Otherwise, maybe Grace, Rose, DMac are contenders for success, longevity and stats.

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Last year

Player: Gaze by a country mile

Coach: Goorjian

Import: I would be willing to go with Cotton although I think Rose was more talented he didn't have the absolute success that Cotton has had.

CEO: Nick Marvin probably over JVG, who else is there?

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Last year

Gaze and it's not even close

Goorjian and it's not even close

Rose- The only player to defeat Gaze in the MVP after Derek Rucker in 1990 and before Gaze went to the NBA in 1999. Championship winner, 5* 1st team and won another MVP at 36 years old, making him the oldest MVP winner ever.

If we're being strict with the 30 year thing, then Rose takes this easily. Cotton in 2nd.

Marvin? Dunno

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Last year

OWNER - Paul Blackwell

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Last year

Best single season for me is Ennis.

He was too good for this league

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Last year

Nostraballmus remembers the whole period and more.


Loggins or Rose

Brian Kerle and Goorj in a tie

Left field imports -
Joe Hurst and Jerry Everett still two of the most talented players 'Ballmus has ever seen in Oz
Grace, Crawford, Al Green for long term impact

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Last year

"Best single season for me is Ennis.

He was too good for this league "

And the NBL gave the MVP to Rotnei...smh...

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Last year

Best player: gaze
Coach: goorj
Import : chris Williams RIP (ask anyone who knows hoops)
Import across career: amazing grace
Owner: Blackwells from NZ.

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Last year

Player = Gaze

Coach = Goorjan

Import = Grace

CEO = Marvin

The only one I feel is debatable is import. There have definitely been better imports over shorter periods, but I would think Grace played most (if not all) his 482 games in that 30 year period, or close to.

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