Two years ago

East Finals 2020: Heat-Celtics

Looks like another fantastic series underway. Heat with the OT win in Game 1 to start things off.

Boston have had solid match-ups to date, dealing with the 76ers and then the Raptors. Miami had to get through the first-seeded Bucks.

How do you see it playing out from here?

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Two years ago

I think the Heat in 6, though Tatum is looking really good and if Kemba can find something they could get on a roll.

I just think this is Jimmy's best ever championship chance, or at very least best chance of a trip to the Finals and he knows it. He's got a good mix of competitors around him and I think that'll be enough even if Boston might have more overall talent.

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Two years ago

Topsy turvy first game. Kemba seems hesitant and is missing opportunities to get his three off. If he doesn't get it going from 3, I don’t think Boston can win a shootout with Miami.

I think Boston’s defence needs to find a way to disrupt Miami’s offensive execution because they are playing with amazing confidence right now.

It will be interesting to see if Miami’s young shooters in Herro and Robinson can be taken out if their games. If Boston can knock their confidence then all of a sudden Miami’s shooting advantage evaporates.

Could go either way I think. A healthy Hayward would make a difference!

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Two years ago

Miami are missing Nunn who was their third or fourth scoring option during the regular season.

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Dave Q  
Two years ago

Celtics in 7. I just don't think Miami can hold them off, much as it pains me to say.

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Two years ago

Actually, noticed that Nunn has been back, just playing less minutes. ESPN still had him listed as out.

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Two years ago

The playoff for second place is good so far. Both teams full of runs

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Two years ago

Right now its all Jimmy and the effect he's had on his team.

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Two years ago

This Heat Team bores me. Someone knock them out allready.

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Dave Q  
Two years ago


Curious as to why they bore you? They have quite the backstory, and are a lot more fun to watch than Marcus Smart flopping up a storm.

Not a dig, just interested.

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Two years ago

Hey Dave.
Dunno for sure.
It could be all the free throws they shoot.
Or Butler and Dragic's incessant pouting.
Hiero’s unsubstantiated bravado ?
Spoelstra constantly sucking on a lemon
Maybe they could smile more?
No standouts, all very workmanlike, journeymen.
The constant bleating of their fans doesn’t help
It’s hard to say. I find them Just to be pretty beige.
Great team tho. Probably a fitting asterisk champion come to think of it, to be forgotten like this (necessary) farce of a season

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Two years ago

Also dunno why #817517 came up as Anonymous. Nostraballmus should've foreseen that.

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Two years ago


Dribble dribble dribble dribble
Pick and roll
Heat free throws
More Heat free throws
Time outs
Video reviews
Ridiculous calls
Ridiculous no-calls
Bad or no defence
Players and coaches who don't or who arent allowed to adapt to the obvious

When did it all become so shit and un-inspiring

The game is dead

Nostraballmus sees no future here

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Two years ago

I think the lack of crowd has made the postseason look an awful lot like the regular season. The past few seasons I've ignored the regular season for the most part outside of highlights and box scores but I've still enjoyed the increased intensity especially on D in the postseason, but even that's gone now.

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Two years ago

Heat in 6 as I predicted (I'm not normally right on these so just gonna enjoy it for a sec).

Jimmy Vs LeBron in the finals is gonna be fun.

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Two years ago

Predictable finals series coming up.
Lakers in 5.

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Two years ago

I think Lakers in 7. The Lakers no doubt have the best two players in the series, but the Heat's depth and the Lakers supporting cast sometimes going missing means the Heat will have a chance in a few games and they seem to be able to grind out close ones.

In Butler, Crowder and Iggy they have several good match ups for LBJ. They'll struggle with Davis' size though.

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Dave Q  
Two years ago


Could not agree more. There are SO. MANY. STOPPAGES. Between the incessant reviews and the timeouts, by gee it makes it tough to watch.

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